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Reader Submissions: Blogs of Interest to the Human Resources Audience


Readers have shared their blogs that will interest the readers of this Human Resources site.

Readers want to know about HR, management, employment laws and issues, career development, and how to succeed at work. They want to laugh and they want to cry along with their colleagues. They appreciate ah-ha moments and reminders.

The addition of your blog will increase the resources available on the site for readers. Please take the time to let readers know about your blog and how your blog posts will increase their knowledge - and their enjoyment of our field.

Criteria for acceptance is according to Guide discretion, but will include factors such as longevity, suitability for HR professionals, and the published credentials of the submitter on the blog.

Read all of our reader responses to various questions.

People Discovery Blog

Leading Edge thought people management and engagement withCreativity and visionUnderstanding your people, underpinned by sound and reliable,Expert HR skill and experience, together with extensive man…More

Onetest HR & Psychometric Testing Blog

This blog explores issues relating to Human Resources (HR) and psychometric testing. The audience predominately consists of HR professionals in large organisations and consulting organisational psych…More

Human Resource Info4all

This blog covers various aspects of Human Resources. Variety of topics. The topics are helpful for students as well as for working professionals. I am always here to help and reply to those who needs…More

Cornerstone HR Advantage LLC

This is the only HR Service which is especially for California. We offer the services which help others know more about the HR Laws. Our dedicated team recruits those persons who may help the organiz…More

LebHR - The Lebanese Human Resources Community

LebHR is the first blog of such purpose in Lebanon, and maybe the Middle East (if you know of any else, let us know :) )We have had great growth since October 2011, and we are posting 4-6 articles we…More

Go HR for Startups Blog

The Go HR for Startups Blog is written by an entrepreneur, for entrepreneurs.Because I am a self starter myself, I have the same "get it done" attitude as my clients and readers. That is how I can wr…More

Human Resources FAQ

Written by an HR professional willing to share the best and the worst moments in HR. In my experience of over 8 years I have been through good and rewarding times and also through bad and crazy times…More

HR Observations by Omega HR Solutions

I have a somewhat unique background from other HR bloggers. I have been a practioner, as well as a consultant. I have worked with many different companies and industries, thus bringing a pretty broad…More

Talent Technologies

Our 'talent first' focus!Our blog covers interesting topics on training and HR related matters such as productivity, talent, communication skills, teamwork and team development, leadership skills and…More

HR means business

While we do write about general HR topcis, we are a bespoke company that prides itself on being innovative; therefore, we aim to be thought leaders in the industry, not followers. What you won't find…More

StrategyStreet Blog: Strategic Observations on Contemporary Business

This blog assists managers in getting ahead of future developments in their industries. All industries will see the same pattern of evolution, just over a longer period of time. We study these Hostil…More

International HR Forum

The International HR Forum is a treasure trove of useful information about international human resources. You can read about why culture is important in international business, how salary surveys var…More

HR Locksmith

HR Locksmith features fast reads that are concise and well written. The format includes articles, interviews and research that contain useful, timely tips. The posts are meant to inspire conversation…More

TimeMerlin Blog

The articles have updated information and are aimed at a light reading style because the tatget audience varies from the project managers to the CEOs. The articles are written after research based st…More

Employment Laws and Rights in Los Angeles, San Diego and the San Francisco

Here are some recent issues we have discussed on our blog: Federal Overtime Laws, Vacation Pay and Holiday TimeCalifornia Overtime Calculation RulesEmployment At Will in CaliforniaOur blog is special…More

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