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Share Your Story: Readers Share Stories About Their Worst Job - Ever

By john roche

Share the Worst Job You've Ever Had

This is an EASY one! When my painting work slowed down, my girl friend STRONGLY suggested i get a job at THE HOME DEPOT. The idea was to have work that my many years of experience can benefit myself and others. Not to mention health insurance. This billion dollar a day corp. had us all on a "full flex schedule." Some days it's 4pm-1am, other days it's 5am-2pm with a 6-3 and a few others. I didn't sleep the whole 4 months I worked there!

This store in Norwalk, CT, has about 350 employees; most work within a few dollars of minimum wage! Needless to say, a lot of long faced coworkers. Very sad. Exploiting the poor!

What Made This Job Your Worst Job - Ever

First, the full flex schedule - ouch! Self explanatory. Then, the exploitation of the working poor. Most working within a few dollars of minimum wage. Really bad. A nationwide corporation raking in billions a day exploiting American workers! Their pay won't afford an individual food and shelter. Third, this company's stores are doubling as merchandise warehouses to cut expenses. All merchandise was vertically elevated/stored as much as 20 feet off the ground! Dangerous and difficult for us to "packdown" inventory as floor level stuff sold. With thousands of products on inventory, finding the stuff on our "packdown" list was frustrating and management would would console us by saying, "a motivated associate can do it." 4th, management pay was a bit more because they were expected to perform 11 hour shifts with NO overtime! If your time added up to over 40 hours, the ASM would delete the overage.

Tips and Tricks

  • Not a thing i can do as an individual to change how big biz makes money at the expense of the working poor. If i were President, I would quadruple minimum wage, offer a full, standardized benefits package for all - part or full time. Part timers get full pay. Then, put a Presidential price freeze on everything from A-Z. What a bottle of water or a house or car cost you today, will cost you tomorrow. My guess is, 90% of the country would cheer!!! Being a democracy, 90% is a majority. Better odds than this being published!

Susan M. Heathfield, About.com Human Resources, says:

Interesting solutions that I speculate would lead to many fewer jobs available. Just as today's economic and political climate make job creation sketchy, these solutiona would guarantee insolvency for the republic. I've also heard that Home Depot is considered to be a good employer, but I have no personal knowledge.
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