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Readers Respond: Retirement Wishes and Workplace Memories You'd Share With a Valued Coworker

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Missing You Already

Just wanted to say that I found so many of your ideas inspiring. It's hard to imagine our community without you! I hope retirement brings you the chance to do whatever it is that you always wanted to do but didn't get to... All the best!
—Susan W.

Live long and prosper!

Thanks for guiding us into the world of community-generated content. I envy you in retiring from the job where you have to go to a workplace. I wish you a life full of good things to keep you interested and engaged.
—Guest WB

I'll miss you!

Susan, thanks for everything you did for community on About.com. I am so glad I got to meet you earlier this year in Savannah. It has been a pleasure to know you and to work with you. I wish you all the best in your future!


Thanks, Susan, for all of your hard work. I hope you enjoy retirement, although I suspect you will be busier than ever.

You will be missed

To say you will be missed seems like such an understatement. You are one of those rare people who instantly became a friend instead of "just" a co-worker. There are no words to truly reflect how much we will miss working with you. Not to worry though, I'll stalk you on FaceBook. ;P Now, get out there and show the world just how much fun is possible.
—Guest Liz Masoner

A great leader

Like others have said, I am happy for you and sad for us when I heard the news, but happy for you is the bigger piece. Your care and concern were evident in every communication - emails to the group, personal emails, and in person. You set a great example for all of us about the value of "community" and we will miss you! Have fun in your busy retirement.

I'll Miss You!

Susan, you have made such a difference with your constant optimism, enthusiasm and willingness to answer questions, no matter how stupid. Somehow, you were able to make what seemed complicated into something we could all be excited about and get behind. I know we'll all really miss you. Thank you for everything you've done and enjoy yourself!

I Talked Your Ear Off That One Time...

Rather than chill on the way to The Crab Shack, on Tybee Island, Ga., you allowed me to ramble on and on like a fool about how much I love Twitter :) But, rather than give a half-hearted effort, you and I actually engaged in a very cool and worthwhile conversation about how we can use social media to make About.com the powerhouse it is and will continue to be in the future. But, what should I have expected? You are an amazing person, and always showed a willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty to help us Guides. If there is anybody who has helped me more when it comes to "Need. Know. Accomplish.," it is certainly you, Susan! Thank you so much for your encouragement and for your brilliant vision. Congratulations and best wishes in your retirement!

You've Made a Difference. Thank You.

Thank you so much for everything that you did for About.com in general and for me in particular. You have always been encouraging, enthusiastic, and supportive. You made working with you and developing new ideas an absolute pleasure, both because of your passion for community and because of your kindness. I'm so happy that you'll be retiring and pursuing fun endeavors, but at the same time, I'll miss you deeply. Know that your work has been greatly appreciated, and that you've made a difference here.
—Sandra G.

More than just community for our sites

Susan: you gave us so much more than just community on our websites. I think you really helped build and nurture the community within About.com. Thank you so much for all you've done. I don't consider you just a co-worker. I consider you a friend who just happens to live inconveniently far away. :-) Take care and have a great retirement. I'm sure you'll love it. You should get some goats! ;-)

You Redefine Community + Are Awesome

It has been a joy to work with someone so passionate, calm and professional all at the same time. While I've only had the chance to work with you briefly, it's clear that your dedication to community, in all its ever-changing variety, has made a huge positive impact on About.com and on the vast community About.com reaches. I hope retirement brings you wonderful things. You will be greatly missed.

Best Wishes!

Your dedication to understanding our products and the people they serve is inspiring, as is your dedication to making our products the best they could be. Enjoy what comes next!
—Eric H.

Thank You for Everything

You have been so wonderful to work with - so many brilliant and creative ideas and suggestions that I've lost track - and you will be sorely missed. It has been an honor and a privilege to work with you. You're also a wonderful friend and I appreciate your friendship and caring more than I can say. Our friendship, which is near and dear to my heart, will continue, I know.
—Guest Alison

Best Wishes

Thank you for your dedication and passion for the work that you did. About.com has come a long way because of the work that you contributed. We can hear from our users on a scale we never have before, and that is quite an achievement. Thank you so much for that. Enjoy your time off!
—Guest Caryn

We'll Miss You!

Working with you was such a pleasure. I always appreciated your thoughtful, steady approach to solving any problem large or small. You proved that it doesn't take a loud voice to accomplish tremendous things. Best of luck, and enjoy your retirement!
—Guest Sarah S.

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Retirement Wishes and Workplace Memories You'd Share With a Valued Coworker

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