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What's Your Strategy for Keeping Your Job?


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Make Money for the Company: Contribute to Revenue Generation, Sales, Profit

People in employment roles that make money for the company will be the last to go. In fact, a recent study by JobFox indicated that top recession-proof jobs include sales and business development as number one. Sales executive and account manager/customer support are in the top ten recession-proof jobs.

This does not mean that every position in sales and marketing is safe. You’ll want to keep a close eye on your company’s overall sales and profit, the lay of the land in your industry, and on how recession-proof your products are. If you are selling banner ads online, as an example, and that industry tanks, you’d be better off switching to a job selling pay per click ads early.

If your job does not generate revenue, transfer to a job that does. Already in a money creation job? Generate even more cash for your employer.

Sam Staffen, an independent events services professional in the Detroit, MI area, suggests another way to “sell” your company. “Sell others on your company. If you are a management consultant at Joe’s Web Designs you should actively pursue people interested in having web designs made. Sell the company in your spare time. Say, ‘we have a web site – have you been there?' When you are at the bar and hear someone saying they need a web design, be sure to mention your company.

”Tell other employees at Joe’s to tell people about your company. Continually promote your company. Get your company more business and then you will guarantee your future employment. It is that simple.”

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