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Readers Respond: What Other Management Courses and Opportunities Do Managers Need to Succeed

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I've suggested a number of management courses in the associated article, Powerful Management Training, that managers need to succeed. What other types of training, management courses, and developmental opportunities do managers need to succeed in management? What developmental opportunities helped you to succeed? Suggest particular management courses and other developmental opportunities that you think managers need. See More Reader Responses.

Management Development

They need constant knowledge in Management to perform their tasks in respective areas. The employees should know how to handle office work regardless of their educational background and skills. Regular workshops will help develop the employees to improve their skills.
—Guest Greg Gregorio

Human Resource Training

"1. Compensation Benchmarking 2. Interviewing Skills 3. Psychological Counseling 4. Negotiation Skills 5. Written communication"
—Guest Pradeepa

Training and Development

Managers must and should spearhead their own training and development programs in the absence of a qualified training manager. They should have excellent training skills to ensure that thier subordinates have relevant knowledge and skills to boost performance and productivity.
—Guest Rupeni Camaicawa


Managers need to have motivation skill to enable them to make their employees work hard and willingly in the best interests of the organization and to their own best interest.
—Guest William Bakata Justin

Management Courses and Opportunities

Managers, regardless of their level in an organisation, should, in addition to their professional qualifications. study psychology, sociology,organisational development.change management concepts,economics,management principles,financial and cost management. A manager should have a good understanding of management as a practice, he should be given the opportunity to peer into the objectives of his organisation for him to have an appreciation of the problems which that organisation encounters in the process of achieving its objectives. A manager should understand his subordinates in terms of their needs and aspirations. Unless he has a clear understanding of his staff and how to supervise them and how to motivate them to effectively contribute to the organisation, he may encounter a lot of obstacles in his work.
—Guest Michael Mumphansha

IT Finance Knowledge

As a leader, any resources I can refer to build my IT finance competency are welcome. Thanks in advance,
—Guest guest

What managers need to succeed

Managers need to be tuned in to the needs of their staff. What is needed to keep them motivated. Focus on making their jobs challenging and rewarding.
—Guest Orinthia

Self Management

Managers should learn how to manage themselves rather than time, assets and their teams. It is how they invest the most important assets that they have (themselves)in all long term and short term activities.
—Guest Mohamad El Sabeh


Managers and supervisors need to listen to their employees.
—Guest John Brown


Thanks for the outline. That's a lot of hours of training! http://twitter.com/ThePeopleThing
—Guest The People Thing

Educating Approaches

And, learn and demonstrate competence in workplace educating approaches ... like facilitating, instructing, etc. >>> I know of 10. The educating approches are linked to the learning styles of the employees and/or the approach necessary to help employees learn theory (knowledge --> ready), task (skill --> able) and/or mind-set (attitude --> willing).
—Guest DrWELLth

Organizational skills & Guidance

In all levels of Management, if a Supervisor or Manager does not have a solid organizational structure for both the work load and soft skills/people management, it will be difficult to successfully execute and get desired results. Also, whether a Supervisor or Manager is newly trained or has years of experience, he/she needs to be guided and empowered by their superiors, not necessarily by being told exactly how to do something and when to do it, but by providing feedback and helping to develop strategies that lead to more efficient management.
—Guest Rhode

Other Management courses recommended

- Intuitive thinking - emotional intelligence - productivity-improvement programs - HR Research; HRIS
—Guest Neri Ruiz

Training Specialist

You cover quite a lot. Apart from the courses, managers need to gain experience working with and among people. They must have a good balance of the 3 management skills: i.e. Conceptual, Human and Technical, depending upon their level in their company's organogram among other factors.


In my experience I've seen Managers get wrapped up in their own day-to-day activities such as reports, meetings and so on, while, in the meantime, the staff is bickering, morale is down and training goes by the wayside. I've also seen Manangers dump their responsibilities on others which causes more damage to morale as well as pitting employees against each other....there must be some type of training in how to keep up with the work as well as office dynamics...
—Guest Lola
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