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Reader Submissions: Readers Share Examples of Discretionary Effort in Action


Discretionary effort comes from deep inside of you. Discretionary effort is called forth by a work environment that encourages you to want to expend your discretionary effort. Or, you are intrinsically, deeply motivated to expend discretionary effort for your employer, coworkers and customers. Whether the discretionary effort is requested and fostered by a manager or you choose to expend the discretionary efforts all on your own, discretionary effort is the key to satisfied customers, positive coworker and boss relationships, and business success.

Readers share examples of discretionary effort in action. Read about discretionary effort in these reader examples.

More reader responses to a variety of questions.

Model the Actions You'd Like to See From Employees

I cannot describe my work place exactly as employee-oriented; however, where I can have influence and control that's how I function - be an encouraging manager and serve my employees with training, t…More

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