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Readers Respond: Top Office Party Blunders You've Experienced?

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From the article: Top 7 Office Party Gaffes
I've covered the seven most common office party blunders. Now, your experience of office party blunders will be most interesting and illuminating for other readers. There are bad behavior blunders at the office party, but there are also missed networking and schmoozing opportunities at the office party. Share your experiences with the top office party blunders you've witnessed. See More Reader Responses.

Falling down

I am an attorney in a law office and our annual christmas party is always a blast. I bought a new outfit, got a haircut and intended to have a good time. Pretty much everyone in the legal community is invited and I was running into lots of friends. It was open bar and I was drinking crown and cokes all night. At one point I tried to step over a couch to hand this girl a water. I also had two crown and cokes in my hands. I fell backwards and spilled everything right in front of the girl. Cute girl, too. My friends were cool about it and laughed it off and I proceeded to have a fun evening dancing, etc. Still though, that was pretty embarassing. Plus, I bit my tongue and woke up with a big bruise on my shoulder. Kind of feel like it was a big black eye on an otherwise enjoyable evening.
—Guest Jim

More, more open bars for this gal

I drank too much at my work's Xmas party that had an open bar. I have a habit of being a social butterfly and my date felt ignored while I was dancing which spawned him getting relationship advice about me from one of my coworkers. Somehow a naked blow up doll appeared on the dance floor and I proceeded to spank the owner on the butt with it. Thankfully, no one knew I threw up in the bathroom from being such a lush. I stumbled out with my date and was completely hammered and was flirting with a girl who came in to dance from another party room while ignoring my date. Thankfully he helped me stumble out before things really got out of contol. I ended up running after him naked with a blanket wrapped around me begging him not to leave once I got home. How I didn't get a DIP is beyond me when a cop drove by. A homeless man even warned us that the cop has seen us. I acted like such a lunatic and was so mortified with myself the next day. Thankfully, he will still speak to me.
—Guest Oye vey

Oops too busy!

I work for a Fortune 500 company and while the big holiday parties are nice, some of the in office parties aren't so much. Once a year we have a 'Customer Service Appreciation' event where we're invited to get away from our desks and spend time with coworkers. What this translates to is a mandatory pot luck with the privilege of taking your normal lunch hour with management and supervisors (who get to attend the whole 3 hour event on the clock). Add to this that management has started inviting other departments and letting them eat first, and last year we actually ran out of most of the food before anyone in Customer Service got to eat. Then we got a minor lecture for not providing enough food for 'our guests'. Somehow now I happened to have scheduled vacation this year in such a way that I'll miss the opportunity to be allowed to cook for people who make twice what I do. So sad.
—Guest Angela

Bathroom Time

In the early 90's I worked for a large Accounting firm in the midwest. At the annual christmas party, the wife of the Partner-in-Charge of the office got very drunk and needed to use the restroom. As the wait for the ladies room was somewhat long, she took it upon herself to venture into the men's room, hike up her dress and relieve herself in a urinal. If that wasn't enough she decided that she liked it in there and spent considerable time "observing" the bathroom activities, including commenting on the "manliness" of several of the staff members present. Needless to say, when word got back to the firm headquarters, this partner was transfered to anouther office in Texas.
—Guest Young Accountant

If Looks Could Kill

My husband and I were invited to a friend's 'tenth anniversary' party given by her boss. My supervisor was invited also and went around telling everyone in the office how she was invited to the party and how there would be Champagne, etc., etc. Showing off, I turned to my colleague and said, 'and me'. She smiled wickedly and we decided that it would be fun not to tell her that I had been invited to this 'select' gathering also. When it came to the time to finish work for the day, I took my party clothes into the ladies room and washed, changed, tidied my hair up, put a bit of lippy on and a squirt of obsession and went to the party. She finished work some 30 minutes later and turned up in the same clothes she had been in all day. When she saw me, Champagne glass in hand, laughing and joking with one of our bosses, her face was a picture. If looks could kill, I'd have died right there on the spot! Needless to say we heard nothing more about the party the next day and she didn't brag again!

I'm Driving

I tell people I'm driving and I'm alone, so I'm the designated driver. I say it with a "lilt in my voice," to make light of it. When others jeer at me, I tell them, additionally, that when I wake up tomorrow, I want to know where I am. Then they stop giving me a hard time.
—Guest Adrian Windsor

Not Always Funny Later

I was not at this party, but had to make a decision about a career later. At an office party in DC, one person had too much to drink (probably one of many). No one thought anything about it when she started drivng herself home. She lost control of the car on the beltway and killed another driver. My decision was whether she retained her job - I was with another agency. I don't care how boring I seem to anyone after that, I never drink when I'm going to drive. Never drink enough to lose control so I can be the office joke. I like a good drink as well as the next person, but it isn't worth it. I'm the designated driver.
—Guest Justme

Drinking at a Company Party

Drinking at a company party can lead to nasty consequences. True incidents I've observed: someone climbing the fireplace in a fancy restaurant and having to be wrestled down by fellow employees and sent home, someone taking off their clothes on the dance floor and being pulled into the bathroom by fellow employees in order to stop the strip-tease, a lady falling down on the dance floor, another lady falling down a flight of stairs at a Country Club, (both ladies bruising their dignity and looking ridiculous), a man slipping on ice getting into this vehicle and sliding under it, only to high-center (getting stuck due to his rotund belly) and having to be pulled out - kicking and screaming about the pain of having his belly scraped on the underside of the vehicle... These were somewhat comedic follow-ups to having too much to drink. Fortunately, none of them were seriously injured. Drunkeness can lead to injury and death and certainly to disrespect from fellow employees. Staying sober is safer and smarter.
—Guest Yucca

Breaking It Down (Too Much)

Because of the economy, my company's holiday party is during the day with no alcohol. The music is a blend of R&B/Hip Hop. There's some line dancing to the Cupid Shuffle and Electric Slide. It was fun. However, when you see women ranging in age from 25-60 "breaking it down" and "backing it up" in front of the company's executive, it's just embarrassing.
—Guest mzzliz73

Crying It All Out

There we were in such a party where guys and girls both drink. Two of them ended up crying and saying what they needed of a partner, which all of us realized they wouldn't have done if they hadn't been so drunk.
—Guest Misha

Drinking from a Shoe

She was the most efficient secretary an office could want, very professional in all her attitudes. Lost it during her first end-of-the-year party on the job, though. After a few glasses, she suddenly climbed onto a table, drank from her own shoe and spilled part of a lost love story while strongly resisting co-workers' attempts to drag her to the restroom. She was given the chance to keep her job - that's how efficient and valued she was - and her apologies and embarrassed post-party behavior were heart wrenching to behold. Not long after that, she resigned.
—Guest Maggie Mae


While the rest of the company was getting wasted in a hotel ballroom, I took a little stroll with my girlfriend. We wanted to check out the garden a level below us, so we took the stairs. What we stumbled upon was a sight to see. The married director of human resources getting some in the stairwell from a much younger co-worker. That story still lives on in the office...
—Guest Yea its true

Not So Strait Laced After All

I went to an office party with some of the teachers at the school in Japan where I used to teach. The young, female school counselor was drinking beer right out of the bottle (the big type that is meant to be shared) and flirting with all the male teachers. Meanwhile, later at the karaoke after-party--which takes place in a private room--one of the male teachers was constantly challenging me to arm-wrestling matches, where I soundly beat him. Anyway, this girl starts flirting with the arm-wrestler, and a few moments later he sits down behind her on the stool she's on with his legs spread around her and starts grinding away at her backside. She in turn reaches back and pulls his leg toward her. And yet, as is typical of some Japanese office parties, nobody even hinted about it the next day.
—Guest Gaijin666

Beverly Hills Brokerage Party

1994 was there since about 8 am that morning, the party started in the evening. I had a couple of my friends that didn't work there come also. One of them was really on the Company Receptionist the whole night and she wasn't responding. I, on the other hand, consumed a little too much to drink and ended up having to be pretty much carried out, by my buddies. We then left to go to a club Downtown that I went into and almost started a fight. My buddies were so mad at me that they pretty much told me to get home the best way I could which was about 30 miles away from downtown. I ended up catching a bus home and slept until 1 pm the next afternoon. I have since slowed way down on the partying.
—Guest Willis525

Cut Off

One of my co-workers had way too much to drink at the party - as in most of these stories. She however, managed to get herself cut-off from the bar for stealing booze. Did I mention it was an open bar? She was so drunk she decided against waiting in the short line (two bartenders and only 75 guests at the party) and just walked up behind them to start stealing booze.
—Guest Paul
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