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Readers Respond: This year, I resolve to...

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Top 9 New Year's Resolutions:

Top 9 New Year's Resolutions: 1. Spend More Time with Family & Friends 2. Fit in Fitness 3. Fall in love 4. Quit Smoking 5. Quit Drinking 6. Enjoy Life More 7. Learn Something New 8. Help Others 9. Get Organized
—Guest nishant morey

Be a yes person

To say YES more often. For example, if I'm asked to go to a gathering or party and I feel too lazy, I will summon the energy and have some fun with friends!
—Guest Kat

More strict

I want to be more serious and strict about my university and studing and my future, and less watching movies and serials.
—Guest Nima

New Year's!

This New Year's I plan to learn a song on the piano monthly as well as read a book a month. I also plan on spending less money and saving at least $20 a week.
—Guest WyNewcombe

My 2012....

...will be filled with more peace, joy and healing. Admitting, facing and addressing my addiction. Turning back toward life, instead of hiding from others and myself. Reestablishing my relationship with God.
—Guest DocMom

New Year's Resolution

My new year resolution is to try to control my anger and to maintain accuracy in my work.
—Guest apurva

I am not a judge

I need to stop judging others before I know them.
—Guest Tia

New Me

I want to bring out the best I can be and be a good daugher for my family.
—Guest katherine lacson

New Year's resolution

I need to be of good cheer, focused, and be intent on one thing.
—Guest Monica Chuma

That's my PROMISE

I will change from BAD PERSON to GOOD PERSON - tataasan ko pa ang aking pasensiya at tuturuan ko ang aking sarili na kontrolin ang aking emosyon" (tataasan my patience and taught myself to control my emotions ).
—Guest alkhaser

Share good news

May the Almighty God bless you all with good health, prosperity and knowledge of Eternal life.
—Guest TG Vijayaraj

Resolution for My New Year

I'll break my bad habits, try to develop new and good habits, and I want to learn something new.
—Guest angel kirti dua

My New Year

I'm gonna try to be less bossy. This has been my resolution for the past 4 years, will this be my year?
—Guest The lone repeater

My New Year's Resolution

To write diary regularly, keep notes of day-to-day activities and work related info in only one note book from 2011-2020.
—Guest DAMU

Love and Money

Finding my true love and getting married. Be more organized. Take a vacation to a beach place. Less Facebook and more reading.
—Guest Miriam

Share Your Resolutions.

This year, I resolve to...

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