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Develop Your Strategies, Goals, and Action Plans Within Your Strategic Framework

Develop Strategies, Goals and Action Plans


In a strategic business framework for organizational planning and success, your strategies, goals, and action plans intertwine and build upon each other to create the appropriate steps to accomplish your mission and vision and live your values.

Organizations need strategies, goals, and action plans to cascade the mission through the organization and engage the talents of all employees. Here is how strategies, goals and action plans fit together to accomplish your mission and vision.

What Are Strategies?

Strategies are the broadly defined four or five key approaches the organization will use to accomplish its mission and drive toward the vision. Goals and action plans usually flow from each strategy. One example of a strategy is employee empowerment and teams. Another is to pursue a new worldwide market in Asia. Another is to streamline your current distribution system using lean management principles.

A university Human Resources Development department established several broad strategies for growth. These included becoming the training and education resource of choice for all employees by offering one-stop access to any and all existing education and training resources. Additionally, they determined key strategies for expanding their funding base and moving courses online for customer convenience.

Another Human Resources department devised strategies to develop a superior workforce. These included eliminating poor performers; hiring from several choices of excellent candidates, not just "settling" on a candidate; developing succession planning; and increasing training and cross-training opportunities.

Sample Strategies

"The Human Resource Association of Greater Detroit's (HRAGD) efforts to advance its mission will include: The promotion of voluntary member interchange, observance of ethical and professional standards, the conduct of meetings and workshops on relevant human resources topics and issues, communication of our purpose and activities to the broader business community, cooperation with the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), as well as, other SHRM professional and student chapters and related Human Resources organizations and the community involvement of our membership. The Association regularly publishes newsletters throughout the year which cover items such as monthly meeting highlights, future programs, Executive Board announcements, SHRM and legislative updates and general human resources news. In addition, a Membership Directory and member skills listing are published."

FedEx Strategies

FedExdeveloped these business strategies.

"The unique FedEx operating strategy works seamlessly - and simultaneously - on three levels.

  • Compete collectively by standing as one brand worldwide and speaking with one voice.
  • Operate independently by focusing on our independent networks to meet distinct customer needs.
  • Manage collaboratively by working together to sustain loyal relationships with our workforce, customers and investors."

Develop Goals and Action Plans

After you have developed the key strategies, turn your attention to developing several goals that will enable you to accomplish each of your strategies. Goals should reach beyond the terms in the traditional SMART acronym: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-based. Take a look at a more modern translation of SMART goals.

In the example above, the HRAGD group might consider setting one goal to hold a monthly chapter meeting. Another goal that supports the carrying out of their strategies is to schedule a relevant seminar quarterly. Another goal might include holding informal dinners and cocktail hours to support voluntary member exchange.

Once you have enabled strategy accomplishment through setting goals, you will want to develop action plans to accomplish each goal. Continuing with HRAGD as the example, to offer a quarterly seminar, you will need to follow an action plan:

  • Establish a cross section of professionals as a committee and meet to plan the sessions.

  • Determine budget.

  • Perform HRAGD member needs assessment.

  • Select topics based on member needs assessment.

  • Locate exceptional speakers.

  • Pick speaker and negotiate workshop length, pay, topic and objectives.

  • Determine location and schedule the seminar.

  • Plan advertising strategies, and so forth.

Make action plans as detailed as you need them to be and integrate the individual steps into your planning system. An effective planning system, whether it uses a software program, a paper and pen system, an Apple iPad, or any other choice that works for you, will keep your goals and action plans on track and on target.

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Want to be one of the organizations, whose employees understand the mission and goals, that enjoy a 29% greater return than other firms? Involve as many people as you can in charting the road map I've shared with you for developing a strategic framework for your business. And, executed effectively, you will enjoy the greater return. With your vision, mission, values, strategies, goals and action plans developed and shared, you'll win, both personally and professionally.

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