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Attendance is the act or fact of attending (being present at) work. Also, attendance is used to define the number of persons present on a particular day at work. An attendance policy provides the guidelines and expectations for employee attendance at work as defined, written, disseminated, and implemented by an organization.

Attendance policies exist most frequently for hourly or nonexempt employees for whom an organization must generally track hours. Time at work record keeping is required by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) that governs the payment of overtime.

Additionally, employees for whom attendance is tracked often perform jobs that are interdependent on other employees being in attendance. Such jobs include production line work in a manufacturing facility.

Attendance policy is sometimes used interchangeably with absenteeism policy. My view is that an attendance policy is much more narrowly defined and limited to attendance, as opposed to absenteeism policies which address absenteeism management issues and more.

A sample Attendance Policy uses a No-Fault Point System: The goal of this attendance policy is to reward good attendance and eliminate the employment of people with poor attendance. It uses a point system, and does not excuse absences.

Sample No-Fault Attendance System

In a no fault attendance system, absences are recorded thus:

  • Each absence = 1 point (no multi-day occurrences)
  • Each late in (tardy) or early out = 1/2 point
  • Each no-show for work = 2 points
  • Each return with no prior call = 1 point
  • Each absence-free quarter eliminates all points and rewards the employee with a day off with pay.
  • Each employee starts fresh, with no points, each year.

Progressive disciplinary action accompanies a no-fault attendance system. If an employee earns:

Here is a detailed attendance policy, with rewards and penalties for hourly employee attendance.

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Also Known As: present at work, presenteeism

Examples: Rob had a wonderful work attendance record; he rarely missed a day from work. The attendance on first shift averaged only 75% on Mondays while employees recovered from their weekend fun.

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