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Reader Stories: Readers Describe the Behavior and Actions of Their Coworker From Hell


Every workplace has a coworker who exhibits all of the symptoms of a coworker from hell. They mistreat and abuse their coworkers, take credit for work they didn't do, and treat their coworkers with disdain, disrespect, and downright nastiness. Coworkers from hell have been known to lie, cheat, and steal information. Your work will never be safe nor your contributions clear to your boss; coworkers from hell ingratiate themselves with the boss to make themselves look good - usually at your expense. Readers have shared stories, in all of their sordid details, about their coworkers from hell. More reader contributions.

Office Narcissist Makes for a Tough Workplace

I told him several times that I don't like the way he treats me and to stop it. He even tried flirting on occasion but I put a stop to it. He stopped because we had to sign a sexual harassment form r…More

Coworker Jabbers - All Day Long

I used to complain to other people when she and I weren't getting along. I know other people have had the same complaint about her work ethic. Now I just wait for the boss to say something like, "It …More

It Took Years of Complaining...

Actually this story has a happy ending. After literally years of complaints and reprimands, she is going to be let go...finally! But trust me when I said it took years of countless complaints and a b…More

Harassing Boss

She forced me to meet her after work to give me a gift. It was that, or she was going to come to my house! Texts/phone calls after hours, using the office as a substitute for child care when her kids…More

Self Promoter trying to get to the top

About four weeks into the job, I sat down with everyone for a meeting and set the policy that self promotion like that would not be happening moving forward.My point was that I would give them kudos …More

Needy Coworker Overwhelmed the Office

I tried at first to be kind and listen while working, that was too distracting. I then tried to tune her out which caused a lot of tension between us and stress for me trying to avoid her. I finally …More

Gabby and Sticky-Fingers Coworker

Re: talking - after I saw it was becoming a problem, I suggested she email me with any questions rather than coming to my desk. Worked for a while; then reverted back to old behavior. Re: supplies - …More

What to Do About Her Questionning Coworker?

I have spoken to higher management about the situation, but the problem continues. Being nice and polite has not helped at all. I tried to avoid working around her. I have expressed my concerns about…More

Set Up by Coworker From Hell

After the second time, I went out and purchased a mini recorder that replicated a pack of cigarettes in my pocket. The third attempt she made was captured on tape along with my explaining to her that…More

Paranoid and Dishonest Coworker

Waited until she screwed up (took money from the till with a promise to pay it back). Went to HR. She (the coworker from hell) somehow twisted it around on all of her fellow coworkers. I am waiting …More

Lazy Beyond Belief

One day, this was two weeks before I quit after 17 years, I said "no" when someone came to me wanting me to take care of lazy guy's client.I heard lazy guy call out from his office, "Can't she take c…More

Hell at Work!

I walked away several times. Absorbed her work quietly most of the time. Cleaned her rooms and moved more patients in. Reported said behaviors several times to supervisors almost everytime I interact…More

Personal Hygiene and Proximity Problems

Avoid him and look forward to his days off. We work in close quarters, so it's hard, but mainly just avoid him. I've made a few comments about hating it when people get in my bubble, but they seem to…More

So Thick With Bad Employees...

I'm leaving the job. It's just too saturated with bad employees, from top to bottom. They are aware of it, but they all rely on the other to "have their back". Since the manager is my boyfriend's sis…More

Walked All Over Me - I Should Have Known

The company was in a serious financial crisis and several positions were slated to be eliminated, including hers. I was never told about this until the axe came, and my newly hired boss informed me, …More

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