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Readers Respond: When Is Quitting Your Job the Answer?

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Everyone who works experiences times when quitting your job sounds like the best choice, sometimes your only choice. Sometimes quitting your job makes more sense than others. When is it the right time to quit your job? Readers share how they knew when it was time to quit their jobs.

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Arrogant MD

I worked for nearly 12 years in a retail firm. The Managing Director of the company was so arrogant he would call me to his office and brief me on changes he was proposing in the organization. We were selling high end diamond jewellery . He completely discounted my role in selling any jewellery in his proposed changes. It's like he thought even robots could sell the jewellery because the jewellery according to him is only what mattered. The role that I was playing as HEAD - Sales was completely discounted when over the years I gave 90% conversion rates and great sales that turned the company around. I can't believe the amount of arrogance he has after all the hard work & commitment I put in over the years. He wanted to replace me and wanted me to train new staff before he could make it hell for me to stick on. Having realised what he was doing, I gave in my resignation and gave a notice period of 10 days only.

Hard times

I know what you are talking about, there's this one coworker, we worked very well together. Now I was made supervisor this person is making it horrible, telling lies, making things up, showing up on days off, getting mad, running to my boss about lies. All I can say is, work harder than them, show them they cant hurt you, and what goes around comes around. When it comes time you're higher than the person. Show who's boss. lol Hold in there, its hard to find a job nowadays.
—Guest hard some times

Training My Replacement

I have worked for this retail store for four years. I am the senior associate. I have trained everyone in my department, including my manager. They are in the process of hiring my replacement who I will train so that they can fire me. All because I did not get enough credit card applications in.
—Guest Just a Number on the Front Lines

Wish I had the power to sack all bullies

Just handed my notice in yesterday. Got fed up with the way my work colleagues including my boss lady, spoke to me. They were so rude to me and they were like it in front of other people, including customers. They made me feel worthless and stupid, my confidence was shot to bits. I was always polite to them, despite the fact they were rude to me. I honestly think they were jealous of my social skills, as I used to get on really well with most of my customers. A touch of the green eyed monster I think. Anyway I am glad I am out of it now, I have found myself another job. My boss lady wasn't particularly nice to me when I handed my notice in. She said she knew I wasn't happy there, she thinks it was because it was really busy the reason I did not like it. I felt like saying to her, I can handle busy, I just can't handle you lot being rude to me, and treating me like a piece of poo. Instead I just said thank you for your help and support whilst I have been here, and left it at that.
—Guest Hacked off

Maybe I just don't like working

...and maybe I just don't like working FOR anyone else. I did substitute teaching before the job I have now (social services at a nursing facility), and you get the freedom to choose your jobs, which is nice. Kids are rotten, but there's some freedom to be had with selecting your own work days. What are some other good freelance job ideas? I just need to be able to work for myself so I don't feel so trapped/panicked all the time (every minute that I'm here). (Scroll all the way down the page. There are some opportunities in the small business section such as freelance: http://www.about.com/money/. There are additional ideas here: http://www.about.com/careers/ and: http://workathomemoms.about.com/ Good luck and best wishes, Susan)
—Guest outwiththeold

Hate my new supervisor

I started a new job at an international company. I really enjoyed the position until a bully was put into a position above me. She's rude, abrasive, and has no professionalism. Calls people out in front of co-workers and snaps at any given moment. I know for a fact she's turned people against me at work. I've managed companies and have fired people like this. They spread rumours and demeanor you. The gossip and the drama is constant now. A cowrker that this bully works with basically blamed me for something I was not involved with. She basically emailed our managers to even state that I had done this. Now I never had a problem with this girl until a few days ago, since this bully has been feeding her mind. I reported it to upper management only to have it passed down to someone else. That in itself infuriated me. My co-worker whom I get along great with is seeing this and some gets directed to him as well, but more me. I'm besides myself and I try to be nice and it just doesn't work.

Terrible Treatment

Take time off with stress. Let work suspend you. Then, because you have suffered, get a sick certificate, you will only get any pay if you are suspended. Sick pay is only for those who are lucky to get over 16 hours, and possibly for gossipers. Work has made me ill, not only this job, low-hours work. You can't get sick pay, just ESA, lower than low paid. Low pay affects pension, but it must benefit the employer, no other reason for keeping me on 16 hours. Change of Manager on a regular basis is unfair. Getting a reputation for (I don't know), am I paranoid. Only in this job. Employers don't like, countering, the low pay situation by finding another job. Why? You lose first job this way. They wouldn't like being on low money would they? I try to do things right but get punished without them listening to my side of events. I want to work, for a company that respects all members of staff, not those people who try to rule by fear and intimidation. They are the ones who should leave.
—Guest J Mitch

Don't know

Left day shift job I worked for to work 2nd shift at Pepsi. Been there 2 years. During those 2 years, my life has fallen apart. My girl I've been with for 11 years left. We have 2 kids together. I never see my friends that much. I feel alone. I can go back to my old job if I want. I will lose 1 dollar on the hour plus no paid holidays or vaca's but they do have good insurance. I do know I was much happier on days. I just don't know what the right move would be. I have a morgage and baby sitter. Kids are twins.... Man life is rough and hard. What do I do...
—Guest Pepsi

When your assistant earns more than you

I've been working in this company for 9 years. I've never had a raise because it's 'company policy' and 'times are hard'. On Friday I was asked to organise salary payments because the payroll guy is on holidays, and so I found out my assistant is on a higher wage than me, and she has no responsibility, i run the accounts department in the company. I feel like giving her all the work and take the back seat. I've approached my employer about a raise but she says she can't do anything for me, but she suggested I sack my assistant and do all the work myself for a higher wage, or hire someone cheaper. I feel ripped off and taken advantage off.
—Guest Lauren


I did quit got fired and and I am fighting back don't care how long it takes
—Guest Milo

Not a Member of the Royal Family

I work for a family business. I worked my way up from the bottom to management. But the business is run by a filipino family and most of the staff are filipinos, and I am a North American. I have been treated with the utmost disrespect, disregard and contempt by the staff I am supposed to manage, and when I turn to the owners for guidance they express irritation with me that I'm complaining and suggest that I'm a bad manager. I see effective employees resented and penalized for doing their job too well, and mediocre employees coddled, kept and given whatever they ask for. After nine years of loyal service, the owner brought in her own son (a real twat) and without explanation, passed most of my responsibilities on to him. He was resentful, jealous, and abusive toward me but after a while he decided the job was too stressful for him. So he moved on to something else. Everything got dumped back on me, but he still shows up occasionally to claim the glory for what I do. Time to quit.
—Guest Commoner

Bad Bosses

I quit after 2 months at my last job because my boss felt threatened by me because I could produce beautiful Excel spreadsheets and she admitted I could easily do her job. She verbally abused me with derogatory comments, told another manager that she could not stand me. I found out and confronted her, she broke down in tears and apologized but my trust in her was ruined. She would never support me or have my best interests because she would always worry that I would perform my job too well. I quit when after telling her to relax and that she could trust me she said "I better trust you or I'll kick your ***". Joking or not I was appalled. I have filed for unemployment claiming hostile work environment. Doubt I will get it but its worth a try until I find something else. I am such a hard working and professional admin asst. If I was a manager I would kill to have someone like me as an asst. & I would never treat them the way I have been treated.
—Guest Punished for doing my job

Quit and be happy

Dear Jeannie, You did the right thing. Have no regrets. Better be happy than stay on to be humiliated and lose your dignity. No one has the right to condemn you. But rest assured, you have not let anyone down, not God nor your husband. They truly want the best for you. Happiness is a choice, and I am glad you choose that. I believe God will open a new door for you at the right time. God is good all the time. Trust him.
—Guest Molly

Response to Jeannie

Jeannie, You did the right thing. I am 58 and been in this job 3 months and recently resigned due to abuse from my manager. I had no one on my side. My coworkers were with her. It has been the worst job I have ever had in my 30 plus years of nursing. Very demoralizing. But, I am hopeful. I am taking some time off to heal and I need it. I hope you are able to do the same. Best wishes and we will survive and God is good.
—Guest marilyn

Radiology sucks

I hate my job. I work crappy hours (second shift) and get screamed at by doctors and patients all of the time, I have to stay late 2-3 hours all of the time due to stat patients being put in and hospital too cheap to hire third shift, I have to carry this annoying pager that goes off at 2 or 3 am all the time and I sleep in my car and on MRI stretchers. Nurses hang up on us all of the time and management is the worse! We even have a new supervisor with NO prior MRI experience and seems to think it's ok to staff a trauma one hospital with just two techs per shift when we have to tend to a full load of out patient schedule plus squeeze in patients and ER, no time for a lunch or break...can't even get time to run to the bathroom, have to work Friday nights at midnight then back to work at 6am Saturday, then work about 10-16 hours with no break or lunch then take calls....working in radiology just sucks...this is the first time I will be quitting and moving in with family.
—Guest Tameka

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When Is Quitting Your Job the Answer?

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