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Performance Development Planning

What Is a PDP Process?


Preparation for the Performance Development Planning Meeting Is Crucial for Success

Preparation for the Performance Development Planning Meeting Is Crucial for Success

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Are you looking for the process that provides the heart of your performance management system? You've found it. The Performance Development Planning (PDP) process enables you and the people who report to you to identify their personal and business goals that are most significant to your organization's success.

The process enables each staff person to understand their true value-added to the organization. They do so when they understand how their job and the requested outcomes from their contribution "fit" inside your department or work unit's overall goals.

Personal Developmental Goals

In the process, staff members also set personal developmental goals that will increase their ability to contribute to the success of your organization. The accomplishment of these goals also provides a foundation for their career success whether in your organization or elsewhere, so they ought to be motivated and excited about achieving these goals.

Your system of Performance Management, with the PDP process for goal setting and communication, will ensure that you are developing a superior workforce. As one CEO remarks daily, "The only factor that constrains our growth is our ability to hire a superior workforce." Why not grow that talent from within your organization as well?

PDP meetings are held, at least, quarterly to review the staff person's progress on the overall goals and objectives. Your staff person's progress on the action plans, that result from the PDP goals, is reviewed at your weekly one-on-one meeting. This weekly meeting allows you to offer assistance and to identify any help or tools the staff person needs to succeed.

Make the Performance Development Planning Meeting Successful

Wonder what to do to make the Performance Development Planning (PDP) meeting successful? These recommendations tell you and your staff person what to do prior to the Performance Development Planning meeting.

  • Schedule the Performance Development Planning meeting and define pre-work with the staff member.
  • The staff member reviews personal performance for the quarter, writes business and personal developmental goal ideas on the PDP form and gathers needed documentation, including 360 degree feedback results, when available.
  • The supervisor prepares for the PDP meeting by clearly defining the most important outcomes needed from the staff person's job within the framework of the organization's strategic plan.
  • The supervisor writes business and personal developmental goal ideas on the PDP form in preparation for the discussion.
  • The supervisor gathers data including work records and reports and input from others familiar with the staff person’s work.
  • Both the supervisor and the employee examine how the employee is performing against all criteria, and think about areas for potential development.
  • The supervisor develops a plan for the PDP meeting which includes answers to all questions about the performance development planning process with examples, documentation, and so on.
  • Recognize that this process takes place quarterly and that the most time and work are invested in the first PDP meeting. The rest of the quarterly PDP goals, maybe for years, are updates to the initial goals.

So, while seemingly time consuming on the front end, the PDP process, with a formal, effective foundation of solid personal and business goals, is less time consuming as quarters pass. The PDP continues to create business and employee success and value during its lifetime. With quarterly updates, the PDP process contributes into the future.

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