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Reader Stories: Readers Share Stories About Their Good Boss


Nothing gets people more worked up than sharing bad boss stories. Bad bosses are legend; they impact workplaces in hard-to-quantify ways. Bad bosses lower productivity, demotivate employees, and fail to retain their best employees. My good boss provides an environment in which employees succeed because they are informed, excited, learning, and willing to invest their discretionary energy. My good boss makes me feel good about work and myself. My good boss challenges me to excel and contribute beyond what I think I am capable of contributing. Read about good bosses in these stories. More reader responses to questions.

Good Bosses Respect and Care about Employees

Due to this great treatment towards their employees, we have employees who have been with them since the beginning when they took over back in 2012. As a result of the good compensation, treatment an…More

Good Boss Taught Career Defining Skills

I am distinguished in my HR career because of all of her information and rules. I remember her every day when someone tells me: you are expert. I remember her immediately. I learned to respect all, e…More

My Good Boss Makes Me Better

My boss transforms my challenges into strengths every day. Despite being the most experienced and valuable person in our department, he strays from micro-managing. He is also willing to listen to my …More

What Makes My Workplace Great

I know when I come into work each day what is expected of me, not just the nuts and bolts of what I do but also what my overall goals are and how they fit into the company's plan. How I accomplish th…More

My Very Patient Boss

As an impact: I like my job, I am willing to do my best, the same as when you have a good teacher at school who made you love your subject and love to do your homework. I do my job feeling happy to w…More

Good Boss Is Remembered as Simple

Actually I work hard no matter how my boss treats me. If I am not satisfied with the treatment or with the package, I simply leave. But of course, the way I work, how I feel when I work, is affected.…More

Management Tips From a Good Boss Who Had a Good Boss

I've learned to temper criticism with a compliment and/or humor. And never engage in office gossip - it will inevitably come back to bite you. Although I am no longer in management, I have used my ex…More

My Good Boss Principal Is an Inspiration

My Principal inspires me to be the best by setting a wonderful example. He always wants the students to have opportunities for success. He listens to my ideas and supports and encourages me which all…More

A Good Boss Understands the Work of his Employees

I am now working with a Branding firm( www.gbrainindia.com) as a Business Development Manager. During my my experience as a Secretary at Mushrif, Kuwait, my manager supported me when he realized the …More

Good Boss Mentor: From Word Processor to CEO

Mrs. Delaney praised me and gave me credit for good work so I worked even harder. I felt appreciated. Because she was so willing to share her management skills I grew a lot under her employment. She …More

A Good Boss Deals With Staff as People First

I would crawl into work on my hands and knees rather than let her down. I worked for her not the organisation. She got more out of her team than any other manager because she built a real team spirit…More

A Good Boss Stays Out of the Way

On the whole, I found it refreshing to work for someone who didn't try to micro-manage me or my work or the projects I was working on. I learned that as long as I kept him informed on progress, he wa…More

A Good Boss Motivates

One of the things that makes Tricia such a good boss is her ability to motivate people. She encourages her staff to participate in decisions that affect the workplace and come up with ideas to make t…More

A Good Boss Makes Others Feel Valued

I am able to work harder and be more focused at work. He enables me to make necessary decisions on my own and trusts me to do so. He provides me with a shoulder to lean on if times are tough in my pe…More

A Good Boss Has Faith in You

I do trust more in myself making big decisions. I never complain about overtime. I am very motivated by wanting to not disappoint him and do the best for the business. He also inspires me to be right…More

Former Good Boss Listened

Back then - I was able to be more creative and value added - working under positive conditions allowed me to focus on the tasks at hand, and not how frustrating the job was. I really enjoyed my job..…More

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