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Susan M. Heathfield

Employee Recognition Rocks On - and On

By October 2, 2013

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Your employees deserve recognition when they achieve high standards and accomplish goals. I have remained amazed my entire career at how many employers dole out employee recognition as if it is a limited commodity. That's a mistaken approach when recognition has several critical meanings in your workplace.

Not only does it help people feel good about their work, contributions, and accomplishments - and that the boss or a valued coworker noticed - but it helps your employees feel good about themselves.

This positive impact on employee self esteem and self respect is a win-win for the employee and the employer. Plus, employee recognition tells the employee what you'd like to see them do more of, so it's a powerful communication tool, too.

I have to chalk the lack of workplace recognition up to the old glass half empty or glass half full analogy. Supervisors ask me why they should recognize an employee for doing their job. My response is that it makes them feel good about doing their job and it encourages them to perform beyond the basic expectations of their job. Recognition calls forth emloyee discretionary energy.

Sadly, I remember a conversation with a company owner with whom I had worked for years. We brainstormed ideas for inexpensive employee recognition. At the end of our discussion, he looked at me and asked, "Why would we want to do all of this for employees?" Indeed, why would we? Your call.

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