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Worst Daycare Job with Uncaring Coworkers

Share Your Story: Readers Share Stories About Their Worst Job - Ever

By daycarepro911

Share the Worst Job You've Ever Had

Working in daycare has been the worst job I have ever had. What was so bad about it was that I had to witness these super control-freak, angry, mean, burnt-out workers absolutely terrorize the children. It was like being forced to watch children being physically and emotionally abused. Also, when the day care teacher has her own classroom, the teacher has to buy a lot of her own stuff to supply the room. Also, the day care worker is expected to provide daily reports on how the children behaved, This is all done as unpaid, uncompensated "homework". Being a day care worker means staying flat broke and exhausted.

What Made This Job Your Worst Job - Ever

What was so bad is that I had taken all these college courses on positive discipline and democratic/pro-social teaching styles. I learned all about all these ways to be respectful and kind to children. I learned how to be really effective, loving, respectful, and effective day care teacher. I have read so many books on the subject of positive parenting, loving guidance, positive discipline, positive guidance, and pro-social positive guidance. What I found out is the daycare owners don't give a darn about any of that stuff. The owners pretend to be all about "positive guidance" but what they really want is for the children to stay in their seats and to not mess up the nice, organized classroom. The owners are total hypocrites. If a child breaks a toy, the owner blames the child care worker. The owner will say that the day care worker didn't "supervise' the children properly so that the cost of replacing the toy will come out of the workers paycheck! When a teacher screams at a little toddler or preschooler, the owner ignores it. She'll only address the issue if a parent complains. If the parent complains again, the owner will fire the day care worker. The owner ignores it when the teacher takes the children into the bathroom and she closes the door and turns on the faucets. The day care worker is in there whooping that child and everybody knows it. When they come out of the bathroom, the day care worker will say, "We were in there having a talk about his bad behavior." Yeah, right. It really stinks. The owners like to hire these scary, mean women who know how to scare the children. Those kids will sit at the tables like scared rabbits and they're really obedient. They don't want the day care teacher to scream at them or take them into the bathroom for a "chat" so they are very submissive and obedient. It's very nearly a cruel environment. If a child has an "accident" in his pants, the day care worker will shame the child and try to make him feel worthless. The day care owner will ignore all of this as long as the day care worker is able to keep those children seated at the tables being quiet. It's like a prison for little kids! I hate day care and it really sucks since I spent so much time and effort trying to be a good day care teacher. No one appreciated anything I did. No one cared about the quality of care. The parents wanted cheap day care and they wanted their kids to be clean, fed, and for me to send them home in one piece.

Tips and Tricks

  • I would have looked for another job as soon as I was put in that situation of being with these prison guard control freaks.

Susan M. Heathfield, About.com Human Resources, says:

I don't believe that every daycare is like the one you describe. I am sure that effective, child positive places exist and suggest that you look around. You have certainly been given an education in what to look for / ask about before you take your next job.
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