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Readers Respond: How's Your Work Motivation?

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There are some motivations which suit to me. Respect, recognition, promotion letter, wage increase which will inspire me to work hard.
—Guest AYM


I am motivated by having the responsibilities that match my position and challenged above my position for growth. Being stagnant demotivates me. Also, having good communication within your department and company. If you are always in the dark, how can you be motivated? It demotivates me if I am not informed and find out after the fact.
—Guest kdj


Money and in that case, salary, determines the extent of how much you will get from your employees. So, regardless of any form of motivation, nothing will work if the pay is below market rates.
—Guest Fumdi mnoma


Motivation is all about pleasure and respect, come and deliver to the job and from the jobs. It may be different from person to person and the level of the employee. There are some common things which motive the employee. 1.Security 2.Companation (Companionship?) 3.Benefit 4.Designation (Respect) 5.Management interested in employees' personal life. 6.Link to company growth with the help of personal growth. Please reply and give me the feed back to my response. Thanks
—Guest jayesh

Motivation sucks!!!

When you are expecting from work-life balance and you are put into a project where there is hardly any work....that sucks. It does not motivate to work anymore.
—Guest Rajat

Basic Motivation Factor for Us

For me, the basic motivation factor is money (salary). In our Asian country, there are a lot of SMEs and those SMEs haven't a well structured compensation and benefits package. Most earned low salary compared to the local market rate. From my 4-5 yrs experiences in HR field, most employees resign from the job due to low salary which is not enough for their basic needs. The second reason is due to an immediate boss's bad management style or unfair relations among and between co-workers. So, fair salary and a good climate of work are the main motivation factors to employees (Every level).
—Guest Moe Myint Sandar Oo

Office Manager

Running a successful dental practice in a professional, happy, team envirorment. The satisfaction of this.
—Guest rosemary

What is motivation

For me, I have alway worked for my passion and myself but it will be divided one by one. First is money, because when I have money, I can make a stable life and then work towards a better life. When my life is certainly stable, I will do it for other things. Then I will work for my hobby or others, for example: children, friends, social reasons.
—Guest Hoach

Freedom and Love

Being given freedom to perform your duty, and corrected with love if there is a need. Also being appreciated for a job well done
—Guest alo janet j.

What Motivates

Job well done, able to solve problem, and then appreciated by boss.
—Guest Likau

What I Believe Motivates

What motivates me is respect for each other's view and efforts and guiding each other to better achieve our goals in a more efficient and effective way. With the belief that no person is stupid, that we are all talented in one way or the other, and can do better if properly guided.
—Guest Tumbul Drammeh

Touching learners' lives

As a facilitator, I feel quite good knowing that MY STRATEGIES are creating positive mental attitudes in the learners. This is a way through which I may manifest the gratitude to my own mentor in the teaching field, Very Rev. Fr. Prof Stan Anih, who ignited my interest in teaching. I am motivated by the words of appreciation coming from my past and present students. And, I will be glad to welcome all materials and suggestions that will make me better than I am presently.
—Guest Asogwa Emeka .C.

What Motivates Me

Whenever I read what others think, I compare to my situation, and share what I think. It could be the best solution if we put our heads together.
—Guest Sylvia Nalavwe


I realy like your article, but I request you to give some clues on journalist's motivation. Specifically, I badly need a bench mark. (From Susan: Thanks, I am sorry I don't have information specific to journalists, although, speaking as a journalist, freedom and self determination are important to me. This is why I treasure writing at About.com. For general motivation, see: http://humanresources.about.com/od/motivationrewardretention/Employee_Motivation_Recognition_Rewards_Retention.htm)
—Guest jima ashenafi

Rewards = Motivation

Work is like prayer if we do it with all our heart, we will obviously succeed which equal rewards = motivation. I am motivated every day as I know every day is a new challenge. Things which will motivate me more would be when my boss congratulates me for my team's performance. As a manager, when my team is being praised, I feel proud to be what I am, and this is the best motivation that I can ever have besides money...
—Guest Imteaze ( Mauritius Island)

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How's Your Work Motivation?

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