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Readers Respond: What Do Employers Hate About Job Seekers?

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Employers hate job seekers for many reasons. Job seekers act unprofessionally; they waste the employer's time and energy. A prepared, qualified job seeker increases their chances of landing the job by avoiding job seeker behaviors employers hate. Employers magnify their chances of hiring a superior employee, when they avoid job seekers who exhibit these ten fatal errors, what employers hate about job seekers – or ought to. What do you think employers hate about job seekers?

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Medical Transcriptionist Seeks Work

I have been a medical transcriptionist for many years. Just recently lost my position after being with a company for 16 years 3 months. I have either been to companies, did online apps or mailed out resumes to the tune of at least 100 contacts in one way or another in the last 7 months. I have always been very motivated and a go getter. I am very disciplined and have worked in the office and at home. The field that has been my professsion is becoming obsolete. I have even been thinking out of the box and applying for other things and running into dead ends daily. I always show up at interviews looking professional, the few that I have had. Most of the time you can't even speak to a human being. You just leave a resume if you can and find out everthing now is done online. This is SOOOOOOO impersonal. I am single and cannot afford even considering further education at 58. It is a real shame that people are not valued in this day and time. This issue seems to be prevalent everywhere.
—Guest Newmar

Don't beg

I agree with this - at my current job, a friend does nothing but throw her weight around trying to "network" whenever she hears someone at work knows someone in insurance. I wouldn't dismiss networking but the problem with much advice is the "think positive" approach. The reality is that her main industry and mine are only mildly related and our backgrounds are very different yet she still pesters me with feeble minded attempts at getting a new job - if I were an employer and she cold called me (as many careers advisors suggest) even if she followed the advice I was given by my careers advisor she just has this way of winding people up. It's not so much desperation as just sounding like she's totally not with it - one minute I'm discussing options about what she can do, next she's coming out with moronic statements and going on tangents. The pick of the bunch was where I explained to her about how to deal with agencies and made a reference to one of the few remaining good agents.
—Guest Elle

Fun Fact for Guest Jennifer

Hey Guest Jennifer. By now you've probably heard about this, but over the media last year, they tested these so-called "screening programs" in there search for the "perfect fit" ( like how successful marriages have been over the last generation). They found that not even current employees with their current resumes could pass the screening! That alone says a lot. HR are the wrong gatekeepers to our economic recovery.
—Guest Cloudyyo

Unwarranted HR scrutiny

When I interviewed with two financial companies, HR conjured excuses, accusing me of being "unable to hold a job for a year" because I have multiple internships on my resume. It's funny. Both potential employers who used the same excuse happen to consist of a female HR and hiring manager. Although I've had a lot of job interviews since graduating, these two stood out because I somehow felt like one of those wrong first dates where the girl over analyzes everything you share about yourself and ends up with the wrong conclusion. Guys out there know how these sort of dates usually never get a second one. With HR being done instead by females, is it possible that their "personal biases" are linked? There are articles out there that rant on how female dominated HR these days don't encourage diversity, especially against males in HR, or how HR behavior resembles a sorority house. It seems these lasses are taking their cheerleader princess superficialities into the real world.

HR Excuses

If I had a list of "excuses" HR conjures to not hire anyone, I'd have a contributor article to post. Twice I've been asked by HR at sizable financial companies on "what do I plan to do with my life?" They asked me this because my resume included multiple internships in different industries from when I was in college. I even asked an independent "professional recruiter" about this question, and the professional said it shouldn't be an issue because it's apparent those were internships and was done during college, a time to test the waters. Funny an independent recruiter is smart enough to figure that out and the large company HR isn't. No wonder HR is being outsourced. They're useless! I once even had a hiring manager use those internships as an excuse to label me as "unable to hold a job for more than a few months". Needless to say I did not get either of those jobs, on top of being called "overqualified"( I was actually doing the same job at another company a time of interview).

No One Cares

No one cares what whiny, micro-managing employers think. We all know the truth: they only hire people less intelligent than they are because otherwise they'd lose THEIR jobs. People like the crybaby employers described in this "article" are responsible for an incredible amount of poverty and misery and I count the days until they find themselves on the breadlines.
—Guest Dawn

What Do Employers Hate About Job Seekers

Reality is in another way, In fact Hr, are people with "bachelor" of abuse of human’s brain nothing more. They learn in universities how to manage the human brain and even they're proud with masters and doctorate, but when they call seriously professionals they are out of reality because they learn just vice versa, to use their "experience” from books not from reality and if they allow people without experience in companies, it's people like them out of reality where they cannot fulfil what does mean real professional work because they are not professionals and of course they do not know what does mean real professionals. Also, the economy will go down in sun because they concentrate just to abuse of human brain and when they do not have more resources to abuse, people from hr and management will go down and join all this "great" "companies" what they call themselves "great bachelor's" of abuse of human brain and will no more have from where abuse because the slaves are in soon fini.
—Guest Michael

Self Employed

Boy I'm so glad I have my own business since I surely wouldn't make the cut for most HR folks. There are many problematic job applicants to be sure. But HR surely has its share of problematic people too. It takes a very sober mindset to evaluate an HR person because much of what they say is hurtfully true about job applicants. But in addition, HR folks can be very clueless, dogmatic, and nitpicky about some pretty irrelevant minutia. Next time you meet an HR person watch them eye you head to toe looking for a button out of place, a shoe lace not perfectly lined up, or a hair out of place. They are very judgmental and petty, yet often ignore very crucial things related to the job. HR folks seem petty and shallow in the workplace too. As a manager dealing with them they often mislead, play favorites for employees they like and cover for their incompetence. An HR person just dumped an employee onto me for whom I am now responsible for her prior 30 years' of benefits. Lame!
—Guest Jim Smith

Response to Guest J. Greenawalt

Every job advice board says to "sell yourself" to an employer. Go ahead, call the police and report that person as a stalker. When the police find that you've wasted their time, the charge will be dropped. The smart job seeker will get a pro-bono attorney and make a call to the local paper. Imagine your surprise as you try to explain the negative press to your immediate supervisor and CEO. Then, you'll find out, that you are expendable. Now you are one of the millions who are unemployed. I bet your skill set will get you a retail gig at minimum wage. You are the reason why HR duties are being outsourced. Enjoy your employment while you can, because with your attitude, you may not be retiring when you expected to retire. What a megalomaniac.


I laughed at everything that employers want or dislike about job seekers. HR employees are trolls. They make up rules but don't seem to adhere to them. They let unfounded personal feelings get in the way of hiring the most appropriate applicants for positions. I wonder what the HR trolls will do when their jobs are outsourced to recruiters and third party businesses that can do the jobs of the "human resources professional" better and cheaper. I am sure the "human resources professional" will find they have no real applicable skills. I am seeing this happen already. It is a glorious thing to see the high and mighty mid-level HR professional ringing up my purchase at Sephora. Don't forget to include my free gift with my purchase, please. Hah!


I just wanted to say I agree with a lot of what you are saying. My partner and I have been looking for work online and applied for over 200 jobs that fit our qualifications and experience and we have heard back from maybe 4 employers which have been automated responses. We are in pub management and are both qualified chefs. I have over 20 years experience working for some of the best companies in Australia and UK. I want to say to guestsometimes if you're out there that I really feel for you as I feel the same way. A young chef with 1-2 years experience is paid the same as me with 20 years experience. HR people need to wake up!! What ever happened to giving the potential employee the respect enough to even invite them for an interview face to face without all this online. My favourite is so where do you want to be in 5 years time? How should I bloody know! I just want a job! So I can feed my family!


The main problem is with the term human resources. I am not a resource; I am a human being.
—Guest cdward

Some HR are bad people

I got mistreated when I tried to call Human Resources back for a job position. The Human Resources wouldn't return my call, after leaving me a message to call her back about the position. When I finally got a hold of her, she was mad that I got a hold of her. No wonder people work through contract houses these day, when you have to deal with someone like that. If someone is interested in the position, they will call until they reach someone, so that you don't miss the opportunity if Human Resources doesn't hear from you and calls someone else. I don't know how busy the Human Resources Department is, but you'd think they could answer the phone, just like my Contract House Recruiter does. So I was told that I called too many times and won't be considered for the position. What does the one thing have to do with the other? I showed ambition, and she showed that she was a bully. So as long as there are bullies in the Human Resource Department, If I was calling to harrass her that would be different.
—Guest Guest Wronged

Why using the word "hate" ?

This whole article is about getting an emotional response. Maybe we need to understand that HR people are in many cases puppets. Sometimes emotionally misguided puppets. But in the end, the management should do the hard work of hiring skilled, professional HR people, and of course, monitor their work. Too often, management people are too busy playing with themselves. Of course (luckily) this does not apply to everyone...
—Guest Guess

Hate about HR

What I hate about HR is how the profession discriminates, especially for positions available in HR. It's ironic that the profession that is supposed to promote diversity in the workplace is the least diverse itself. I've never seen a profession that discriminates more against men than HR. I've also never seen a profession with so many unqualified people working in it. it's mindboggling how many people who are employed in the HR profession don't know jack about HR. Then they act surprised when stories come out about how so many hate HR. If HR really wants to be respected by Corporate America and a true business partner start hiring people who actually know what they're doing. That means start hiring graduates with degrees in HR and stop employing unqualified people. Don't take the lady that the organization doesn't know what to do with so they stick her in HR. This is why so many employees and applicants hate HR because of actions like the one I just illustrated.
—Guest Tony

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What Do Employers Hate About Job Seekers?

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