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Readers Respond: What Makes a Bad Boss - Bad?

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Bad boss

Besides being a super micro manager, he questions you on what another employee says.
—Guest Bob


My former boss loves to tell you about others in the department. I'm sure he loves to tell them how bad of a job I am doing. I work part time and I'm over 69.

Toxic Boss

A bad boss is just a bad person who happens to have the title of "manager". I have a lazy, insecure boss who goes out of her way to make our office area a living nightmare. She is not very bright and gets angry whenever "her boss" starts breathing down her neck. Instead of finding solutions to our workplace issues, she tries to blame work related problems on the employees in her area. She is a corporate kiss-up who is stuck at the bottom of the barrel. I survive this job nightmare by avoiding her toxic personality every chance I get. I have hope that I soon will be free from this walking nightmare of a person.
—Guest On lockdown

Boss who likes to treat me differently

I worked for a Bank that merged and my supervisor became manager of the Bank. She treated me differently and so much more cruelly than the other Tellers, I went to higher Management and Human Resources and no one helped. My health decreased. Depression and anxiety developed. They picked on me so much going to work was so hard. I had to unwillingly quit due to my decline in health. I am a single mother and struggling. I truly loved my job. What is funny is that she pretended to be religious but someone who believes in spiritual laws would never treat me in that fashion.
—Guest chrissy spezzano

Bullies at the office

I work for an organization that allows bullying. My boss, who is the head of HR, bullies me in front of my colleagues and when I defended myself, she told me that she will only renew my contract for one more month. I'm a single mother with 2 children and she is trying to punish me but l have faith and I know that God will help me to find a job by the end of January. I am kind of happy because I felt my good health slipping away. My hair was starting to thin out and I was getting headaches. When I leave the job I will go to the Director and report her.
—Guest Fed Up

Silly, Self Centred Supervisor

He does not like to listen about the team who is working directly under him. We are reporting to him but he always likes to raise our mistakes even when they are done by his team. His team always creates the situation in front of him that we are doing wrong, but in actuality, major mistake were done by his team. When they told him the wrong thing about us, to defend them, he tells us, "we are wrong ." Once I told him before them, some thing was done wrong, but handled by us in a proper way. We have not pointed out anyone after that becausee he was not ready to listen. When his team told him the false story of a case which pointed to us, he reacted against us. When I tried to explain, he was not ready to listen to even a single line.
—Guest Sukla

Horrible Boss? Yes.

I worked for my ex boss for almost 5 months. When I got there I was told I would be getting a raise if I could stick around for about 4. I learned everything myself with no proper training and still got write-ups for small mistakes I had made! It is only retail, lady! She would make small remarks to make you feel quite terrible every now and then. She once yelled at me and said "If this counter isn't clean I will fucking fire you all and start over! If you think I need any of you, you are mistaken!" I used worker's comp after I hurt myself stocking in the back room and she "let me go" 2 days later! What a horrible lady! I hope this bi-polar mess gets what she deserves.
—Guest Luna-P

Worst Owner/Manager

In most of my previous jobs, I've encountered horrible bosses and managers, but no one as bad as this hotel place I used to work at about 5 days ago. I didn't realize it then, but that place has a very high turnover rate and it's not even a big hotel. It's a franchise. These owners (husband-wife) are the most stingy, self-righteous, cowardly and cheapest people I have ever found myself to work for. I've heard many stories from previous workers and current workers, and they were all bad. I told myself not to be disillusioned about the owners because of these stories, but I came to find that the stories were actually quite accurate and true. I myself experienced it my first week there when I had to call in because I was sick. They didn't believe me and told me that I'm inconveniencing them and asked if I'm really sure I couldn't even show up to work for at least 5 hours or so. And then they never wanted to spend their money to fix the front office or even to buy toner. Go figure...
—Guest theworstoftheworst


I worked for a short oriental lady who did not have time to speak to her two new employees. She expected the trainer to set expectations and goals. When the trainer's goals and the manager's goals conflicted, the employees were blamed for following the only expectations that were communicated to them. The manager was under a lot of pressure and would blow her top. Once she went on an hour and a half tirade, standing over me, behind me so I could not back my chair away from my desk and leave. She was waving her arm in the air and yelling and screaming. Everyone else slowly got their stuff and left the office. I was trapped and having a panic attack. I couldn't breathe. Finally when another manager pulled her away, I was able to escape. I reported her to her manager and HR in the days to follow, which only made her try to undermine me since. I got another job and gave notice. And then on the day I was leaving, she had the nerve to say that she was sorry to see me go. (Good for you to not put up with it.)


Had a boss who enjoyed throwing his weight around. He would encourage employees to treat other employees badly as if it were a game. He would talk bad about and mock his employees in front of other employees. He would tell some of his people to do tasks wrong on purpose. All so he can find a reason to throw his weight around when he comes down on you or someone else. He would try to make people uncomfortable on purpose and was not satisfied with his torture until he would make someone cry. All this just to be in control. Complete control. He had everyone on pins and needles. Constantly making wild accusations. Not doing anything about the one keyboard-throwing-tantrum employee who desperately needed anger management therapy. The team became a hate-mongering free-for-all. Employees would try to turn some employees against others with a bunch of hateful talk. The constant hate mongering was so negative that contractors gave notice and left without another job lined up.

Been There

Sometimes the relationship is so toxic that the best thing to do is get away. Easier said than done but the relief after your escape is incredible.

Silly, Insecure, Boss

My boss is much younger than I. I'm 42, she's 25. I usually don't have a problem with young people who hold positions of authority; however this lady is so interested in fitting in with the click of the office that I caught her gossiping about me to my coworkers! The very same people she talked about me to, were the same people who came back and reported to me what she said! Yes, the office is full of young people, so this is a fairly frequent occurrence, but one I was not expecting from my supervisor! (Susan says, it sounds like she has a lot to learn about being a supervisor.)
—Guest Tired42

Harsh boss doctor

I've been working with the same company and same boss doctor in a medical field as an MOA. My days of assisting patients are very good and excellent. I always get from patients that I did a great job of helping them and sometimes also from my boss too who sometimes appreciates what I've done for his business company. Anyway, we have this one staff who is always a suck up. All these years I always thought that I can call her a good friend of mine but later found out she spread gossip to other staff saying words that I didn't even say. She made all the staff believe her and boy, she is so good at it... What a liar and two faced evil she is up to and now she is still there working for him. So who cares anyways? The bad thing is whenever she does a bad side evil thing to other staff, I always confronted her and asked her to her face, why she did that. Later on, she would go to the boss and cry and say I was the bad one causing the drama in the office when I swear I didn't say anything.
—Guest westtodownside

Wife was a psycho

Worked in healthcare field for 30 years. Last job was working for a professional whose wife was office manager. A door fell off of a cabinet and hit me in the nose. It hurt, but I knew it wasn't broken. She MADE me go to have an x-ray done. While I was gone, she picked up the cabinet door and HIT herself in the nose with it to see if the door was heavy enough to do any damage. She was so afraid that I would sue them. She was money hungry, vindictive, and lied to patients. I worked for them 2 days a week and in another office 2 days a week. She wanted me to take off a day from my other office to work in place of the lady who was supposed to be working. When I said, "No," she became very vindictive and threatened to go to my second boss and confront him for "stealing me away from them" even though I had told her from the beginning that I couldn't make it on the 2 days they offered me. So I confronted her and asked her if she would like for me to do that to them. I gave my notice that day.

Chauvinist Boss

I currently work under 2 make chauvinists. It drives me nuts because I have such a free spirit. My direct manager is Muslim and he openly talks about how women have too much freedom. I always feel like he is talking down to me. The GM loves to lecture us and makes me feel dumb, when really I am very experienced at my job. I know what I'm doing and have been doing it for 5 years, yet he treats me like I'm stupid because I didn't start in his restaurant. 2 weeks notice is in!
—Guest serverfor5years

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What Makes a Bad Boss - Bad?

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