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Readers Respond: Top Office Party Blunders You've Experienced?

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I've covered the seven most common office party blunders. Now, your experience of office party blunders will be most interesting and illuminating for other readers. There are bad behavior blunders at the office party, but there are also missed networking and schmoozing opportunities at the office party. Share your experiences with the top office party blunders you've witnessed. See More Reader Responses. Share Your Experiences

Family members invitation

What`s worse - bring your husband to an office party, for which he wasn`t invited or have a fight at home if you go alone?
—Guest Sergio Rodrigues

Conflicting opinions.

I was new, and one of the first (of countless) after hours parties took place when I'd only been there a week or so. I was busy with my work. Coworker after coworker reminded me of the party as they left, and I said I'd try to make it. I didn't want to go, at all. But, being new, I felt I should go along, at least this time. However, I had to meet my husband at 6:30PM. Everyone else arrived between 4 & 5. But I was still working at 6PM, and scrambled to the restaurant in a cab, arriving at maybe 6:25. I arrived, all smiles, & apologetic about having to leave right away. My husband called, and I told him where to meet me. When he arrived, other employees repeatedly encouraged him to join us. The next day, though, my boss acted as though I'd made some gaffe by "inviting" my husband. I never went to another one of these "parties". My boss was later demoted & awkwardly indicated he'd had a crush on me. I started my own business; my old co. became a client @10x rate.
—Guest Jody

Office parties are gross. Pt2

Years ago, I was new to an ad agency. I learned there was an annual office get-together, off-site. (There were COUNTLESS office parties, lunches, dinners, etc., throughout the year, as well.) That year, the destination was a summer "resort"...mainly outdoor activities. The bus(!) was to pick up everyone early in the morning, and we'd be stuck there, over a 2hr drive away. (I guess I was the only one with a dog that needed walking, feeding, etc.) Now, I have no love for most social get-togethers. But, being very sensitive to sunlight, I would never plan a day outside. If anything, my reputation would've been harmed because I'd have had to sit alone, under a tree, wiping my eyes, and being grouchy from a headache. I don't drink alcohol. I only eat healthy food. I mean, for all these reasons, I don't even go on cruises. Pffft. Sheeple. The employees, who did go, reported it was "fine" with veiled pain in their eyes. We'd all prefer bonuses, more days off, or in-office events
—Guest Jody

Office parties are gross.

This list only reconfirms to me why office parties are a terrible idea. First, I just don't like "parties" very much. When I (usually grudgingly) go to any party, I have a good time because I have no difficulty talking to people. But most of those conversations are tedious, at best. That's almost a guarantee with office parties. The writer claims that only urgent family business (or equivalent) is an acceptable reason not to attend, but then rails against bringing a visiting relative. Which is it? Leave a beloved family guest alone while you go to some pointless office party? Nice priorities. How about chastising women for their attire, justifying what the writer imagines others might be thinking. Wow. If a naked woman showed-up, I'd hope my employees would be decent enough and mature enough to handle the situation appropriately. (i.e. Few scantily-clad women at parties are dangerous, selling drugs, stealing company secrets, kicking puppies, etc. Get over yourself.)
—Guest Jody

Office party fun

Female 60ish got drunk...told off director... 2 females pissing on the office floor....too drunk...usual stuff.
—Guest steve muir

Doozy of All Christmas Parties

I had two co-workers get absolutely blotto at our law firm's Christmas party. Neither of them could drive, so they ended up crashing at my place. After I went to bed, they ended up sleeping together. (She was married with three kids, told off her husband that night, then offered my boyfriend a sexual favor.) I had to take him to his car, her to her home the next morning--and had to pull over so he could throw up. (We're talking about an attorney in his 30's, not some office runner.) Things were mighty uncomfortable in our small office for sometime, and her and my relationship was never the same again.

Excessive Drinking

I had visited this office party with plenty of booze flowing. I was still in the early years of my professional career and drank a lot. What was embarrassing is that I started asking my boss uncomfortable questions about the company's strategy. I was not even able to walk properly. The next day I was so scared even to go to the office and face everyone. Had a hard time. My suggestion: drink just to give company in office party. Keep a low profile.
—Guest singh

Never been to an office party

When I'm at work, I show a disciplined, hardworking side of myself. I choose my words carefully. At a party I'd have to smile and listen to people talk about things I don't care about--I'd rather be water boarded.
—Guest Dodge

Have some of you heard yourselves...

If my boss fired me for not attending the annual get together as some like to call it. Then I'd take it on the chin and think I'm well rid of both a boss that is so petty and narrow minded and a company that should really have a Swastika as its logo. Why companies continue with this useless non-event is beyond me. More people if truth were told find it an inconvenience than those that actually enjoy the damned thing. Those that say I actually enjoyed myself when I got there. Really mean it wasn't my worst case scenario. Personally speaking, if I want to chitchat to co-workers I have 364 other days to do it in. If I want to eat bland food I'll visit the works canteen and if I want cheap, tacky and ultimately useless gifts to shove in a bottom drawer never to see the light of day again I'll visit a distant relative. The fact you don't socialise with co workers outside of office hours the rest of the 364 days a year proves you don't really want to be with them on this special day either.
—Guest Mr H

Embarassed Wife

My husband (who had just joined this company as one of the big bosses) made me get all dressed up and get a nanny to watch our sick toddler in order to attend his company holiday party. We arrived fashionably late, to find out I was going to be the only spouse in attendance at this casual employee only dinner event. So I had to walk down a looooong dining table while everybody was staring at us (specially men checking me out from head to toe :s!) Finally we found two seats at the very end, right next to the office cleaning lady. Without even introducing me to at least the people sitting near us, my husband just sat down with a horrible face sort of telling everybody, "I know, I know, I screwed up". For 45 min I had to put up a brave face without being able to hide my discomfort and anger with my husband. I could notice people around us getting so uncomfortable with the situation just by the look at their faces. After 45 minutes, I excused myself and left alone in a cab.
—Guest Maria

Worst party ever.

Guess who the party pooper is. I'd hate to be involved in such a boring bash. You work hard, you party hard. As I said to a colleague at our christmas gig this year. It's not a party without hot promo girls dressed as santa.
—Guest Ben


In these times, I think luncheons work best, no alcohol, and include everyone. I don't think that big parties with alcohol work in today's environment. Some cannot control themselves and I think there is more risk than benefit.
—Guest Pattyh

Got Fired For Not Attending

I agree with the point that office parties are meant to mingle with co-workers, share experiences, get to know each other etc. but what if you don't want to attend an office party of a company which doesn't understand the basic principles of work ethics and is more interested in having fun all the time? Married female employees trying to seduce young guys, male employees trying to make their bullshit points to get female employees interested in them. I believe you should attend one only if it makes real sense to attend an office party. If it's just for fun's sake and carries no meaning of an office party, then it should be left to an employee whether to attend or not.
—Guest Amit Kumar

Rememberance is worse

Getting wasted at the company party is bad enough but remembering the stupid stuff you said is worse. Best to not drink at all at any company function is what I have learned today. Stick to the water and soda as it is much safer and will not cause you embarrassment later.
—Guest Nick

Falling down

I am an attorney in a law office and our annual christmas party is always a blast. I bought a new outfit, got a haircut and intended to have a good time. Pretty much everyone in the legal community is invited and I was running into lots of friends. It was open bar and I was drinking crown and cokes all night. At one point I tried to step over a couch to hand this girl a water. I also had two crown and cokes in my hands. I fell backwards and spilled everything right in front of the girl. Cute girl, too. My friends were cool about it and laughed it off and I proceeded to have a fun evening dancing, etc. Still though, that was pretty embarassing. Plus, I bit my tongue and woke up with a big bruise on my shoulder. Kind of feel like it was a big black eye on an otherwise enjoyable evening.
—Guest Jim

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