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Readers Respond: How's Your Work Motivation?

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Every person is motivated by something. Whether this motivation comes from people and activities you love like family, hobbies, eating, volunteering, or work, you experience motivation. Work motivation depends on your work environment, your personal needs from work, and whether the interaction of these needs with your work environment supports the accomplishment of your goals. How's your work motivation? What motivates you at work?

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Nothing motivates me. I have enough to get by. so I quit my job which wasn't fun. I live on internet now and I am happy. advertisements make you chase invisible bones. Just be and you will be happy.
—Guest mecha turk

Bad manager

At present i am going through a grievance procedure against my boss for bullying. She is a failed manager in that she lacks the ability to even recognize when someone has done a good piece of work. I have been constantly criticized for minor errors and no recognition has been given to my actual work. She makes personal remarks to me and is a obsessive compulsive micro-manager. She has made comments to me such as you use too many words when you speak, you take too many notes and you are stubborn and don't do as you are told. She attacks me when least expected so I am always on the back foot. For example she has scheduled a meeting next week through our HR Dept about my work. Only through my union rep being persistent was I informed that it was about some mistakes in my work. This was not mentioned in my 1-1 meeting held today. Everyone else in the team complains about her but they won't stand up to her so I am isolated at work and I am being watched all the time.

Motivation musts...

I think primarily the 1st thing that motivates people are monetary things: salary, benefits, bonuses, etc. But looking at the "grand scheme of things" it's not enough to keep an employee motivated, I believe having a good working environment is essential for all companies. This includes: having an open door policy with upper management, autonomy with work assignments, a real challenge to keep you on your toes as well as to overall enhance your knowledge, having good working/personal (but professional) relationships with coworkers is a must because you see these people every day (sometimes even more than your own family at home). There needs to be the perfect balance between work/fun in order for employees to stay motivated which ultimately results in greater productivity. Lastly a simple greeting/job well done goes a "heck" of a long way. I recently started a new job and the fact that the president of the company greets me every morning makes feel like I matter in this big corporation.
—Guest Minerva


What motivates me is working with people. I think businesses need to realize how important their employees are. This all ties into employee engagement. When employees feel valued and feel connected to their company because of how they are treated, they are more motivated and more engaged. It takes time and effort to motivate and engage employees but a company willing to do it will reap rewards.
—Guest Jackie Marinaro


My major motivator is to have a successful and prosperous family. All of a sudden, after changing faith, being a minority, I hardly see that happening for me and that has killed my drive completely. Now I'm struggling to get back my motivation at the same time keep my faith. It is like hell - trust me. Adjusting to my new faith as a minority is crazy for me, crazy. I have fears maybe unfounded and this is killing my drive. Anybody ever been through this and pulled through?
—Guest suleiman

What motivates you?

Mutual respect and trust, transparency in action and communication, ability to empathise and inspire. All this is futile if not backed up by good MONEY.
—Guest ashok k.

What motivates me....

To motivate: you get more of the behavior you want; if you punish, you get less of it. Once you get above rudimentary cognitive skills, the rewards don’t work with simple incentives as would be assumed. For simple straight-forward tasks, clarity did well. But the more complicated the task, with more conceptual thinking, the worse people did. FACT: Money motivates at work…but it needs to be enough to be motivating. Pay enough so people aren’t worried or thinking about the money. Then it works. But what works the best? Top three things to motivate employees: autonomy, mastery and purpose are the three tops factors to motivate people. It’s about being satisfied and rewarding in the accomplishment itself. People doing highly technically challenging work, who already have jobs and do this extra, technically-sophisticated work on their own time. Why? Because they are being given something more rewarding - a sense of accomplishment. Link to free packet:http://www.pcg-services.com/at
—Guest Dana Costantino


When my work is recognized by my boss, with appreciation from him, I am motivated.
—Guest Kanthimathinathan


More responsibilities and accomplishing them as a a team. Cohesive working environment and has essential equipment to use for job.
—Guest shalom


Something that will make me stay, love and enjoy my work.
—Guest cheyser

What motivates you?

Trust, recognition and empowerment. Working together with colleagues with everyone sharing ideas and thus reaching the desired goal.
—Guest Fely N.Halili


For me several things are important to be motivated: attention and interest in what I am doing; challenging work that makes my blood running; autonomy and freedom; true and open atmosphere/communication where I can work easily and comfortably; respect and recognition both financial and non-financial; keeping promises.
—Guest BS


There are some motivations which suit to me. Respect, recognition, promotion letter, wage increase which will inspire me to work hard.
—Guest AYM


I am motivated by having the responsibilities that match my position and challenged above my position for growth. Being stagnant demotivates me. Also, having good communication within your department and company. If you are always in the dark, how can you be motivated? It demotivates me if I am not informed and find out after the fact.
—Guest kdj


Money and in that case, salary, determines the extent of how much you will get from your employees. So, regardless of any form of motivation, nothing will work if the pay is below market rates.
—Guest Fumdi mnoma

Share What Motivates You

How's Your Work Motivation?

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