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Reader Stories: Low and No Cost, Creative, Successful Employee Training Ideas


Readers share ideas about what they do to provide low and no cost, creative, successful employee training, development, and team building opportunities during tough economic times. These low cost, creative, successful methods for providing employee training and team building are a welcome addition to employee training and development offerings during normal business operating times, too.

Read all of our responses from readers to various questions.

Employee Users Group Provides Effective Training

Several times a month we provide lunch and everyone gathers at lunch time. We select one software application to highlight that meeting, and have a 10 to 15 minute lesson (i.e. how to format a paragr…More

How to Share Knowledge

This has been achieved with varid degrees of success in various organisations. At the end I am convinced that this will lead to higher productivity, high levels of commitment and growth, lower employ…More

Use Staff to Provide Employee Training

There is more confidence on the part of the employee providing the training and the trainee is more receptive to obtain training from one of our own. Morale is up and employees feel more empowered th…More

On-the-Job Apprenticeship

1. My 'trainer' is the one who has the job position. I work after getting simple instructions on simple tasks on actual job orders from the trainer. Then, the instructions gets more complicated until…More

Employees Who Atttend the Training, Train Others

After coming back from the training, the personnel is requested to deliver the program within the office and we ask for feedback from him as well as the inhouse participants.With this kind of reverse…More

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