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Human Resources February 2004 Archive


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Leap Year News

Sunday February 29, 2004
Ah yes, leap year is here with an additional day today. Learn about Leap Year - Who Invented Leap Year? Find Leap Year Traditions, too. Check out this ... Read More

Education Online - No Cost or Low Cost

Saturday February 28, 2004
Looking for a mid-winter break? Want to learn about a topic that will refresh and revitalize your life and career? Just a reminder that we are offering new, free e-courses ... Read More

It's All About the Managers...Duh!

Friday February 27, 2004
The keys to financial success in business are not the strategies or the systems of the firm. The character and skill of individual managers, who practice what they preach and ... Read More

Birth of the Chaordic Age

Thursday February 26, 2004
I‘ve been thinking a lot about chaos -- not as in massive disorder, but as described in the new science of complexity. That’s the study of organizations as complex, living ... Read More

Tips for Setting a Motivating Salary

Tuesday February 24, 2004
It's that time of year when employees are hoping for an annual pay increase. Don't disappoint them. Work IS about the money, especially for people who don't make much and ... Read More

Reference Checking Format: Is She the One?

Monday February 23, 2004
Checking job or employment references is time-consuming and frequently unsatisfactory, as many employers, despite recent legislation, refuse to offer more than dates of employment, salary history and job title. Here ... Read More

Sample Job Offer Letter

Sunday February 22, 2004
With all the recruiting going on, I trust you're finding a few good candidates to employ. Looking for a sample job offer letter? Your candidates appreciate the job offer ... Read More

Games, Pastimes and Diversions

Saturday February 21, 2004
Have a little bit of time you'd like to spend exercising your brain muscles, enjoying a game, or whiling away hours in thoughtful or senseless activity? Take a look at ... Read More

Retention Resources: How to Keep Your Best

Friday February 20, 2004
This was a huge recruiting week for me. We're filling nineteen positions and each requires an extensive search. This hands-on experience is also enriching the Recruit and Hire the Best ... Read More

Build a Mentoring Culture

Thursday February 19, 2004
What does it take to develop people? More than writing “equal opportunity” into your organization’s mission statement. More than sending someone to a training class. More than hard work on ... Read More

How To Receive Feedback With Grace and Dignity

Wednesday February 18, 2004
Most professional managers and supervisors say they are open to and, even appreciative of, feedback. Right? Right? Wrong. Most of us appreciate feedback that is positive and complimentary. It's ... Read More

Link of the Week - Workforce Research

Tuesday February 17, 2004
I spend a lot of time online looking for useful resources for my site visitors. Workforce magazine is one of the best. Looking for HR information? Start here, of course, ... Read More

Coaching for Improved Performance

Monday February 16, 2004
Looking for a step-by-step coaching approach you can use to help an employee improve his work performance? This approach avoids discipline and produces great results. I can vouch for this ... Read More

Initial Phone Screening: Telephone Interview

Sunday February 15, 2004
The telephone interview or candidate screen allows the employer to determine if the candidate's qualifications, experience, workplace preferences and salary needs are congruent with the position and organization. The telephone ... Read More

Tips About Dating, Sex and Romance at Work: Love Is in the Air

Saturday February 14, 2004
This is your last chance for Valentine's Day to read Tips About Dating, Sex and Romance at Work. Valentine's Day special resources from other Guides at About: ... Read More

Friday the 13th - What Lies in Wait?

Friday February 13, 2004
Guides at About do an outstanding job of providing information about various holidays, dates to notice and celebrations. David Emery, the Urban Legends Guide, says, "Though no one can say ... Read More

Job Candidate Evaluation Form

Thursday February 12, 2004
You want samples and examples, so, today's featured tool is a Job Candidate Evaluation Form. Useful for comparing candidates, it also gives your interviewers information about the skills they need ... Read More

Link of the Week: Tips About Dating, Sex and Romance at Work

Wednesday February 11, 2004
For Valentine's Day and every day, read Tips About Dating, Sex and Romance at Work. Valentine's Day special resources from other Guides at About: see Valentine's ... Read More

Policies, Handbooks and Procedures

Tuesday February 10, 2004
Other than the free e-course, site visitors are focusing on policies, procedures and handbooks this month. It must be something in the air? The time of year? A new surge ... Read More

Promote Self-Discipline

Monday February 9, 2004
Progressive discipline is not my favorite topic, but sometimes, it's a necessary tool to help people perform successfully at work. Take a look at the site's resources about progressive discipline. ... Read More

Just Like Me: Search for Similarities

Sunday February 8, 2004
I'm not usually a party person, but this weekend brought two. We launched a new product at TechSmith and retired the SnagIt Mouseman (a long-time logo) for a more professional ... Read More

Tips About Dating, Sex and Romance at Work

Saturday February 7, 2004
Just in time for Valentine's Day, I've redone one of my popular articles. Take a look to deal with the age old, and growing, issue of office romance. Find ... Read More

How to Manage the Perfect Project

Friday February 6, 2004
With raises on your mind, now is the time to make sure you're succeeding at work. How to Manage the Perfect Project will help you make the career progress ... Read More

It's Not About the Resume

Thursday February 5, 2004
Certain factors knock your resume out of contention almost immediately in the eyes of a potential employer. The advice in this article, These Resume Gaffes Do Immediate Damage from "Career Journal," ... Read More

Recruiting Stars: Top Ten Ways to Get Great Candidates

Wednesday February 4, 2004
In the Spotlight - NEW ARTICLE: Looking for talent? The smartest employers, who hire the best people, develop a pre-qualified candidate pool before they need to fill a job. ... Read More

Tips for Determining a Motivating Salary

Tuesday February 3, 2004
Receiving lots of requests for raises this month? I'm not surprised. At the start of the new year, many people take a look at their financial picture and take a ... Read More

Super Bowl Teamwork - How to Build a Teamwork Culture: Do the Hard Stuff

Monday February 2, 2004
Adam Vinatieri kicked a 41-yard field goal, with four seconds left, to lift the New England Patriots to a 32-29 victory over the Carolina Panthers in one of the best ... Read More

Diversity Resources for Black History Month

Sunday February 1, 2004
February is Black History Month. I'd like to introduce you to the many resources at About that focus on this topic. My own diversity resources help you celebrate the ... Read More

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