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Bad, Ineffective Managers and Bosses

Can't stand your job because of your bad boss? Bad and ineffective managers exist in every organization. The worst managers fail to trust employees, don't respect employees, and intimidate employees. Find out how to understand and deal with bad managers and bosses here.

5 Dumb Things Managers Do
Want to know five dumb things managers do? While wanting to extend sympathy to managers who are often untrained, promoted because they are subject matter experts, and rarely have a positive role model to emulate, some behaviors are just dumb. If managers would exhibit some common sense, these bad boss behaviors could be avoided.

10 More Dumb Things Managers Do
Here are ten more dumb things that managers do that keep them from successfully leading people. Want to avoid making these ten management mistakes? Find out what they are.

Top 10 Mistakes Managers Make Managing People
Many managers lack fundamental training in managing people. But, even more importantly, managers lack the values, sensitivity, and awareness needed to interact effectively all day long with people. Skills and techniques are easier to teach, but values, beliefs, and attitudes are much harder to teach - and harder for managers to learn. Yet, these...

How to Deal With Difficult Bosses
Nothing is more destructive in the workplace than difficult bosses. Every employee has a series of bosses and most of them are good. But, the difficult boss is bad news. Learn more.

Bad to the Bone: Dealing With a Bad Boss
Want tips about how to deal with a bad boss? There are ineffective, sometimes nasty, managers in most companies. Some don't realize that they are a bad boss. Others revel in their badness. Find out how to deal with your bad boss.

What Makes a Bad Boss - Bad?
Nothing sparks more commentary than asking about what makes a manager a bad boss. With my Web site poll and its lengthy comments thread, I found some common themes in site visitor responses. Want to avoid becoming a bad boss? Afraid that you may already be considered a bad boss? Just want to commiserate with other people who have bad bosses?...

Are You the Victim of a Bad Boss?
How many times have you witnessed someone working in a supervisory position without the necessary supervisory competencies? How many times have you questioned why some leaders get the roles that they do? It should not come as a surprise to you, then, that at least once in your life, you will be the victim of a bad boss. These ideas will help you...

How Do You Know When It's Time for You to Go?
Are you feeling increasingly unhappy about your job? Sometimes, it really is time to quit your job. Take a look at these reasons to determine whether it's time to quit the current job or identify adjustments that will re-invigorate your job and career. Find the top ten reasons for quitting your job.

Poll: What Makes a Bad Boss - Bad?
Here are my thoughts about how to deal with a bad boss. What makes a bad boss, bad, in your opinion?

Poll: How Do You Deal With a Bad Boss?
Love them or leave them. How do you deal with your bad boss?

Bad Bosses: How to Cope if You Get Stuck With a Bad Boss
Workers have significant difficulties with their bosses despite liking their jobs. This article identifies six kinds of bad bosses and offers suggestions for dealing with each type including bullies and managers who won't make decisions.

Dealing With a Bad Boss
Looking for ideas about how to deal with a bad boss? This article gives you the signs of a bad boss and the reasons why a manager might be a bad boss. It also gives tips for dealing with the situation. Good, concrete article with doable advice.

How to Fire Your Bad Boss
Are you ready to fire your bad boss? An effective method exists, but you can't always make it happen. So, here, in addition, are the steps you need to follow to fire your bad boss.

10 Reasons Why Your Employees Hate You
Do your employees hate you? If so, do you wonder why? Here are ten reasons. Check them out.

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