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Office Parties

Last year at an office party one of the ladies was dancing with their dress above her waist...totally drunk and kissing a co-worker. Her mother and other family members worked at the company as well. She was fighting with them because they would not allow her to drink anymore and were dragging her out as she was screaming and kicking. The family was mortified as well as everyone who was watching. She still works at the company....they have since cancelled the office parties due the to the "economy downfall"....wink wink. There is always one in the bunch!

What a Boss

My boss held forth talking about himself for about an hour. His staff had worked so hard that year and he was so lacking in self-awareness that he didn't have the decency to acknowledge one person. All he could do was talk about himself. He was acting like a DJ at a bar mitzvah. Later I heard that he did that in his youth. Probably because he could never get a date.
—Guest magna

Hammer Time

My boss got lit up at a function and picked up a guy from a party in the same hotel. She brought him back to our party, picked up my drink and the ten dollar tip I had left on the table for the server and walked away. One of my co-workers said to him. "I think you're supposed to follow her back to her room." Still funny after all these years!

I Notice a Theme Here

Almost every "gaffe" is related to drinking too much booze. And, almost every gaffe is of a sexual nature (except the ones involving puke). Rather than be embarrassed later by whom you hit on, or puked on, why not use some self-control with that glass in your hand?

Loss for Words

At a huge company Christmas party of over 20k people, the CEO of the company compliments me on my dress. At the tender age of 23, I blushed and noticed his wife standing there glaring at me. I immediatley looked her over and the only thing I could find that looked nice came out of my mouth. I told her that I liked her hair!
—Guest yvonne

Who Will Supervise the Supervisor?

My supervisor had only one drink, but was already smashed. Upon coaxing from a coworker, I gave him a peck on the cheek thanking him for a gift that he had given me as my Secret Santa (grab bag). He wouldn't leave me alone the rest of the night. It was even more embarrassing because his wife watched the whole thing!
—Guest Susan

This Poor Woman!

A couple of years ago, in a very ritzy hotel, they were still under construction on one end of the building. This left only one corner/side of the ballroom level bathrooms available, rather than having them on both sides. This made for a high traffic, frequently cleaned area on a Saturday night. There must have been about 6 or 7 rather large parties going on, on this level, and it was getting close to the end of the night. Around 11pm, I break away from my DJ table and head to the rest room to freshen up. Women started to go in, gagged, and came back out, laughing. Being the curious type, I poked my head in and saw the poor woman that they were laughing about. Imagine stall after beautiful stall, and splatter everywhere--from under one stall. She was sitting upright, sparkly purse and wrap on the floor, and it looked like every inch of her (and pricey shoes) was covered in vomit. Worse, she was still there 30 minutes later! The cleaning staff wasn't around--or her coworkers.


Years ago, my then boyfriend got so drunk that at the dinner table, not only did he light up a cigarette while everyone was eating, but also decided to to butt it into his empty dinner plate. About 15 minutes after that, he started an argument with me because I was chatting to one of my young collegues who was sitting on the other side of me. Mind you he was about 19, and I was in my 30s. The boyfriend said to me in a raised voice that he did not come to the party for me to talk to other people. At the end of the night, I was saying goodnight to my boss, who said, "what are you doing with that guy? You can do so much better." One of the most embarrassing nights of my life.
—Guest Aussiegirl

Pay it Forward

At one of our Christmas parties, an employee (while drunk, of course)of my husband's company began telling me everything that my husband did wrong--in his brain-addled opinion. I was livid, but my husband is a big enough person to look the other way at this feeb's comments. I don't know how, but this guy has two of the greatest kids around, and my husband knew that they needed our health insurance coverage throughout their college sports careers, so he has kept this dufus on due to his kids. I love my husband. What a great guy!
—Guest wordgirl

I Was the Gaffe

At my first "official" Christmas office party of my career, I sampled every kind of alcoholic beverage my boss had on hand (it was held at his home), from wine to beer to scotch and other liquors. My then-boyfriend had to practically drag me out and spend the night to be sure I wasn't suffering from liquor poisoning. I have no idea to this day whether anyone else at the party knew how drunk I was.
—Guest Juli

Totally Embarrassing Employee

I manage an apartment and for Christmas, I thought it would be nice to host an open house. I would furnish all the food and the maintenance guy and grounds gal would help with setting up the room and then visiting with tenants as they arrived. My grounds gal arrived late, spoke to no-one but me, went to the food table, pulled up a chair, made space for a plate (which she filled to "running over"), sat down with her back to everyone and ate. She had taken so much of one food that I had to cook a new batch and then serve it from the bake sheet for fear this employee would snatch up more. After my grounds gal had gotten her fill at the food table, she put her chair in the guest circle but proceeded to pick her teeth with her fingers and whimper that she had a bad tooth that was bothering her. I was totally embarrassed by her actions.
—Guest Ann Noel

Do Not Do the Following

Two things at office parties that should never be done: 1. Never give bonus checks at the party. This keeps employees from comparing their pay paychecks. (Try and fire someone who accidently found a stub on the floor.) 2. Booze should not be allowed. Read the fine print on your insurance policy to find out why I state this.
—Guest Al

Drunken President Behaves Badly

At the college where my husband once worked, the former president was notorious for drinking too much at events and acting badly. At one such party, the beautiful daughter of one of the staff was wearing a top like a peasant blouse. The prez grabbed the edges of it and moved them down her arms instead of up on her shoulders where she had them. The girl was young and embarrassed. Her mother was absolutely furious!

Putting Out The Fire

One of the guys from accounting in a large corporation was very, very drunk at the Christmas party. He decided to relieve himself on the burning logs in the fireplace. Bad choice. Within a short time following that party, there was one less guy in accounting.
—Guest Liz

Worst Office Party Experience

I work in local TV. We work hard and play hard. It was sometime back in the mid-80s. Kind of a formal affair being held in an exclusive steak house-style restaurant. People like me (who normally don't wear nice clothes to work) were wearing suits and formal attire. All the pretty ladies and handsome gents were looking distinguished and beautiful. Everyone was making their entrance into the party through the restaurant's regal front door area. Unfortunately, one of my fellow co-workers had started drinking too much, too soon prior to this company Christmas party. Just as he arrived, his lack of food and too much Irish whiskey took over and he vomited all over the giant carpeted welcome mat leading into the party. So, the ladies with their evening gowns and heels had to make their entrance into the restaurant through the kitchen from the back of the establishment. Emabarrassing... you bet! So, here's my advice... you should "lay a base" before before you start the heavy partying!
—Guest Bud_Anderson
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