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Readers Respond: You Know You're in HR When...

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Readers write to share problems they experience with their HR staff. The problems often involve a failure to communicate, a misunderstanding of employee confidentiality, or a less than satisfactory outcome for the person writing. When discussing problems with HR, employees ask questions such as: "Is this legal?" "Can they really do this to me?" and "They broke their promise, so what can I do?" Some of the unhappiness with HR is warranted; some is because employees just don't get the multiple roles played by HR. Are you misunderstood, avoided, loved, feared? You know you're in HR when... See More Reader Responses. Share Your Thoughts

Well Motivated

You know you're in HR when you can finally control your emotions and are able to manage your outburst.
—Guest maydelle

They can do your job better.

You know you’re in HR when everyone around you thinks they can do your job better than you do.
—Guest Cris

You Know You're in HR When...

The wife of one of your employees that's working mandatory overtime calls you and asks you to fire the homewrecker that's sleeping with her husband.
—Guest Never a Dull Moment

You Know You Are in HR

When your kids tell you stop doing that HR thing to them when all you are trying to do is get them to undestand the root cause of the conflict they are experiencing with their sibling.
—Guest Dee

Human Resource Officer

When everybody thinks you are useless, but they still queu for your assistance and advice.
—Guest Sim


Someone asks if wearing a bra is part of the dress code.
—Guest Amanda

You know you are in HR when...

You are able to recognize the kind of job your employees are doing... and in cases of positive progression, doing some performance appraisal.
—Guest dibah jon

You Know you are in HR when.....

HR manages workplace relationships, services the business units and knows the operations of the business
—Guest Victor

You Know You're in HR...

When you are an octopus with 16, not 8 tentacles, hearing the most personal of stories and solving the most impossible of incidents... and still sane.
—Guest Rose

You Know You're in HR...

When you work according to the employee (clients) acquired needs, making sure that you draw strategic goals for both the company you are working for and your future employees... I love OUR field and am still growing into it...
—Guest gladness


Don't tell HR you are in therapy even if the reason has nothing to do with the current situation.
—Guest Lyn


When you pour out your heart to serve and able to manage your emotions no matter the kind of response you get from members of your staff
—Guest H.O Ikemenogo

You know you'e in HR when...

Former employees track you down and still call on you for advice :)
—Guest Stephanie B.

Like them

Ok, so I was in a human resources office when a cop walked in and thought that he would arrest some lady but the lady fought back and it got bad.
—Guest Person


If your employees are happy without letting the employers down.
—Guest Jeen Sreeniwasan

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You Know You're in HR When...

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