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Readers Respond: What do employees in your organization complain about?

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Bad Manager

Please HR, we need alot of help. We are being discriminated against, we are losing our self esteem, and we are afraid to talk cause we may lose our jobs... All this is about a manager who is the first assistant at a fast food restaurant. This lady is mean, always screaming at us, plays favoritism with work distribution. We have complained too many times to only get attacked back instead of getting a solution. The problem here is that most of the people in command are family. The store manager is a cousin of the first assistant; the other 3 manager assistants are her mom, brother and cousin. Our supervisor is her husband so whenever we complain about the first assistant, they say that ''she has always been like that,'' she is not gonna change,'' so ''you just get used to that.'' Some guys were fired unfairly just because they complained about her. We feel lost. I guess the owner knows nothing of all of this; he is a nice man.
—Guest Sad and discriminated

Backsliding Supervisor

My supervisor came up to me and suggested a project. We brainstormed and I gave him a time frame for completion after confirming again that it was something he wanted me to do. When I handed him a rough draft he become annoyed and stated that he never wanted me to do it in the first place?!?! He said he merely "suggested" it. What?
—Guest Molecular Me

Abusive Relationship

We have two bosses who agree on nothing. One of them will tell you to do one thing, and the other will countemand him. The CFO is cheap; employees pay for half their benefits, and many don't make enough to take them. Reviews are done haphazardly, and when there is no money (according to the CFO) for raises, nothing is said. They just allow the employees to stew and feel unappreciated. There is no positive reinforcement - it is all negative. We are squashed into a small building, sitting on top of each other and oveflowing with paperwork. Employees who do their jobs well are expected to do more; employees who slack off often get a pass. It does not make for a pleasant work environment. As to another poster complaining about women employees being petty - my two bosses are men and there is no one more petty. When someone gives two weeks notice, they usually stop speaking to them. It feels like an abusive relationship - promises made to make things better - it never happens.
—Guest RM

Fearful Employees

Management cannot handle complaints, so they attack the complainer. Anger is a warning sign that something is wrong and a complaint is a statement of I care enough to bring it to your attention. There has been enough in the news about people with unresolved issues taking it out in acts of rage, but did these people try to deal with a manager first. I bet they did! Did the manager solve the problem with the person giving him the okay to close it up, I bet he did not! In Mississippi, they put the fear of Satan in you and force a slave like mentality upon the people. If you point this out, you are gone. If you try to change it, you are gone. Is you are good at it, they will lie, steal, cheat, and whatever else they can get away with. People are people and need to be treated as such. We are not cattle to be driven into the ground and dumped on. We need some leaders that people will love to follow, not slave drivers.
—Guest preacher

Complaints About Employer

Low salary, micro managing, over working with low motivation. No opportunity for self development.
—Guest Cecilia

Respone to Complaining Managers

To the managers who complain about employees who bring complaints to the forefront and have no solution.....guess what? You're the manager; it's your job to come up with the solution. Furthermore, if the employees did come up with a solution, you'd complain about that because you weren't in the loop. Wow, and to also see a woman manager complaining about women who complain (ironic isn't it?) I guess we are still in the dark ages aren't we?
—Guest Paula

Qualifications Outweigh Performance

Most employees in my organization often complain of the reward for qualification instead of hard work. This has made most workers indulge in part-time programs instead of being serious with their jobs because they are sure of elevation with additional qualifications not minding their performances.
—Guest Amrede Joe

Fitting Room/Operator Complaint

The complaint I have is the ETL-hr and the head people above me. I come to work everyday and if I slip up too much they are on me like Bees. I have to always watch my back at all times. We get busy in the Fitting room sometimes and I don't go on the floor until I have a few minutes. I also have a job to answer the phones controlling the fitting room. Last July, we lost over 750 dollars when I was on the floor it was stolen. I have a sickness and they know it. The head of HR said I need to go through Hewitt Corp. I have no claims with them. I don't miss work for that even though I'm on medication for my condition. It's working well. To me, I think they want to get rid of me. I can't lose this job. I have been with Target for 12 years. If you can help me with this, please respond. I like my job so don't let them get rid of me.
—Guest bonnie crittenden

Devil's Advocate

Instead of complaining about others, why don't we offer a solution that would make things better in the workplace? I am a boss and I get really annoyed with people who complain to each other and bring down morale instead of discussing the matter with me first and eventually I do find out what the problem is so it's no use to keep it from me. I really want to help but don't just assume your boss doesn't want to help because of bad past experiences. Do you really think other employees give two $#!*'s about your troubles at work? Not really. sorry to say. To your face they may act like they care but eventually you may be a target of gossip yourself so I suggest if you have a beef, take the high road and talk to the boss and leave other employees out of it. I know for a fact that the less people know about you, the better off you'll be. You're there to work, make a living and contribute to society - and nobody owes you a living, either.
—Guest Voula

Ignoring help

I've been sending emails to my supervisor asking for work but they are totally ignored...never responds at all.
—Guest daboyzklab

Women Complaining

I manage a small group of women in a family run business. I have managed people for over 25 years. I still find the problem with women acting and complaining about each other as if they are in their teens. I am sure this goes on in other groups. Most of the complaints come from a group that are in the 25-30 year old range. Do they just have a maturity issue?
—Guest louise


My staff constantly complains about faults, yet they offer no real solutions, just suggestions. Before one complains, be sure to have a backup solution--a real solution, not just words.
—Guest Jake


We complain about our manager. She is ALWAYS on the phone, shows up late, and doesn't care if others get breaks or lunches. She just takes up space.
—Guest Tiffany


Employees at my (former) company were always complaining about parking. This is Iowa and the winters are hard, so everyone wanted a spot close to the door. Of course, that's not possible, so there were always people coming up with crazy ideas to make parking spots more "fair." Big time-waster that makes no one happy.

Other Employee

I am now facing a situation where a couple of employees are unhappy with the output of another, creating negativity among staff and customers.
—Guest Ann - Canada
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