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HR Observations by Omega HR Solutions

Submit an Entry: Blogs of Interest to the Human Resources Audience

By Michael Haberman

HR Observations by Omega HR Solutions

Omega HR Solutions

HR Observations by Omega HR Solutions

Michael D. Haberman, SPHR

Name of Blog

HR Observations

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Michael D. Haberman, Omega HR Solutions, Inc.

4180 Providence Road, Suite 210, Marietta, GA 30062

Your Blog Mission, Purpose, or Focus

The focus is human resources, in particular for the smaller company. I educate, inform, arouse and entertain.

Describe the Information Available From Your Blog

I talk about a wide variety of HR issues, but focus on HR compliance issues, labor activity and the state of the field of human resources.

Describe What Makes Your Blog Unique and Worth Reading

I have a somewhat unique background from other HR bloggers. I have been a practioner, as well as a consultant. I have worked with many different companies and industries, thus bringing a pretty broad perspective to my writing. In addition I have taught HR at both an introductory level and at the Certification level. As a result I also have the perspective of the student/practioner. I try to incorporate humor and wit in my writings to make them more readable.


  • The best piece of advice to an HR audience is know the laws your company has to deal with.
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