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Readers Respond: When Is Quitting Your Job the Answer?

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You're Ignored and So Is the Customer

I spent 5 years of my life earning my electrical engineering degree, which was not easy in an all-male environment. My first experience in aerospace was extremely bad in that the company would lie to the customer, and push me to fudge the numbers. Thankfully, that was just an internship, and when I got a full time job with a different company, things seemed better. Until. The group "expanded" and added more "process." I went from lead engineer making autonomous decisions on our program to someone who could not make a single design decision without the approval of not only everyone on the team (2 of whom are new and know nothing about the project, but were hired over me) but also other departments like safety. Customers call in angry about changes they want in the design (as do some of our service engineers) - but the overwhelming number of new idiots on the team don't want to expand our scope. In meetings, nobody even listens to me anymore. Our product now fails 60% of the time. (Get out of there by secretly job searching. Good luck.)
—Guest Service

When You Leave Your Principles At Home

I'm just a fresh graduate and I'm quitting my job after only four or so months of being employed in this specific company. I have several projects and I have to go home as late as midnight and get back at 8 or 9 a.m. I hardly spend time with my family and I frequently get sick. At the same time, I'm ignoring my career path and the company's ways of doing things are in opposition to my principles, so I really have to leave. It's going to be the best decision I'm going to make as there are other organizations and private foundations willing to take me in.
—Guest Terms

Sad but true

I left my job due to being bullied, (maybe its called mobbing) as there were so many people involved, I can see that certain companies dont like people who can actually do their job and are good at their job as other people in the department probably get jealous and I know that all I have done is be nice to people and do my job to the best of my ability. I can see why that company's department is so crappy and why the company that I worked for has a high turnover of staff. People who obviously stay there more than 6 months are either crap at their job or don't know any better.
—Guest bob

Crazy Rubs Off

I have been working for a company only 4 months and I had to give them my notice today. They are so completely crazy that I can't be around it anymore. How these people got rich, I have no idea, but I know they are not staying that way. I started crying one day before I had to go in and I decided I would rather be poor if that's what it comes to. Thank god I didn't leave my other job.
—Guest Eugene

When you just can't take the greediness

But before you do so, look for a job that you really want to do and MORE compensation.
—Guest bhey

Outsider in a Family Business

I worked for four years for a family business. Started off great, they treated me as one of their own. Then two years in, they hired the boss's niece. She was a bully, and since she was family and I wasn't, it was a no-win situation. Over the next two years, she was given all of my responsibilities except that for which I had specific training (not from them). New equipment, she was trained on it, not me. I quit getting raises. My opinions were not repected. Everyone began to patronize me, and I still to this day think she was behind it. Finally I had had enough, and started looking elsewhere. A glorious day when I left! I've worked for three family businesses, and two were nightmares. No more for me.
—Corie H

The case of the ringing phone

I worked for a collection agency and their beliefs were that if you didn't "make" someone answer their phone, then you weren't good enough to work for them. So in turn, I started there 07/05/11 and it looks like my last day will be the last day of this month. I'm being fired because apparently I am not productive enough. I can collect all day long, but if it's any of my own accounts, then I get reemed and screwed over for it. My manager is as fake as a seven dollar bill, his assistant is an even bigger jerk and the whole team seems to do better than three of the ar's that have been here a little longer and got no help trying to learn the job. This is a disrespectful position and i don't wish it on anyone!
—Guest it aint my fault

I have a story about what happened

I had to quit my job because of the people that own that restaurant and how they treat other people that stop going to the restaurant because of their behavior on the job. I was having a hard time talking to the managers and they don't do a good job themselves for a few different reasons. I decided that I want to do something different than before and I am going back to school to prepare to achieve my job goals that I want to get some day. I am an hard of hearing lady with a few problems on her own that she has to deal with for the rest of her life which is fine with me.

Not Empowered

I am in this new position for the last 3 months, but the problem is that I feel that I am not making any decisions that affect my area of responsibility. Everything has to be referred to the Head of the Department for approval, though I have 9 direct reports. (Have you tried talking with the department head?)
—Guest John

When You Start Dreading Monday on Friday

If it's that bad, you need a change. I had the same problem because the money was good. I went down to 88 pounds (regular weight is 140 lbs). I was constantly being yelled at and given unreasonable goals. I was finally fired after five years and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. It actually saved my life. I worked in a hotel that was owned by a banking institute. The general manager had to make himself look good (if you saw him, that was a stretch). He fired 4 front desk managers, 6 food/beverage managers, 3 housekeeping managers, and I was the last to go. I don't know what happened to him, but I now have my own business and will never treat people the way I was treated.
—Guest Elaine Douglas

Overlooked for Promotion

I have been working with this job since November. Despite the fact that I have a master's degree, I've been overlooked for three leadership positions because the boss has a complex about those with higher education than her. She then insults me by giving me a tiny raise while cutting my hours. I will be submitting my two weeks notice today!
—Guest NP

Bad Boss in All Ways

After investigating on the internet I found this comment. The domino rolls down hill from corporate. Our manager points blame, praises little and throws others under the bus publicly. She plays favorites and writes up infractions as a final notice before termination. Sends strongly worded texts and uses up phone time we pay for personally. (No reimbursement from the company). She is scatter brained and disorganized, rude to the bone. Unwilling to learn from mistakes or advice. Literally yells at anyone who pushes her button slightly. This has to be done publicly on endless conference calls. She has even posted her life on FACEBOOK including a couple of patronizing comments on employees' FB walls. She has the competence of a child. Telling your employee to get her big girl panties on and suck it up in the company of colleagues? Seriously? She told her boss that if he was going to ride her, he should be pulling her hair and afterwards buy her dinner. She has been reported, consequently those people lost jobs.
—Guest CPI employee (PICTURE ME!

I'm so glad I quit

I was with the company for over 7 years and liked my job. Then they hired this male chauvinist pig. He didn't work in my department at first and still tried to turn me into his secretary. I was the head of my department. One day when I was really busy, I told him that I would be happy to do his job and he could do mine and handed him a stack of paperwork I was carrying. That shut him down pretty fast. Unfortunately my supervisor, who was very open to my suggestions and consulted me on decisions was terminated. Guess who got put in his spot? I was afraid that I would crack one day and try to slap the smirk off his face so I found another job and put in my two weeks. When the owner of the company gave me my exit interview, I just told him that I'd gotten another job with better pay and benefits. My daughter still works for the company and I wanted no backlash to land on her. The owner and I parted in good terms. He actually invited me to attend the company Christmas party.
—Guest susan

Under Appreciated - Under Paid

After 25 years with the same employer I and a few other colleagues were recently removed from a bonus program we'd been part of for years. 65% of our industry peers participate in such programs. My company has growth goals but is cutting resources in the very department and skill set that closes the deals they say they depend on so much. My employer is using the current economic environment as an excuse to exploit their workers through such cutbacks and 'belt tightening'. Personally, my annual reviews are flawless; intra- and inter-office relationships strong; I've recently obtained several credentials from professional organizations and constantly work to improve our people, processes, and tools. My direct supervisor means well but has been ineffective in fighting for us when it comes to compensation. Several of us in our department were recently moved into smaller offices. I've never seen such depreciation in this company. I'm discussing with my wife that it may be time to move on.
—Guest Proposal Manager

When pregnancy is a bad thing

When you tell your boss you are pregnant and that your doctor told you to either quit your job or make sure that you work less hours. Tell your boss this because you don't want to quit, but can't handle standing for 7-8 hours a day. Come into work the next day and see your schedule is that you work 6 days in a row for 7 hours each day. Your job consists of only standing and not moving much. Your legs have been going numb and you have been treated like crap for 3 months since you've been there. Were hired to be one thing and they basically demote you in the same day to being just a cashier, when you were hired as something else entirely. They refuse to train you to do your job no matter how much you beg and tell them it would help to make workflow go a bit more smoothly if you were able to understand what you were supposed to be doing IF YOU WERE TRAINED!
—Guest Hurt Confused

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When Is Quitting Your Job the Answer?

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