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Never Ending HR Staffing Dilemma

By November 27, 2013

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Reader Question: Can you direct or guide me in finding what level of HR professional would best suit our Non-Profit Foster Care Agency? We are trying to determine just how much HR assistance we need for our organization.

From this information we would like to bring in the right HR professional for our organization. We have approximately 175 individuals who have joined us over the past two years with projections of 25-50 new team members by calendar year end.

Any direction, information or guidance would be very helpful to us at this time. Thank you in advance.

My Response to Reader: Hi Carl, This is my opinion as I am unaware of and have not reviewed much research in this area that may be out there. The economic downturn of the past couple of years has affected staffing ratios in most segments of the business, too. Much of your decision will involve what and how much you want this person to do.

A good HR person can add much to your organization in terms of employee training, motivation, management development, and organization development, not to mention all of the standard HR processes like benefits, hiring, compensation, employment law knowledge, and so forth. A good HR person can help you decide what needs to be done.

In your case, with 175 employees, I recommend that you hire, at least, an HR manager. You want an individual who can manage and do the day-to-day, but you also need someone who can plan and implement programs for your organization. I'll go out a bit on a limb here, and say that if the person is handling all aspects of recruiting and staffing, in a fast growing concern such as yours, that is all they will get done.

Consequently, you may need to consider also hiring an assistant or associate who is a beginning HR professional and can handle much of the administration aspects of the hiring process and more such as benefits questions, etc. Do hire the manager first so that person can find someone they can successfully work with.

Again, this is an opinion and I am going to post your question anonymously on my blog so that other readers have a chance to respond. (No responses guaranteed; I never know what will engage our readers.) Take a look.

Here are my resources that deal with recruiting, staffing, and hiring.

I appreciate your interest in my site. Thank you for reading and your interesting question. I hope this helps.

Do you have thoughts about HR staffing? Any resources, opinions, references, or thoughts are welcome.

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