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Reader Stories: Readers Describe the Behavior and Actions of Their Coworker From Hell


Every workplace has a coworker who exhibits all of the symptoms of a coworker from hell. They mistreat and abuse their coworkers, take credit for work they didn't do, and treat their coworkers with disdain, disrespect, and downright nastiness. Coworkers from hell have been known to lie, cheat, and steal information. Your work will never be safe nor your contributions clear to your boss; coworkers from hell ingratiate themselves with the boss to make themselves look good - usually at your expense. Readers have shared stories, in all of their sordid details, about their coworkers from hell. More reader contributions.

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Hostile Worker Needs to Be Arrested

After getting my self composed after returning to the housing location, I stayed away from the coworker I had to work with him for 2 days after the incident. I filed an assault charge against him bec…More

She makes a great company difficult to work for...

Try my best to stay away from her...there is nothing else that can be done, she goes out of her way to make people around her miserable, she is a terrible person. I told my manager several times and …More

Don't put up with any crap from anyone...

I submitted an official complaint against her after mentioning it several times to my manager, who knew what was happening but preferred to ignore it. Subsequently, interviews were held with myself a…More

Two-faced Bad Boss

I actually need a little help here! I've tried working extra hard, letting the "jokes" roll off my back, and even joining in on the lavish praise that others get. The problem is, though, no one else …More

Hostile Work Environment and the Owner Does Nothing

I, of course, try to be reasonable with this manager and he just yells at me to try to get me to stop talking and just gets angrier and angrier. I've brought this to the attention of the General Mana…More

Frustrated with New Boss

I don't know how to deal with her. She is the most difficult boss I ever had. The lady who gave me the job was nothing like this one. I almost told her yesterday that I have enjoyed this job up until…More

Enough Already

I ignore her as much as possible. I only speak to her when necessary. I ask for her help when she's doing nothing but get an attitude in return. I help the people she ignores. At times I purposely wi…More

Coworker Abuses Leave and Work Time

We have finished things on her desk while she has been out, and have filled her in on what has gone on in her absence. We have taken the time to help her understand her job--she seems not to remember…More

Need Help with Evil Coworker

I have taken the high road. I did not acknowledge her playground behavior, continued to say "good morning" and "goodbye" every day but I was just ignored. Not only that, I have been cut out of office…More

A Total Nightmare: Supervisor from Hell

I tried to talk to her about our issues, but it seems it made the situation worst due to her stubborness and NEVER wanted to admit wrong. I now stay to myself since we are on the same level; manageme…More

Coworker from Hell Got Supervisor Fired

I talked to her several times about her attitude, she would always said that I caused it. I went to the director several times, tried to discipline her. I sent email after email about what she was do…More

Coworker Won't Mind His Own Business

I let this individual know that I did not like how he, in almost every sentence, drops the "F" bomb and that since I did not report to him, his opinion of how I was doing his job was none of his busi…More

Live-in Workplace from Hell

I always try to be pleasant, I ask him, "have I done something wrong or something that has offended you? If I'm doing something wrong, please let me know?" Usually he can't come up with anything that…More

If they don't love your Company, let them go

1. Make sure we did our part well: inform, empower, participate, motivate, trust.2. Give them the opportunity to be heard.3. Provide a redress opportunity which excludes any person with whom the Empl…More

Coworker Is an Incompetent Nag

I have tried everything. I tried pointing out her mistakes and helping her learn from them. Now my manager and I seem to have just gotten into the habit of following her around redoing everything she…More

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