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Readers Respond: When Is Quitting Your Job the Answer?

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Primary job was transferred due to injury. Received bulk of workload so other gals could socialize. Schedule changed 3 times in 6 months affecting 2nd job hours. Told me they would not work with hours. Hired me knowing I had other job. HR told me that if "she were asked to work different hours she would do it". Since I was being treated as the mule anyway and not appreciated, I chose to quit. Second job increased hours awhile, then manager didn't like me talking to boss one day casually. She thought I was trying to buy business. It was her intention. After 4 hours of inquisitive text by her at home that night, the boss called next day and basically said he needed to keep her happy so I was not to come in. I received another text from manager next day saying, "what happened"? I never responded. That was last I heard from them. I later found out she bought him out. Employers know who they can manipulate and abuse. They do it because they can. Laws need to change.

Call centre blues

I have worked in a customer service position in a call centre for a year now, and it has got to the stage now where I wake up with a gut-wrenching dread of the day ahead, and even my time off is ruined by the prospect of returning to another day of never-ending abuse from customers calling with a sense of entitlement because their 3G went down for an hour, and then I have stern words to look forward to from the managers offering "constructive" feedback advising of how I'm pulling the team down. There is no doubt; I am a registered loser at work with no hope of moving off the phones, which would be all I'd need to diminish the constant misery. But the problem is, if I leave, I may face months of unemployment that I can't afford, and then I may well end up in a job that's even worse. I really don't know what to do. I feel stuck in a never-ending downward spiral which will only end in me being laid off or having a nervous breakdown.
—Guest Maxy

Used as a tactic

I tell you a story about when it's time to quit. Being the only female to work in an all male environment. Hired to rebuild a system which has crashed whilst keeping up a good face for the company when dealing with a verbally abusive company. Only to be sexually harassed for the entirety of your trial period by a man your boss told you in the first week he would never fire. Dealing with it as proactively as you can because you're a single mum and have a child to support. Having the man be so intense that the boss notices and gives you advice to follow. Which you do... Only for the man to still be persistent til the point of invading your personal space. So you have no choice but to ask the boss to please pull him in line. Only to then be called a whistle blower, that you stress too much, have to deal with the man's hostility and the boss starts turning nasty. Over loading you with workloads, grunting if you have a sick day til you find yourself working through a bout of shingles. Gotta feed my kid..Help?
—Guest Not just a pretty face

Thinking of leaving

I have being working for 2 years now and constantly getting giving out to for no reason at all. Screamed at! I'm half afraid to leaving because I have nowhere to go. If something happened, I would be the first to be screamed at before even asking. I'm the best worker at the business but everything is pinned on me if something happens. Sick of it what should I do ?
—Guest peo

It's Time To Quit When.....

I've never quit a job, and I've been discouraged, depressed, and abused in more ways than I can count. I usually stick around and make my detractors suffer by my optimistic presence. Just joking, but a lot of truth to that. It's sad to let some azzhole win, when you don't deserve that. Much better to be stubborn and make the most of what you've got. Hey, a bird in the hand IS worth two in the bush.
—Guest Katwoman

It's time to quit when

You've been one of the hardest workers at your workplace, only to see new hires with no experience who can't even work half as hard as you, and don't even know nearly as much about the job as you do, only to see them get a higher wage than you based on the people they know...
—Guest Bjohnson

Leaving their Job

I have read your article on why people leave their job. I am studying Human Resource at this time and I have found out that are other reason why people are leaving on a large scale. There is problem with a major chain department store with people not speaking English in the work place. These workers are not part of any union and I do not know if they have a Green Card. I do know that in other countries, you must speak the language of that country. I do not want to go there on how I feel about this situation, but I do want to know how people feel about this? I will follow up with the name and location of this department store and you will be surprised.
—Guest HR

Maybe a hostile environment

Not getting informed of schedule changes due to shortage of staff. Getting written up when others get way with errors.
—Guest yanita

Quit after verbal abuse

My story is almost exactly like Guest Jeannie's..I wonder if she worked at the same place as me, but on night shift?? Also had the same exact problems as her..very little training, thought I could learn everything in 2 days also, female coworker not helpful at all, verbally abusive, cutting me down in front of coworkers, constantly, every single day.. Then, when I quit, told her that I hoped she treated her next coworker better than she treated me. She waves her hand at me, says to excuse me and I had 2 seconds to get out of her face. I should have said that that sounded like a threat to me, but instead I just laughed at her, waved and said goodbye and laughed as I was walking out the door. That part felt really good after all the crap I had put up with from her for over 2 months!!
—Guest kitkat

When your line manager abuses you

After you get abused for doing your shift which he wanted to change but didn't confirm it with me. Then abuses me in front of staff and customers. He than leaves the company. Waits 3 months when we had a new store manager and regional managers. That's when it's time to leave after 5 years of service
—Guest Brent

Fed up with BS

When it's time to quit is when you go above and beyond your job, make great sales every day, but still continues to get crappy hours and lack of appreciation, or better yet, working really hard every day while your boss sits in a chair texting and using FB even complaining about, why isn't anyone working harder? Excuse me, but how did you get this job being a lazy a**?
—Guest Guest123

Pussyfooting boss

I have worked for a company for 5 years making laundry detergent. It's a physically demanding job. Over the past two years I have really noticed that I find myself doing all the work while my boss walks around the shop pretending to look for something. He is a boss that cannot do simple math, cannot read, cannot spell, and most of all, cannot lead a crew of workers. I often wonder how in the hell did someone with a 3rd grade education come to make a salary that's equal to about 27/hour? I have a high school diploma, a year of basic preparation for college courses.
—Guest not a hard decision

I quit my job only after 2 weeks

I recently started a job on July 1 of this year. I am 54 and my trainer is 35. She has verbally humiliated me in front of my coworkers about how long it has taken me to know this job. She thinks I have learned it in 2 days? Every time I ask her a question, she says, "I already told you that 2 times!" She is very harsh and does not want to train someone like me who needs more training than 2 days. This was a difficult job and after being so humiliated day after day, I quit. I believe God brought me to this job and I am so sorry if I went against His will for my life. I have never quit a job, but this girl made it IMPOSSIBLE to work. I feel I have let God down and my husband down, but I truly did not want to work with someone who is constantly telling you that you are wrong in everything (not so). Did I make the right decision? Please reply! Thanks! :)
—Guest Jeannie

Crushed and betrayed

When you are promised a job promotion but a new person with no experience is given it because they are friends with the manager's wife. When you work your ass off, work well past your hours, do way more than your job and still it's all about who you know. When you come home and cry because you are overworked and the new person still gets the job and higher pay.
—Guest nobodycaresifiamhere

This is when to Quit Your Job!

When your company hires new people that you train and they have a higher starting salary then you have currently with 5 years tenure and quadruple the responsibility. Now someone give me the courage to do it!
—Guest Over It

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When Is Quitting Your Job the Answer?

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