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Readers Respond: What's Your Flexible Work Schedule and How Are You Making It Successful?

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Organizations increasingly support a flexible work schedule for employees. Not like the former 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. required office hours, a flexible schedule allows you to come early or stay late, work fewer days or telecommute. Have you negotiated a flexible work schedule for your own work-life balance? Or, does your company offer all employees a flexible work schedule? What sort of flexible work schedule do you follow? Any tips you can offer about how you are making the flexible work schedule a success for you and your employer are appreciated. See More Reader Responses.

This is persuasion, not negotiation

This is an excellent way to put together a solid argument for why you should have a flexible work schedule. That's persuasion, not negotiation. Negotiation calls for give and take; tradeoffs; "I'll make this adjustment if you'll make that adjustment for me in exchange." There's none of that in this article.
—Guest Jim Thomas

9/80 schedule

We have the option for every other Friday off if we work 9 hours each day based on a regular schedule. It benefits the company tax-wise and provides an attractive benefit to employees.
—Guest Bethi

Flexible schedules DO rock!

These are great suggestions! Companies save thousands of dollars annually by allowing their employees to stray from the traditional forty hour week. Many people would gladly give up hours to spend more time with their families. Also, many jobs make it possible for people to work from home, allowing the company to save valuable office space and other resources. Companies need to reevaluate their needs, and determine what they can do to both make their employees happy, and reduce spending. Businesses in the private sector should also be allowed to let their hourly workers choose comp time in lieu of overtime pay. The federal government allowed their hourly workers this option in 1978, but it is still illegal for the private sector. What’s wrong with that picture? The federal government should allow private sector businesses as much flexibility as possible so that they can still thrive in this economy. At the NCPA we are fighting hard for flexibility. http://www.familyissues.ncpa.org
—Guest Terry Neese

Flexible Schedule

I've been lucky enough to negotiate a flexible schedule with my boss that allows me to work from home when necessary (i.e. when my baby is sick). I assured her that I'll make sure my job gets done, regardless of when and where I work. It's worked out really well for both of us.
—Guest Maribella Jonas
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