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The 10 Best Ice Breakers for Meetings,...
Want to try ice breaker activities to jump start your meetings, training classes and team building sessions? These top 10 ice breaker activities will help.
Do You Have a Hostile Workplace?
What makes a work environment hostile? Legal requirements exist. They don't help employees with bad bosses, bullying or disrespect. Here are guidelines.
Beyond Hiring and Firing: What is HR Management?
Want to know what Human Resources management is? Learn also what HR staff are responsible for doing and contributing in an organization.
Paid Holidays
Need information about paid holidays? What are the usual employer paid holidays? Find out when they are scheduled and how prevalent they are.
12 Tips for Team Building
Need tips that will make your team building and teamwork rock? These 12 tips are the keys to creating effective, productive teams. Check them out.
10 Tips for Dealing With Difficult People at Work
Want tips for dealing with difficult coworkers? They do exist at work and the better you get at dealing with them, the happier you'll be. Find out how.
Want to Know What to Wear in a Business Casual...
Need a dress code for a business casual workplace? This sample dress code gives you a format for describing your expectations for business attire at work.
Break the Ice at Your Next Meeting with These...
Looking for laughter generating fun and funny ice breakers to help create a relaxed environment in your meetings? This resource will serve your need.
15 Great Team-Building Exercises for Your...
Want team building activities to easily and cost-effectively offer at work? You can use these 15 activities daily in your workplace - or not too far away.
5 More Tips for Dealing With Difficult People
Difficult people exist in every workplace. They have one thing in common. You must address them.These tips will help you deal with difficult coworkers.
HR Tips: How to Write a Candidate Rejection...
Looking for a sample candidate rejection letter? Your candidates appreciate receiving official notifications. Use this simple rejection letter to reply.
The 12 Best Questions Employers Can Ask During...
Want to know my best interview questions for employers to ask applicants in a job interview? These are some of my favorite interview questions and why.
A More Proper Pink Slip: How to Write a...
Need sample termination letters for your workplace? These letters provide guidance and an example for a variety of terminations. Take a look at the samples.
This One-Word Ice Breaker is Great for Meetings...
This is the most simple, yet effective, ice breaker that I have ever used. It is endlessly adaptable for any meeting or training session. Learn more.
Learn How to Write a Termination Letter with...
Need a sample termination letter? It confirms the details of an employee's firing and summarizes the information that the now former employee needs to know.
Avoid the Top 10 Mistakes Managers Make
Mistakes managers make managing people tend to fall into a similar pattern - all bad. Here are ten common mistakes that managers should avoid.
Sample Rejection Letter for Applicants You...
Need an applicant rejection letter for people who don't qualify for a first interview or phone screen? Here's an example of a professional rejection letter.
Here's a Great Team-Building Ice Breaker for...
Need a no-fail team building ice breaker? I've used this icebreaker so long I don't remember the source. It's fast, easy, fun, and successful. Try it out.
Top 10 Reasons to Quit Your Job
Increasingly unhappy about your job? If so, it may be time for you to quit. Take a look at these 10 best reasons to decide whether it's time to resign.
Welcome a New Employee with This Sample...
Want to welcome your new employee to the team? You can use this sample new employee introduction to tell your employees about their new coworker.
What Does a Human Resources Manager Do, Anyway?
Interested in what HR managers, generalists and directors do? Here's information about their new and changing roles. Perhaps HR is the career for you?
Need to Write a Resignation Letter? Here's a...
Need a resignation letter example that covers personal reasons for resigning from your job? Here's a sample letter that you can modify to suit your needs.
Retirement Letter Sample
Need a sample retirement letter to notify your employer of your expected retirement? Your employer appreciates an official letter for your personnel file.
What, Exactly, Is the Human Resources...
Need to know what an HRIS can do for your HR office and services? Here's a quick summary and additional information to help you begin the selection process.
Need to Discipline a Tardy Employee? Here's a...
Need a sample written reprimand? This written reprimand is provided to an employee who is coming to work late and thus, failing to perform. See the sample.
Open Your Next Meeting with One of These Great...
Ice breaker questions make a great opening for meetings at work. Focus the discussion question on the meeting's topic. Here are sample questions to use.
Guide to Human Resource Development
Need to know more about Human Resource Development (HRD)? It's the overall umbrella for how you help employees continue to grow and develop their skills.
10 Things You Should Never Do When Firing an...
Do you have to fire an employee periodically? Here are ten critical don'ts when you fire an employee and ideas to make the firing less traumatic - for all.
Let Applicants Down Easy with These Sample...
Want to professionally, thoughtfully, and kindly reject job applicants? Use these sample rejection letters as a guide. Take a look for useful samples.
Learn How to Write a Simple Resignation Letter...
Here's a sample resignation letter written like an employer would like to receive. Burn no bridges when you resign. The letter goes in your personnel file - forever.
What Does a Human Resources Generalist Do,...
Need a sample HR Generalist job description that will tell you the essential functions of the job? Find key objectives and experience required, too.
Write a Formal Employee Reprimand Letter with...
Do you need a sample employee reprimand letter to use as a guide when you write your own? This sample letter discusses an employee's poor performance.
How to Deal With a Bully at Work
Need to deal with a bully at work? You have lots of company. 54 million Americans, 37% of the workforce, have been bullied. Here's what to do.
What You Need to Know about Careers in Human...
Interested in a career in Human Resources? This is what you need to know about the HR field, its prospects, and how to set your course for a career in HR.
Next Time You Interview Job Candidates, Try...
Need interview questions that are effective in helping you select the most qualified employees? These sample job interview questions help you select the best.
What Are the Job Duties of a Human Resources...
Interested in what a Human Resources manager does? This sample job description for an HR manager provides a comprehensive list of the responsibilities.
These Human Resource Tools Can Help You Stay...
Looking for sample policies, checklists, procedures, and forms to use in your Human Resources processes and programs? Here's a comprehensive resource.
What Employers Should Always Ask Management...
Need job interview questions that you can use to assess your candidate's skills and experience in management and leadership of employees? Here are samples.
Write a Post-Interview Rejection Letter with...
Looking for a way to reject job candidates who won't be invited back following their first interview? This job rejection letter gives you a sample to use.
Paid Holiday Schedule
Curious about the typical paid holiday schedule in the US? Employers offer similar paid holidays across industries and regions. Compare yours.
HR 101: Everything You Need to Know about...
Interested in the ins and outs of employment termination? Employees land in hot water for many reasons, but, termination is a serious action that requires a documented process. Find out.
Write a Formal EmployeeThank You Letter with...
Want to know how to write a formal thank you letter to recognize an employee for contributions at work? A letter from the boss goes a long way. Here's a sample, too.
Writing Application Rejection Letters? These...
Need a sample rejection letter to send to unsuccessful applicants for your jobs? Here is a standard rejection letter for applicants you choose not to interview.
5 Tips for Recognizing Employee Accomplishments
Employee recognition is not just a nice thing to do for people. It's vastly more important in helping you achieve your business goals. Learn more.
See a Job Rejection Letter
Need a sample job applicant rejection letter for the people you don't select for a job interview? You can use this sample rejection letter as a template.
Writing Applicant Rejection Letters? These...
Do you need sample applicant rejection letters? Here are sample rejection letters for the applicants who did not get the job. Take a look.
Increasing a Worker's Salary? Here's a Sample...
Need a sample salary increase letter? The letter confirms the manager's compensation discussion with the employee and documents the salary increase for the personnel file.
6 More Tips for Team Building
Need tips that will make your team building and team work rock? Here are 6 more tips that are key to creating effective, productive teamwork. Why not take a look? Page 2.
Here's a Detailed Job Description for Human...
Want to know what an HR recruiter does? Here's an HR recruiter job description that tells you in detail about the job and what the employee contributes.
When Hiring for an HR Position, Be Sure to Ask...
Looking for interview questions that will help you identify the best candidates for your Human Resources jobs? These are my favorite questions to ask potential HR staff members. Take a look.
Improve Teamwork and Cooperation with This...
Want a winning team building ice breaker that you can use for meetings, training classes, and team building? This ice breaker is infinitely flexible.
What Is Performance Management?
Want to understand performance management? It encompasses helping make an employee's time at work productive and successful from hire to retire. Learn more.
Top 10 Reasons Why Employees Quit Their Job
Are you concerned about retaining your best, most contributing employees? You should be. Here are the top 10 reasons why employees quit their job. These are work conditions you control.
Here's a Sample Announcement for Welcoming a...
Need a sample new employee announcement? This sample letter introduces the new employee, tells coworkers about her job, and provides location information.
10 Ways That You, Too, Can Be Happy at Work
Want to find happiness at work? Most employees want to love their job but they struggle with how. Here are 10 tips to help you find happiness at work.
Job Rejection Letter Sample
Do you need a sample job rejection letter? This sample job rejection letter is for candidates who interviewed with your organization twice.
What Does a Chief Executive Officer Do?
What does a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) do? He or she is the highest ranking executive manager in a corporation or organization. Learn more.
Practice Your Interview with These Cultural Fit...
Do you assess a job candidate's cultural fit when you interview potential employees? These interview questions will help you determine the potential fit.
Meet and Greet Meeting Ice Breakers
Want a fun and appreciated ice breaker to help your session attendees get to know each other? This ice breaker is quick and fun to do at your meeting.
10 Excellent Ways to Show Appreciation for Your...
Looking for ways to show appreciation to your coworkers and employees? Opportunities are unlimited and need not be expensive or time-consuming. Learn more.
Sample Human Resources Assistant Job Description
Need a free, comprehensive, sample job description for a Human Resources Assistant? You can customize this sample job description for your company needs.
How to Implement a Performance Management...
This Performance Management Process Checklist will help you create an effective employee performance management and development system. See the checklist.
What You Need to Know about Firing Someone
You can get your company in legal trouble if you don't fire employees properly. The steps that you take when you fire an employee really matter. Here's how.
How to Create a Culture of Teamwork at Your...
Want to know more about how to build a culture in your organization that fosters teamwork? You can by doing the right things - right. Of course, they're the hard things.
Job Description
Need to know what's needed for an effective job description? They define an employee's role and responsibilities and provide clear direction. See more.
Job Description Template
Need a job description template to simplify the process of developing a job description? This job description template provides a guide for you to use.
Everything Legal You Need to Know About Holiday...
You need to regularly review your company's holiday pay practices to ensure they're legal. Here are answers to common questions regarding holiday pay.
Know How a Pay Grade Works
Do you want to understand the meaning of a pay grade? It is a step in a compensation system that defines your pay. Find out more.
Know the New Roles of the Human Resources...
Interested in the new roles of Human Resources professionals? Transformation of the traditional role and three new roles for HR staff are provided.
How to Welcome a New Employee
Know how to best welcome a new employee? The welcome is more than just a company announcement and a boss assignment. You need to do much more. Here's what.
Your Handy Checklist for Recruiting and Hiring...
A systematic process for hiring employees will bring your company a superior workforce. Use this hiring checklist as a guide to hiring quality employees.
What Is Organizational Culture?
People in every workplace talk about organization culture, the mysterious word that characterizes a work environment. Find out how to consciously create your culture.
Read About This Success Story in Performance...
The Performance Improvement Plan (PDP) facilitates constructive discussion between employee and supervisor. It specifies work performance to improve.
How to Deal With a Negative Coworker:...
Do you need tips to use when dealing with a negative coworker? Negativity matters when you spend so much time at work. Find out how to deal with negativity.
Job Offer Letter Sample for Employers
Need a free, sample job offer letter that is suitable for most employee job offers? Your candidates appreciate the job offer terms spelled out. See the sample.
A Formal, Professional Dress Code
Need a dress code for employees who must inspire confidence from customers? Find a sample dress code for an office that requires business formal attire.
Is Your Job Candidate a Good Leader? Find Out...
Need interview questions to ask potential employees to assess their leadership skills? These sample questions will draw out their leadership skills and experience.
The 9 Best Icebreakers for Meetings and...
Need sample ice breakers for your training classes and meetings? If you do, these are thoughtful and fun. You can use them as is or develop variations. Enjoy.
Why Is Job Analysis So Important?
Need to know how to do a job analysis? If you're writing job descriptions, you do. Learn more about the job analysis.
Sample Cover Letter for a Human Resources...
Looking for a sample cover letter for a prospective employee applying for the job of Human Resources manager? Here's a sample cover letter for applicants for HR manager jobs.
Top 10 Ways to Retain Your Great Employees
Want to keep your best employees when many employees are looking for new jobs? Here are 10 ways to retain your great employees. Start with these four.
How to Make a Template for Job Applicant...
Need a rejection letter for potential employees? Use this sample template to tell the applicant that you will not further consider his application.
Unusual Job Interview Questions Help Select the...
Because job candidates have prepared answers to common interview questions, you might learn more about your potential employees by asking unusual questions.
Know How to Write Letters of Reprimand for...
Want to know how to write a letter of reprimand that formally communicates to an employee that he or she has a performance problem? Here's how.
10 Tips to Improve Teamwork in Your Office
Wonder how you can make your work teams successful? The good news is that you can get team work right. These ten tips will help your teams succeed.
Sample Questions for 360 Reviews
Need a structure for your 360 review process? You need to organize the manner in which you receive feedback. These sample questions will help.
Sample Welcome Letter
Here's a simple, sample welcome letter for new employees. This letter serves just one purpose. You are welcoming your new employee to your organization.
360 Degree Feedback: The Good, the Bad, and the...
360 feedback is a process that provides each employee with the opportunity to receive performance feedback from coworkers. See what 360 accomplishes.
How to Ask for a Pay Raise
Do you want to make more money for your job? If so, you need to know how to ask for a pay raise. Follow these steps for your best chance for a raise.
Conflict of Interest
Need to understand what a conflict of interest at work entails? Here's a definition and see examples of potential workplace conflicts of interest.
What Is Integrity - Really?
Understand the full implications of integrity - or a lack thereof - at work? Integrity is the foundation for relationships, teams, and trust. Learn more.
10 Tips for Effective Performance Reviews
Want to make your performance reviews more effective? If you incorporate these best practice tips, you will encourage employee development. Find out how.
Smart Casual Dress Code
Interested in what comprises smart casual business attire for the office? These photos show employees wearing smart casual clothing for work.
Need to Reject a Job Candidate? This Letter...
Following a job interview, all but one candidate must receive a job rejection letter. Sooner is better to send a job rejection letter to help your job applicants get on with their job search. Sending a rejection letter in a timely manner marks you as an employer of choice, too. Here is a sample job rejection letter that employers can send to candidates who were rejected following the job interview.
Employment Ending Checklist: Use a Checklist in...
Need to know what to do when an employment termination occurs? No matter the reason, employers need to follow certain steps. Here's what you need to do.
Useful Human Resources Letter Samples for Every...
Need sample letters to use in your daily HR business? These sample letters help you make job offers, resign from your job, thank employees, and more.
What Is Business Attire?
Interested to know what to wear to work? Business attire standards have changed, but how you dress must still suit your workplace and your company dress code.
Non-exempt Employees
Know what differentiates a nonexempt employee from an exempt employee in the workplace? Find out.
Bereavement Leave Sample Policy
Do you need a bereavement or funeral leave sample policy to use as a guide to craft your own? Use this sample bereavement policy as your starting point.
Paid Time Off: How to Write a PTO Policy for...
Need a sample paid time off (PTO) policy? When you decide to provide employees with flexible time off to meet life needs, this sample policy will guide you.
How to Demonstrate Respect at Work
What do you and other employees want from your workplace on a daily basis? To be treated with dignity and respect is the common answer. Find out how.
Gearing Up for Layoffs? Here's a Sample...
Use this sample layoff termination letter when you have to lay off employees. They deserve the courtesy and warrant your consideration during a layoff.
Leave of Absence
Do you offer a leave of absence to employees? A leave of absence policy retains employees when they experience life events that keep them from working.
Cell Phone Policy Sample for Workplaces
Need a cell phone policy sample for your workplace? You can use it to create your own policy, but it is not to be construed as legal advice. See more.
Need to Fire an Employee for Cause? Here's a...
Sometimes employers fire employees for cause. Here's a sample termination letter that informs an employee of the reason for his dismissal.
Teamwork Job Interview Questions for Employers...
Need interview questions to ask potential employees to assess their teamwork skills? These sample questions will draw out their team building skills and experience.
Sample Human Resources Director Job Description
Need a sample job description for a Human Resources Director? This sample will help you develop the right job description for your organization.
Floating Holiday: Employer Considerations
What's a floating holiday and how does an employer need to deal with them? Employers might want to consider offering one. Find the policy decisions necessary.
Sample Exit Interview Questions
Want sample exit interview questions? You can get feedback from an employee who has resigned about what your organization can improve. Use these questions to ensure success. Page 2.
Overcome Your Fear of Confrontation and Conflict
Meaningful confrontation isn't easy but conflict is often necessary to stick up for your rights at work. These tips will make you more comfortable with conflict.
Why Pay Severance?
Why might an employer want to pay severance pay in a layoff situation? Find out about severance and see why you may want to offer it to departing employees.
Break Into a Career in Human Resources
Want to break into a career in Human Resources? It's a fast growing, potentially lucrative, career. Here's how to get your foot in the door.
Learn From These Sample Recognition Letters
Want to provide recognition to employees who contribute in your workplace? You can reinforce and make recognition more powerful when you write a letter, too.
Want 10 Ways to Make Your Coworker’s...
Want to know how to make your coworker's retirement memorable? Here are ten ways to honor and celebrate your retiring coworker's career. Find out more.
Application Acknowledgement Letter Sample
Need a sample applicant acknowledgement letter? This acknowledgement letter lets your job applicants know that you received their resume and cover letter.
Photographs of Business Formal Dress Code Attire
A collection of images that showcase a variety of Business Formal clothing options, including Business Formal clothing options suitable for a formal work environment, for men and women.
6 Steps to Accomplishing Your Goals and...
You can achieve your goals and resolutions and live out your dreams. These six steps will tell you how you can accomplish them.
See a Sample Condolence Letter
Need a sample condolence letter for a coworker who experience a close family member's death? They're appreciated. See a sample letter for a family death.
Be Inspired With These Business Quotes
Interested in an inspirational quote about work? These are my favorites. Take a look.
Your Handy Guide to Various Workplace Dress Codes
Are you interested in adopting a work dress code? Here's everything you need, including images, to help you decide on the business attire needs for your workplace.
Leaving Your Job for a New Opportunity? Here's...
Have you found a new job? You'll need to write a resignation letter for your current employer. Here's a sample resignation letter to use when you resign.
Create Your Personal Vision Statement
Do you have a personal vision that guides your life and provides direction for your choices? You can create a personal vision statement that does. Here's how.
Helpful Tips for Interviewing Potential Employees
Need job interview tips that will help you hire superior employees? These tips will help you conduct powerfully positive interviews. Find out more.
Sample Employment Offer Letter
Need a simple employment offer letter that will serve the needs of the majority of your job offers? This simple, sample letter fits the bill. See the letter.
Leadership Values and Ethics
Successful leaders demonstrate their values and ethics in every action they take at work and in their interaction with coworkers. Learn more.
Hostile Environment Claims: Not Limited to...
Need to understand the legal issues that surround workplace harassment? Start with the fact that sexual harassment is not the only kind of harassment to prevent. Any harassment of an individual who is in a protected classification is a legal issue. Find out more.
How to Write an Employee Recognition Letter
Want to effectively recognize employees in a way that they will remember for years? Write an employee recognition letter. Here's how and a sample.
Simple, Sample Dress Codes for Business Attire
Need a simple dress code policy about business attire that tells employees what is appropriate to wear to work? If you don't want to go into a lot of detail, these policies specify business attire for a variety of work environments. See sample business attire dress codes.
10 Tough, and Common, Human Resources Problems
Have tough questions about HR or managing people in your workplace? These are ten of the most difficult problems that readers have asked for help in solving.
How to Develop a Policy
To ensure a safe, organized, convivial, empowering, nondiscriminatory work place, you need to write policies to guide the actions of employees. See how.
What Does a Manager Do?
Are you familiar with the role of a manager in an organization? It's a significant role because the manager leads and directs the work of employees. Find out more.
Hiring a Manager? Start With This Sample Job...
Interested in what a manager does? You may customize this manager job description for use in your organization. It covers the best basics.
How to Make Sure You Fire Employees Legally and...
Need tips about how to legally and ethically terminate an employee from their job? Ask these questions to make sure that the termination is fair and supportable.
What Is Talent Management - Really?
Think talent management is just a piece of HR jargon? Think again. It's your organization's commitment to recruit, hire, and retain superior employees.
How to Get Along With Your Boss
Guess who's in charge of your relationship with your boss? If you thought you, you're right. No one has as much invested nor as much to lose. See 10 tips.
Why It's Important for You to Develop a Good...
Why is developing job descriptions important? They provide clear direction for employees - which they want - and needed legal protection for the employer. Learn more.
Follow These Tips to Negotiate a Win-Win...
You have a salary negotiation window from the time you make a job offer until your chosen candidate accepts your job. Here are tips for a win-win agreement.
See a Sample New Employee Welcome Letter
A welcome letter confirms the employee's decision to accept the position and helps the employee feel wanted and welcomed.
Use This Sample Dismissal Letter as a Template
Need a sample dismissal letter to use when you want to terminate an employee for poor performance? If your performance data is solid, use this sample.
10 Smart Ideas for How to Recruit Great Job...
Need to recruit top talent? Forward thinking employers recruit a candidate pool of qualified potential employees before they need to fill a job. Find all 10 tips and learn to recruit stars.
How to Resign From Your Job
Want to know how to resign from your job in a way that ensures positive relationships in the future? You can professionally resign without burining bridges. Here's how.
A Great Example of a Resume Cover Letter That...
Need a sample resume cover letter that is a good example of what employers want to receive? This cover letter provides the key information they need. Page 2.
New Employee Announcement
Need a new employee announcement? This sample lets your employees know that the new employee is starting. Prepare them so that they can welcome the new employee.
You May Receive at Your New Job an Internet and...
Need a simple, straightforward sample email and Internet policy? Please utilize this sample to form the basis for your work email and Internet policies.
The Scoop on Salary Increases
Want current information on pay raises available in 2014? See what employers are paying their employees. You might be surprised - pleasantly - or not.
Improve Your Performance at Work With These 8...
Want to improve your work performance? These 8 simple, useful tips will help you improve your performance on the job every day - immediately. Find out more.
Speed Meeting Icebreaker
Need an ice breaker that helps meeting participants connect? This speed meeting ice breaker connects people via movement, communication, and shared purpose.
Get to Know Each Other Ice Breakers
Want to help participants meet each other during a meeting, training, or team building session? Engage people in comfortable conversations. Here's how.
How to Reduce Resistance to Change
Resistance to change is a natural reaction when employees are asked, well, to change. Change is uncomfortable and requires new ways of thinking and doing. You can reduce resistance to change by the actions you take and how you involve the employees who will be asked to change. You can reduce employee resistance to change by taking these actions.
Quotes about Teamwork
Need an inspirational quote about teamwork, team building or teams for your workplace publications, presentations, or website? Here are my favorites.

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