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Readers Respond: Share the components of your own life vision.

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My Vision

I want to serve the lord..... to be his true child and have a happy family.
—Guest Abrham P

My Life Vision

To inspire individuals of African American decent to not be another "Black" statistic. I aspire to be a leader in my state in the corporate world and bring representation to my kind as an Afro-Caribbean female. Being an influential and persuasive speaker, I will use my skills to bring justice in areas of injustice and falsehood permeating my legislative profession. I will stand for holiness in all that I do and live in simplicity and grace as I represent Jesus Christ in this journey called life. I will seek for areas to serve and become the hands and feet of Christ as He compels and moves in me through the power of His Holy Spirit. I will be financially blessed to be a blessing to others. I will be a wonderful future wife to a handsome and strapping God-fearing husband who the mere thought of will weaken me. I will be a loving mother to godly children. I will attain every promise God has for my life as I continue to pursue and grow deeper in Him until my very last breath.
—Guest Ronicha

Vision in life

Need to improve my life, have a good job in the future, have a happy family, and serve the god.
—Guest mai

My Life Vision

My life vision is to knock every other dardy fella out in da ring. The human being rises above all else to discharge its strength. Nothing else matters; life itself is will to power.
—Guest Izak Hoolyhand

Life Vision

How lucky I am, a few monthes ago I have written a topic titled with same name on Zaho (Google Irshien Live Vision). In my point view, our whole life is a vision, whatever good / bad you adapt, consider a vision. In person, I want to see my self very successful and happy, insulting no one even my self. That is what I am living for.
—Guest Altahir Irshien

My Personal Vision

I will be a good model to every child, to teach them with heart, with integrity, and reality, to show the real meaning of life. Encourage them to be a good person and citizen. To live my life full of joy, to be a great challenger and know how to accept failures in life, and be a good follower of God.
—Guest computer angel

Mandy's Vision

My personal vision is to accomplish something substantial everyday and share at least one happy moment with another; to challenge myself and others using positive reinforcement and recognition. I want to live my life dedicated to honesty, integrity, empathy, and responsibility while providing for those to depend on me.
—Guest Mandy Graham

My life mission

I am here to embark on my career path. I already have my vision in stone. To do what no one has done, by helping society and its youth through speaking out to the children. (high school body). I am using my life as an example. As my world got flipped and stripped as a young teen at age 16, a junior in high school. I got into a car accident. 2 days before Christmas in 2007. I hit a tree doing 90. With my older brother, my best friend at the time, and a female being my brother's age. That night changed my life along with the city I lived in. I went through waves of adversity and I am forever punished by God taking away my natural talents at the sports I loved to play. I had not walked for over a year. I was in a drug induced coma on life support for 3 weeks. I weighed 150 lbs at the time of impact. I woke up weighing in at 87 lbs. I am now 20 years old. On my path to speak out to kids and change lives. Showing them to never give up. No matter what. Here I am 16+ surgeries later.
—Guest Dillan Moriarty

My Life's vision

To be a true child of the Lord and live my life in accordance to His Laws.

My vision

I will be a good husband of my wife, and a good father to the child I beget, a hope for the poor and the disadvantaged. Lavishness disturbs me; austerity and simplicity will be the guiding principles of my life style, promotion of sustainable development. I will distribute my excess wealth to needy because i believe what we have (wealth) is not ours, but God temporarily bestowed it just to test us and we should make him happy by giving back his wealth to needy ones. I'll be the romeo of my wife.
—Guest Mohammad Hussain

Painless Life

My vision is to have a painless life. Towards this end, I plan to anticipate all kinds of pain that I can get in the future, and try to do my best to reduce the risk. This includes, taking care of health, planning for stable financial situation, providing guidance and support to the kids and family to have them be happy with their lives. Be a good citizen and person so that I have reasonable social life.
—Guest Amit

My Life Vision

I would like to share my mistakes, my wisdom and my trials and tribulations with troubled youths...to soften the blow that life manages to hand out to those who persist in doing things the hard way. I would like to show them how to pick themselves up and dust themselves off when they fall. That no one amongst us is perfect and that just because we make a mistake (or two or three) that it's not a cause or an excuse to give up. That the sky is the limit and if we reach for the moon, we will most definitely land on a star. To share with them mother's vision for me, hers for her (and so on and so on). To dance. to sing, to never be afraid of any challenge. To treat every opportunity as if it were that of a lifetime, to tackle the smallest to the largest challenge or goals as if there were no tomorrow. From how to prepare meals on a low budget, to how to establish a business. To pass on all that made me who I am, a never ending success story, a child of God to learn from. My mothers vision.
—Guest Demetria Pope

All He Wants From Me

I want to be all that God want me to be, because I realise I am created for his purpose and his pleasure. I know he has a plan for me which he has reviewed but am yet to really know what it is. But I can still talk about my passion. I have passion for the lost, the broken hearted, especially those who have been raped, even for the prostitute. I want God to help me reach out to them to help them spiritually, emotionally, and financially, and in every way God wants me to help them. I want to build a home for them, not just a house or a building. For these women, we also would provide the opportunity to learn one or two skills and when they are through we set them up with work. And, for those who want to go to school, we send them on scholarship. This what I live for and stand for.
—Guest adetola


What I see is being married, having my own fashion store and a nail salon, having a car, 1 child and living in Atlanta.
—Guest kimara

Personal Life Purpose / Vision

“To inspire, motivate, and empower people to discover their life purpose and to reach their full potential.”
—Guest Gregory Herron
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