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Readers Respond: You Know You're in HR When...

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Readers write to share problems they experience with their HR staff. The problems often involve a failure to communicate, a misunderstanding of employee confidentiality, or a less than satisfactory outcome for the person writing. When discussing problems with HR, employees ask questions such as: "Is this legal?" "Can they really do this to me?" and "They broke their promise, so what can I do?" Some of the unhappiness with HR is warranted; some is because employees just don't get the multiple roles played by HR. Are you misunderstood, avoided, loved, feared? You know you're in HR when... See More Reader Responses.

You know you're in HR when...

...you are tasked with the delicate responsibility of addressing hygiene concerns.
—Guest MM

You know when you are in HR

When you have to listen to the 75 year old lady tell you how the 77 year old man said the most disgusting things to her.
—Guest Reva

You know you are in HR when...

Oh my, am laughing so hard! Just thinking that this is what I am going to go through as I just want to start my career in HR! Oh well, every career has its ups and downs, it just takes your passion for the job to see you through, so am counting on that as I journey through the HR field.

Proud to be in HR

There are an equal number of kudos and brickbats for your efforts. Also, when those around you shift ownership for their actions on to you. And why not? HR touches everyone in the workplace.
—Guest KNV


Yes, in HR you are responsible for A to Z to get ready the plates to eat for everybody.
—Guest Ranvir

You Know You're in HR When...

When clients always keep their custom with your organization, so long as you work there.

You know you are in HR when

As soon as you come to work, you are bombarded with questions relating to current labour laws and complaints
—Guest malini

Home Remedies

HR wouldn't sound so monstrous as we make it out to be, Think about this: when given a role in an organization everyone has a bad and good side to deal with. Amongst friends and loved ones, it's the same with the difference being we accept them and enjoy them so why not try and do the same with work? Yes I do agree with most of what other guests have shared.... it's all so honest a reflection. Come to think about it and nice to see that others do think in the same vein on some counts ........ cheers!
—Guest MP


You know you are in HR when: You are the Fashion Police.
—Guest Rita

Help Desk

You know You're in HR when even wives of employees call you and inquire from you why their husbands have not yet returned home from work.
—Guest Myrna V


In simple, if you're able to retain 50% of resignations.
—Guest Alagiri

You know you're in HR when...

You're walking down a hall and hear employees laughing and socializing, and you're excited to join in, but when you walk by, it's dead quiet and you get the phony business half-smile instead. Which is fine, because you just got your you-know-what chewed out by the President, which included more performance reviews that will never see the light of day, but they have to get done 'asap' anyways.
—Guest Annie

You Know You're in HR When...

Critical thinking is the exception, not the rule.
—Guest John Rollins

You know you are in HR...

When no one in the organization is responsible for a task, it's you who is responsible.
—Guest Monica

You know you're in HR when...

Managers stand behind you when it's bad news being delivered!
—Guest HR Veteran
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