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Readers Respond: When Is Quitting Your Job the Answer?

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Everyone who works experiences times when quitting your job sounds like the best choice, sometimes your only choice. Sometimes quitting your job makes more sense than others. When is it the right time to quit your job? Readers share how they knew when it was time to quit their jobs.

More reader responses to a variety of questions.

Free From Satan!

I worked at a hospital as a charge nurse for many years and always received an outstanding evaluation with raises sometimes to exceed 10%. Over the many years I worked under some really great directors and some that weren't really that great. Then one day, they hired Satan! Satan systematically fired, tightened the screws so that certain people would quit. She made life unbearable for a few of us that had been there for years and were the backbone of the operation. We figured out a few years later from an HR spy that she did what she did to save the unit $$$ by getting rid of the top earners and replaced us with little or no experienced new nurses...scary! My neighbor was a psychiatrist and she knew that Satan caused me great distress, so she wrote a letter and signed all of my FMLA paperwork and said that I must be off work for a minimum of 6 months. I was paid during those six months and lined up a new job during my time off from Satan. They fired Satan 2 years later. Be creative!
—Guest Liberty

When it is time to quit your job

Dwarf and micro-managing boss when the boss has no clue about the market or he is using force and threats just to learn from you what he wants. Then his next step is to micro-manage you to slow down your market growth that he impacts and your sterling performance in the company.
—Guest Gerad Ahmed

They won't even train me properly

i was recently hired at a donut shop as cashier. My first day went off without a hitch and I had a nice coworker to show me around. The next day, the manager is in. I had only met her twice before. She was very nice then but this time she made derogatory remarks about my short hair and the one piece of (appropriate) jewelry I was wearing. I only had four hours of previous training but she put me in on the busiest day of the week. I had no idea what to do, other coworkers acted like i was in the way and wouldn't help me. She talked badly about me to other coworkers like I couldn't hear her and kept insisting on nitpicking at everything I did despite the fact that she knew it was only my second day at work. She kept me an hour past my shift ending and wouldn't let me clock out and go home, or even use my cell phone in the back or the bathroom to notify my parents who were waiting for me to come home. I had a panic attack and made my dad come pick me up as I couldn't drive in that condition
—Guest jon snow

Getting the Bad Boss to Stop

Watch the movie "Bad Influence" with Rob Lowe and see how he dealt with James Spader's associate. I used to collect debts. I was not one of those "call you during dinner because your credit card is over the limit" types. I did this work for a group of people who were in the sports betting and money lending business. You can get any boss to stop their behavior if enough pressure and fear is applied, especially if it can be done anonymously... I.e. your identity is hidden or you have someone else unrelated deal with the person. you need to instill and impress the fact that the level that you do is beyond their level of action. This has to be achieved to be successful. I see it as that individual threatening your life by removing your ability to pay for food, shelter or anything to keep your life going. They are threatening your life. You are pre-empting them before they get a chance to commit manslaughter.
—Guest steve D

Constantly Disrespected by Management

I had a job where my superiors constantly disrespected their employees and belittled their work. After 6 years of this nonsense, I went to a psychiatrist and took 3 months of FMLA. That was great to tap into the sick leave like that, and then quit for a better job.
—Guest Pimp Durnburger

Coworker is a lying, manupulative suckup

I have been at my current position for six years now and was assigned to work with a new hire - as my coworker - about 2 years ago. She basically did as little work as possible and was a total suckup to our supervisor. I honestly didn't like her but managed to just 'get along' since we had to work in the same office. I realized that not only was she a suckup but also totally manipulative and a narcissist, I've kept my distance but we shared certain responsibilities so there was a limit. I couldn't put up with her freeriding attitude anymore and went to HR with proof (actual work history and also proof of absenteeism - she goes to gets her nails done during work hours) and also told them I didn't bother to talk with my supervisor first because they are close friends. HR promised to do something and then she got promoted!
—Guest Krystal

When the changes are hurting you

A new CEO arrived (small company), and he changed my department because he didn't belive what we did, even though he was two days in the office and never had a meeting with us. Suddenly he fired my entire staff (I wasn't consulted in anything) and my budget was frozen everything I do must be approved by him, even the purchase of pens for daily work, things that used to take 1 day to do, took like a month due to the new approval process. Suddenly I had no direct boss nor indirect, and like 7 people who feel they are my new boss, none of them with experience in my area. It is time to move on and leave this no end job.
—Guest yorch

Shabby treatment, poor ethics, no growth

I work long hours for low pay. My bosses insist on onsite daily, the customer disrespects me (to the point of hiring an unqualified replacement I have to train and taking away all my job roles). They've told me again & again I would move up in title and responsibilities if I proved myself, I have and still nothing. Can't take a sick day ("work from home" bs every time), almost no vacation leave, and bad benes. Soon the customer will kick me off contract and I'm expected to assist with a project whose customer I distrust and aim I find entirely unethical (project goal will make world worse imho). Considering career change, but getting qualified takes time and need steady work. Want to quit on principle but w/out anything lined up I can't.
—Guest Feeling Exploited

Time to move on - find something better

I cannot explain how much I hate my job right now. I deal with people who have not enough potential and it's my job to 'help' them through the task that they are doing (I'm a QA analyst). I just don't understand the fact that they were hired even though they don't deserve it. What hurts most is that we are receiving THE SAME salary given that I've been in the job for 3 years. I have the brains as much as they do, and I do show results. I'm ready to quit soon and I've already applied for a new and better job.
—Guest Valj

Useless Supervisors

Sometimes I feel as if I'm back at high school. There is a rumor mill that would old ladies blush. People ignore you (turns around as you approach, doesn't directly speak to you) and when the boss asks that person why, they blame it on you. I applied for a higher position a couple months back, during which they basically skirted around the answer: "no, you aren't getting the position" by giving me all these lame excuses. Told me I need to communicate with Everyone, that I need to make the first move (screw that, if people want to act like a child, so be it). Said I wasn't trained enough in other areas, to which I responded, "How am supposed to get trained when no one will teach me?" They said, "Well, when we get new people in, we'll train you then." We have since gotten about 5 or 6 new coworkers and yet I still am stuck doing the same thing whereas they have been cross-trained since they started. My supervisors are useless, only Act busy when the higher ups are around. Will not miss them.
—Guest Perlita

Before nothing is left

Leave your employer before he/she expects you to always work around the clock and donate your life to making himself look like the Director of your successful team that he is loudly cutting out from under your feet because he knows you will pick up the work for no extra pay. Run, when you get the first feeling he just used you to only better himself, keep you in the dark by witholding info that can make you shine or is bleeding you dry, as you progressively forget about your health, your family and your sanity in the real world. Leave him/her before you get hooked on meeting insurmountable expectations especially if you're working for an executive in a faith based organisation that sprukes it works with God's values every day in every way. Run if it[s like a bad domestic relationship or you get the first feeling you are getting hooked on being a high achiever for a leech or a snake. Run fast. Make it clean and very early.


Work in a 40 degree cooler with knives, making 9$ an hour. After raises 14$/hr... But I have 2 more years till I get my top pay. Constantly training people for 2 years who keep quitting (been here 3) because it's "too much work." There is a demand to meet 2% of the store sales which I have been working my ass off trying to do but the store director keeps giving me employees who fail in other departments. Now he wants to hire someone who has been here 6 months and had never done my job to be a manager for my department, which is a non-existent position that he is creating. I am going to have to train this person and then work with him as he tells me what to do and determines if I am worthy of 40 hours a week. I have been working almost 48 hours a week Non-stop for the last 2 years.
—Guest f albertsons

Belittling Boss

I just quit my job of almost 7 years. We have a new curator at the toy museum where I worked & it seems he decided to get rid of all the old staff. He cut my days as much as possible & if he did ask me to work an extra day or 2, he made sure I knew that I was his last choice due to someone else being unavailable. A few months ago, he started making me sort boxes of thousands of building toy pieces for his displays. Recently, he started screaming at me for any little thing. For instance, I answered the phone & he was on it so he yelled at me for picking up too soon. The next time I let it ring 3 times to avoid the same thing & he screamed that I needed to answer by the 2nd ring! Then Friday, he screamed at & criticized my teen-age daughter who has been a volunteer there for years. She's always been kind & helpful to tourists. She was devastated I reminded him that she wasn't an employee. He roared that he was MY boss & if we didn't like his orders we could both leave. So we did.
—Guest Sheila

Need advice help!!

I've been in this new job which is car sales just a month now, I'm a trainee and just got into everything and I absolutely hate it! I don't know what to do because I don't want to feel depressed.I've realised it's not for me but I'll feel like I'm letting everyone down but then at the same time I do not want to let myself down and if I waste my time here I could be looking for something elsewhere! People have said stay for 6 months, see how you feel, then leave but if I stay for that amount of time, I'll have clients and stuff. If I leave now with no strings attached it will be better, I'm the only sales woman, everything completely unorganised and apparently that's the main reason why people leave and I just cannot live like that! One day off a week and every third weekend off, I'm going to be running myself into the ground! And I want to have a family one day so it's just not ideal. All I want is a job with at least 2 days off a week, well paid, organised and I love doing it, this is just rubbish!
—Guest guestguest12

When dealing with a Sweet-Nasty Boss

Coporate comes and you have the most angelic boss ever but when they leave all hell breaks loose. When you have a Manipulative, insecure, and conniving boss who gets upset because she knows you are the best workers she has and hates it. HR doesn't believe you because they think your boss is so sweet when they come! RUN!
—Guest Too far gone
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