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Readers Respond: When Is Quitting Your Job the Answer?

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Everyone who works experiences times when quitting your job sounds like the best choice, sometimes your only choice. Sometimes quitting your job makes more sense than others. When is it the right time to quit your job? Readers share how they knew when it was time to quit their jobs.

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Shabby treatment, poor ethics, no growth

I work long hours for low pay. My bosses insist on onsite daily, the customer disrespects me (to the point of hiring an unqualified replacement I have to train and taking away all my job roles). They've told me again & again I would move up in title and responsibilities if I proved myself, I have and still nothing. Can't take a sick day ("work from home" bs every time), almost no vacation leave, and bad benes. Soon the customer will kick me off contract and I'm expected to assist with a project whose customer I distrust and aim I find entirely unethical (project goal will make world worse imho). Considering career change, but getting qualified takes time and need steady work. Want to quit on principle but w/out anything lined up I can't.
—Guest Feeling Exploited

Time to move on - find something better

I cannot explain how much I hate my job right now. I deal with people who have not enough potential and it's my job to 'help' them through the task that they are doing (I'm a QA analyst). I just don't understand the fact that they were hired even though they don't deserve it. What hurts most is that we are receiving THE SAME salary given that I've been in the job for 3 years. I have the brains as much as they do, and I do show results. I'm ready to quit soon and I've already applied for a new and better job.
—Guest Valj

Useless Supervisors

Sometimes I feel as if I'm back at high school. There is a rumor mill that would old ladies blush. People ignore you (turns around as you approach, doesn't directly speak to you) and when the boss asks that person why, they blame it on you. I applied for a higher position a couple months back, during which they basically skirted around the answer: "no, you aren't getting the position" by giving me all these lame excuses. Told me I need to communicate with Everyone, that I need to make the first move (screw that, if people want to act like a child, so be it). Said I wasn't trained enough in other areas, to which I responded, "How am supposed to get trained when no one will teach me?" They said, "Well, when we get new people in, we'll train you then." We have since gotten about 5 or 6 new coworkers and yet I still am stuck doing the same thing whereas they have been cross-trained since they started. My supervisors are useless, only Act busy when the higher ups are around. Will not miss them.
—Guest Perlita

When dealing with a Sweet-Nasty Boss

Coporate comes and you have the most angelic boss ever but when they leave all hell breaks loose. When you have a Manipulative, insecure, and conniving boss who gets upset because she knows you are the best workers she has and hates it. HR doesn't believe you because they think your boss is so sweet when they come! RUN!
—Guest Too far gone

She's so mean I want to quit!!

There is this one woman that I work with who talks bad about me and shows me no respect. She messes up all the time and when I make a mistake, she makes me feel stupid. I have a college education. I am a accounts manager in the finance dept. of a car dealership. I'm way more educated than she is. My job is to take payments and make contact and or/payment argmts on delinquent accounts. She is never happy with any of the payment arrangements that I make. Yesterday, she completely hijacked one of my accounts and called one of my customers telling him she would not honor the payment argmts that I had made with him which was all that he could afford. She demanded that he make the full payment which he did not have. I told my manager about this but he did nothing. He is too afraid to stand up to her. She then called me into her office to bitch at me about another account and payment argmt that I had made that was unacceptable to her. She isn't even my boss! She is a mean and horrible woman!

Not taking it

I'm in a job where I started as a consultant. I worked hard and the contract was up. Someone left (she left due to stress and very long hours) so I was offered her job and accepted. I assumed that I could do a better job than she and maybe she was mismanaging her time. I was wrong. I started working 60-70 hours a week for 6 months out of the year. We are promised new employees but don't get permanent folks. They switched me off to another director on the same team without my knowledge. I am now required to travel and don't want to. I am still working crazy hours and my boss says that I can't manage my time and I am unprepared. She is mean and purposefully hurts my feelings and is happy to say she ruined my day and weekend. She tells me I cannot reach out to my team members for asking questions or for assistance and that I should go to her. When I go to her, she gets angry! She favors the men on the team and has said many times that she doesn't like women. I want to quit! What to do?? (Secretly look for another job. When you have one, give 2 weeks notice and leave. Have you considered talking to her boss or HR? But, it sounds like her behavior is supported, so probably job searching or a transfer to another department. http://jobsearch.about.com/od/jobsearchhelp/a/confidentsearch.htm and http://jobsearch.about.com/od/findajob/a/job-search-when-you-are-employed.htm and http://jobsearch.about.com/b/2005/10/10/stealth-job-hunting.htm Good luck.)
—Guest Not taking it

Despite Criticism, Wins the Contract

My boss is consistently rude about my achievements in front of my colleagues. Most recently, he held up a quote that I had produced (as an example in front of four of my colleagues) highlighting all of my mistakes and the standard that he thought it was produced at. He advised that, in no uncertain terms, we would not win the business. We did! When I have tried to take ownership (after winning the business), he tells me not to worry myself with operational activities, even though the client is expecting me to manage the process and see it through to completion. So I am left as a non decision maker in the ctrical point of the contract start. That's just a snippet.....
—Guest Natasha

Quiting my job

I wanna quit because I get minimum wage and I am taking care of 3 adults and 3 children. I just wanna stay home and not work because it seems like everyone are leeches. My husband and brother don't want to work. At least, my sister is doing odd jobs but she has 2 children :/ I just feel like packing my stuff and leaving and moving to another country.

When you're threatened

Been working 5 years in a retail job, casually while studying (last 4 at university). Moved closer to school (was 90 minutes each way, now 10) and got a transfer close by. New boss has already threatened to fire me (illegally) twice, which has never happened to me before as I'm hard working and reliable. The first time I was told to come in at the last minute when they knew I had classes which my course doesn't allow me to skip. Obviously I was unable to go and explained why. Had to spend a week just finding out if they followed through. Second time was via a request for my availability by a certain deadline. This was mailed to my previous address (parent's house) which is in another town entirely! This has caused massive stress and has even affected my studies. I'm just debating whether to quit now before they try to fire me (and not have a termination on my record) or risk getting fired while looking for a new job (while avoiding dipping into my savings).
—Guest Over It

You're Ignored and So Is the Customer

I spent 5 years of my life earning my electrical engineering degree, which was not easy in an all-male environment. My first experience in aerospace was extremely bad in that the company would lie to the customer, and push me to fudge the numbers. Thankfully, that was just an internship, and when I got a full time job with a different company, things seemed better. Until. The group "expanded" and added more "process." I went from lead engineer making autonomous decisions on our program to someone who could not make a single design decision without the approval of not only everyone on the team (2 of whom are new and know nothing about the project, but were hired over me) but also other departments like safety. Customers call in angry about changes they want in the design (as do some of our service engineers) - but the overwhelming number of new idiots on the team don't want to expand our scope. In meetings, nobody even listens to me anymore. Our product now fails 60% of the time. (Get out of there by secretly job searching. Good luck.)
—Guest Service

When You Leave Your Principles At Home

I'm just a fresh graduate and I'm quitting my job after only four or so months of being employed in this specific company. I have several projects and I have to go home as late as midnight and get back at 8 or 9 a.m. I hardly spend time with my family and I frequently get sick. At the same time, I'm ignoring my career path and the company's ways of doing things are in opposition to my principles, so I really have to leave. It's going to be the best decision I'm going to make as there are other organizations and private foundations willing to take me in.
—Guest Terms

Sad but true

I left my job due to being bullied, (maybe its called mobbing) as there were so many people involved, I can see that certain companies dont like people who can actually do their job and are good at their job as other people in the department probably get jealous and I know that all I have done is be nice to people and do my job to the best of my ability. I can see why that company's department is so crappy and why the company that I worked for has a high turnover of staff. People who obviously stay there more than 6 months are either crap at their job or don't know any better.
—Guest bob

Crazy Rubs Off

I have been working for a company only 4 months and I had to give them my notice today. They are so completely crazy that I can't be around it anymore. How these people got rich, I have no idea, but I know they are not staying that way. I started crying one day before I had to go in and I decided I would rather be poor if that's what it comes to. Thank god I didn't leave my other job.
—Guest Eugene

When you just can't take the greediness

But before you do so, look for a job that you really want to do and MORE compensation.
—Guest bhey

Outsider in a Family Business

I worked for four years for a family business. Started off great, they treated me as one of their own. Then two years in, they hired the boss's niece. She was a bully, and since she was family and I wasn't, it was a no-win situation. Over the next two years, she was given all of my responsibilities except that for which I had specific training (not from them). New equipment, she was trained on it, not me. I quit getting raises. My opinions were not repected. Everyone began to patronize me, and I still to this day think she was behind it. Finally I had had enough, and started looking elsewhere. A glorious day when I left! I've worked for three family businesses, and two were nightmares. No more for me.
—Corie H

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When Is Quitting Your Job the Answer?

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