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Develop Your Company Code of Conduct

By October 6, 2013

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Need a way to articulate your values and beliefs? A company Code of Conduct is a written document that gathers together the organization's rules, principles, values, and employer expectations of employee behavior. It defines the interpersonal relationships that an organization considers significant and believes are fundamental to its successful operation.

A well thought out company Code of Conduct spells out in clear language the standards and values that make it remarkable. The Code enables it to stand out from similar organizations. It provides a roadmap for successful employee behavior and customer interaction.

Employees are attracted to companies that espouse a company Code of Conduct that reflects their beliefs and values. The Code of Conduct is a significant website company attraction tool for the recruiting section of your corporate website. Along with your values, ethics, policies, and company culture, a prospective employee can assess whether he or she will fit in your company.

The act of creating these company principles and values helps current employees understand and appreciate their organization. The discussion that eventually creates these documents is powerful. The articulation of what employees believe enables your company to consciously reinforce the components of your culture most important to your employees, partners, and customers drives everyday actions and decisions.

The development of a company Code of Conduct starts with your executive team, led by the owner or president. That powerful leader's vision and ethics and values are what formulated the vision and the culture that you have currently, so his or her voice remains the most significant. Involving as many other employees as possible in fleshing out the details of the company Code of Conduct will help all employees integrate its principles and own it.

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Company Code of Conduct Development

Here are two guides to processes you can use to develop your company Code of Conduct:

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