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Readers Respond: What Makes a Bad Boss - Bad?

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Bad Boss--Worse Organization

"They may feel their behavior has been condoned - and even encouraged - within your organization." With my last employer, women, across different job titles, were routinely paid a lower salary than men for the same work. Men were hired and promoted faster. Women were often sexually harassed. After 3 years, it was directly affecting my job. I went to the GM and he defended the harassers. They changed my job so that my life would be endangered and offered me a 25 cent/hour raise--which was bad even by their standards. By that time we had complained to OSHA (with no result) about dangerous working conditions; I went to the EEOC and the state agency that would handle equal pay/rights and absolutely nothing happened. I followed all rules and told HR. HR not only did not do anything but lied to at least one state agency in hearings and submitted documents without my knowledge. Don't work for a political donor corporation and expect anyone to enforce the law. Get out while you can. (Susan says, I am so sorry to hear about these troubles, all of which sound illegal and wrong. I hope your workplace now is better.)

Jobs for Friends and Family

My boss has consistently employed family and friends of people on staff, including finding work for her own daughter when she is short of funds. We work in a local authority school! I want to make the authority aware of it but am not sure how to go about it.

Family Issue Resignation

I only wish I could apologize to my old owners for resigning for a family issue. Now I am being bad mouthed by them for resigning to care for my MOM who is sick. I though having heart in family was a good reason to leave. You only have one MOM, they did not understand. I did enjoy the leadership of my previous new owners who took over in Feburary of this year. They chose to ignore my personal matter for resigning and bad mouth me .
—Guest Griggs

Directors Micromanaging

I resigned from a job of over thirteen years experience and I resigned because of two stupid directors who were trying to micromanage a team of seasoned teachers when they were trying to make a name for themselves. This private school is well known, but owners never saw the beauty of "let teaching be." The owners were great people; the directors hired were stupid and unknowledgable.
—Guest gforce1

Control Freak

A boss that is "controlling," one who does not allow you to use your own ideas when given a project. When you are given an assignment or project to do, and you do it, then they tell you how they want it done or how it should have been done. One that is threatened by the level of respect you have in the workplace and your knowledge.

Bad Boss

My boss is very plastic, corrupt and employs all of his friends and relatives in the company. Now he wants me to train all the staff to change but theses bosses are doing all the criticism and they are not coordinating or helping the trainer.
—Guest Eric Marudo

Power Trips

Some people regard being promoted to management as an opportunity to indulge their own self-image needs by acting in a condescending and belittling manner toward their subordinates. Such people often attain their positions by means of sucking up and politicking, rather than qualifications and ability. They should not be put in management positions, and they should be removed from them if they are.
—Guest Harris Silverman

What Makes a Bad Boss - Bad?

Looking at a bigger picture... bad bosses are people who are in a dangerous spot. All the negative attributes of this person are just to make sure he gets to do what he wants to. More often I have seen that certain managers tend to prefer it this way and harbor "known Devils."

Corrupt Boss

I once worked in an organisation which had a very high turn over and never knew the reasons until I ran into some difficulties myself. At every turn, my boss blocked any opportunity for me to prosper. My boss also used to talk about me in a negative way and bad mouthed me to other members of the staff. People who did not know me would talk negatively of me and be rather vindictive. I had no one to support me, and in the end, I left. I bumped into an ex-colleague the other day and apparently my ex-boss has a history of getting others into trouble. Glad I went and I have not looked back.
—Guest Greg

Bad Unfair Boss

My boss is very unfair to me, I have been there 17 yrs. (part time); person #2 (3yrs.) (full time) when she works; person #3 (less than 1 yr. full time). I have been there the longest, a good worker, yet for the summer months, he cuts my hours and not the other 2 employees. I have asked him about it and just get the run around! I know for sure he pays one under the table, and probably the other also! I haven't had a raise in 3 years. I still make more than the other 2, but that's because I've been there the longest, so I have had more raises. So, just because I make more, he wants to cut my hours. I feel this is so unfair...and I am having a hard time dealing with it. Need anyone's help on this. I was only working 2 hours a day, 5 days a week, and now he has cut it to 1 day a week. When I asked him why he couldn't cut person#2's hours, he says, she won't work any less, and I said to him, who is boss here? No response. What do I do? He is a lousy boss with no balls....... (Comment from Susan: I suspect he is concerned about losing the full time employees since your schedule is very part time even in busy times. I'm sorry this affects your hours. Can't respond to the rest.)

Bad to the Bone Boss

I have a boss who's bad to the bone. He has 6 parrots and sits on a throne. Every time I address him he refers to me as "drone."
—Guest The Sizzler

I Agree With Northbrooke

I agree with the person named Northbrooke. The criteria to pick most management is flawed, because a lot of bad managers are very good at hiring people that make them look good. When you are hiring a manager, try to look and see how many of his or her people have been promoted into better positions. Talk to peers in the same industry. If these managers are well respected by their peers, then they are respected by their employees. Look at the total picture and not just the numbers. Good managers produce good employees. Bad managers produce resentful and angry employees. A bit of advice for those people who have bosses that belittle them. The first time that you allow someone to talk down or belittle you without defending yourself, this sets the tone for your working relationship. They will continue to treat you this way until you stand up for yourself. Know what you bring to the table and know your rights and responsibilities.
—Guest michelle

Why We Have Bad Bosses

A bad boss generally is someone who, for whatever reason, does not know how or is unwilling to do their job. They always have a problem with how their employees do their jobs but can never give good advice on how said employee can improve or fix whatever they feel is wrong. These people have problems with anyone who knows more than they do. They are unwilling to teach their employees how to do their job properly for fear that the employees will do a better job than they will. Managers who manage in this fashion rarely succeed and often wonder why they stay stuck in the same rut year in and year out. This happens because the powers that be in upper management see that this manager cannot be taken from their current position because their unit or area will suffer. This manager complains to everyone about how they are being passed over for promotions, not realizing that their own insecure actions are the reason why they're being passed over. These managers always look good on paper.
—Guest michelle

Bad Boss

Most times bad bosses are the last children of their parent.They did not have people at home to bully so they think they could use the employee as targets for their bad attitude. My CEO is a prototype of that, a bad leader but fair manager.
—Guest Abigirl


There are so many bad bosses out there, it's scary. So many managers surround themselves with brown nose flunkies because they fear people who are more intelligent than them; it's some primitive way of protecting their control. My last boss drove sales down by over 50% and still doesn't realize he is the problem. What's even more frightening is that the owner doesn't get it either. Stay alert about the management you choose to run your business, because I have watched many people live in denial all the way to brokeville.
—Guest JOE
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