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Diversity Issues: Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity issues related to race, gender, age, disabilities, religion, job title, physical appearance, sexual orientation, nationality, multiculturism, competency, training, experience, and personal habits are explored in these links. The bias is toward valuing diversity.
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Diversity in the Workplace: Search for Similarities – Just Like Me
Want to develop effective working relationships with diverse people at work? Start with similarities, not differences, among people when you build relationships. Diversity in the workplace adds a special richness, but also special challenges. Effective diversity work relationships are critical for your success.

Prevent Employment Discrimination and Lawsuits
Interested in preventing employment discrimination lawsuits from employees and potential employees? No matter what kind of a lawsuit is defended, the employer always loses. You want to prevent employment discrimination lawsuits. Here's how.

Sexual Harassment Defined
A complete definition, with links to appropriate laws and sites, from your About HR Guide, Susan Heathfield.

How to Address an Employee Sexual Harassment Complaint
Fifteen steps and several tips maximize the effectiveness and legality of your investigation. Find out more.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Equal employment opportunity (EEO) laws make it illegal for employers to discriminate against an employee or potential employee in certain workplaces. The EEOC handles discrimination complaints. Learn more.

Women and Work: Then, Now, and Future
Tired of reading about Carly Fiorina and other successful women who are the poster faces for the 'you've come a long way, baby' spin doctors? What is happening for other women in the workforce? Notably, what does the future hold for women and work?

Nix Political Discussion at Work
In a workplace that honors diversity, every person’s politics, religious beliefs, sexual orientation and opinions about non-work issues, should, for the most part stay home. Unless you work in a setting that is dependant on a particular set of beliefs, political discussion potentially causes conflict and hard feelings. Nix politics and political...

Appreciating Diversity During the Holidays
Have you ever thought about the diverse holiday traditions of the many people world-wide? Diversity means more than sending a holiday card rather than a Christmas card. Find out more.

Best Companies for Lesbians
Kathy Belge, the About.com Lesbian Life writer and editor provides information and selection criteria for why some companies are better than others for Lesbians. She has a good piece on comig out at work as well.

Affirmative Action and Diversity Project
Excellent resource which explores all aspects of affirmative action, including legislation and current topics. This research site does not take a position either pro or con affirmative action.

Workplace Issues - Gay/Lesbian Life
Need information about gay and lesbian workplace issues? Check these helpful resources from Deborah Levinson.

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