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Reader Stories: Readers Share Stories About Their Worst Job - Ever


At some point in most careers, you will have had a job that you hated. No matter whether your worst job offered you lousy or distasteful work, a boss you hated, or difficult coworkers who constantly undermined you or complained, you remember the job as your worst job - ever. Perhaps the company was archaic or the company's mission just didn't appeal to you as important or exciting. Whatever your reason, the job has stuck in your memory as your worst job - ever. Readers have shared these stories about their worst jobs. Please share your worst job experience.

First Job Is Not a Pleasant Memory

I knew it was going to be bad, when I first met my manager. I thought I'd be nice and go and introduce myself once I found out which store I would be working in. When I introduced myself all she coul…More

Leave a Bad Employer - Faster

I started working for a company 4 years ago. I re-built the reputation of an office with a horrible one within the community. I completely invested in them and turned things around year 2 to a thrivi…More

Papa Johns = Worst Ever Company to Work at...

Let me start by saying that they do not care AT ALL about their employees. I have been told by different district operators that, and I quote, "I don't care about anyone here but the general managers…More

Worst Job: I Have to Pick Just One?

In the case of the first one the work was gross and demeaning, I care too much about people in general to serve them food that was on the floor. The oldest person on staff was the 19 year old manager…More

My Worst Job with a Law Firm

I was hoping to gain some experience working at a law firm before I applied to law school. I had always had well-paying and fun jobs while in college (I know, I completely lucked out). I knew I had t…More

Worst Job in a Workplace Looking for Cheap Labor

After a year, I was so overwhelmed even after explaining I had too much to do. Then, my critically ill child (she is a Make-A-Wish Foundation child) went into the hospital for 2 weeks and when I retu…More

Dishonest, Bad Management Destroys Dream Job

My job description stated that I was a pharmacy technician, but I was treated like a cashier. They told me I needed to complete my computer training... made sense. After 1 month, I realized they were…More

Time for Change

I have been out of work for almost a year now and shared my story back then. It is called Managers Desk Vacant. What I have learned is that future employers are concerned about past employment. The …More

Pork Processing Plant Clean Up

Rotten meat smell at the end of the shift was right after our lunch break. Very cold even with thermals, jeans and insulated coveralls. The supervisors were always criticizing us, they are nastier th…More

Owner Was a Harasser, and More

The owner of the company repeatedly made inappropriate advances to me personally and made inappropriate public comments (which he treated as jokes) to the rest of the staff about being with me and ot…More

Bad Boss Ignored Company Policy

The manager I had was magic to watch with most customers. This was a Durable Medical Equipment Company, so reps in the field would visit physicians, who in turn would refer patients for our services,…More

Bad, Abusive Boss at a Bank

I was not exactly a 'crack' bank teller since I'm not a numbers person, but what made it so awful was management, all of them, not just my immediate boss. They did everything possible to belittle me.…More

Zoo Intern Has Abusive Supervisor

Having to put up with the constant verbal abuse every day from the supervisor. She would scream at the interns for no good reason. As an example, we were counting t-shirts for our summer campers, and…More

Coloring Bubbles in a Student Testing Office

You know those scantron bubble forms that you use to mark your answers on certain tests? Well, my job as a student assistant for the university's testing office was to look over every single scantron…More

Bi-polar Bully

I worked for a bi-polar alcoholic who didn't take any meds for it. You could actually watch him work himself up into a fit of rage and then push everything off his desk and start yelling for no reaso…More

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