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Susan M. Heathfield

Does Wearing Panty Hose Matter?

By May 23, 2014

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On the subject of attire for work, here's another issue that goes around, comes around, every year - panty hose - or the lack thereof. So, every year, I resurrect my polls.

While we're talking about what employees ought to wear to work in a variety of settings, I'd like to bring up hose or panty hose. Let's start with an eighteen year old's perspective.

As a college student, my colleague's daughter has declared that never in her life will she wear hose or panty hose - never. Bare legs with dresses or pants rule the day. As a result of her insistence, I began to notice at professional business meetings whether women wore hose - or not, any more.

I figured it was a generational thing and that the non-hose wearers would all be young. But, I attended a state Chamber of Commerce professional dinner where many women wore dresses; it was a fancy affair. No one I saw under age thirty-five or so had hose on - bare legs ruled the evening.

A couple of lessons for me here: hosiery companies better plan to diversify or they will go the same route as buggy whip companies. A second question arose. Can company dress codes specify hose? Should they? I almost think of it as discrimination in 2014.

In a business casual or casual work environment, almost no one wears dresses or skirts, but in a formal dress code workplace, is the no hose look going to fly? With the next generations of women, the answer is yes.

But, will the no hose look work for men and women currently working and hiring new employees? I'd like to find out. Please take a moment to respond to my quick polls. If you have thoughts on the subject, please share them in comments.

You might also be interested to see what job searchers think about panty hose. Alison Doyle ran a poll to find out that produced some interesting comments and opinions.

Vote in more polls. Share opinions.

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