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Top 6 Work-Life Balance Books: Your Family-Friendly Future


Spring is the season for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Family Support Month. Concurrently, work-life balance is a hot issue in the HR field. Organizations search for ideas and examples of innovative approaches to recruiting and retaining employees who are interested in more flexible, family-friendly employment. These books will help you recruit your next generation of employees.

1. The Employee Recruitment and Retention Handbook (AMACOM)

Looking for a good overview source for recruitment and retention ideas? Diane Arthur offers a comprehensive resource. Citing examples and surveys from real companies, the book examines today’s diverse workforce in depth. Find offbeat perks that work, tips on structuring flexible work options, and a chapter on balancing work with personal life.

2. Harvard Business Review on Work and Life Balance

The mommy track article, telecommuting, what men want, work-life balance, and alternative workplace ideas are here. Look for the latest thinking from the Harvard Business Review about the delicate balance that exists between your employees’ work and personal lives. Implement the ideas in your workplace to recruit and retain the best.

3. Beyond Work-Family Balance (Jossey-Bass)

This research-based book makes a strong case that organizations emphasizing work-life balance, from diverse views of what this means, also experience business results. A groundbreaking book, the researcher authors offer both solutions and the problems inherent in bringing about workplace change. There are no easy answers, but some of the answers are here.

4. Embracing Excellence (Prentice Hall)

In today's competitive environment, basic compensation is no longer the primary consideration for accepting and staying in a particular job. Franklin Ashby and Arthur Pell recommend that employers offer perks such as family counseling, flex-time, financial advice, childcare assistance, exercise facilities and concierge services. Exit interviewing effectively helps create the right programs.
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5. ReINVENTING WORK: Innovative Strategies (Artemis Consultants)

Research sponsored by The Ford Foundation at Tandem Computers, Xerox and Corning discovered how to integrate work and personal life and improve business results at the same time. A new model for conceptualizing and addressing work-life issues is presented by an author who team led the changes at one company. The managerial role in successful work-life integration is examined. Workbook format.
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6. Love 'Em or Lose 'Em: Getting Good People to Stay (Berrett-Koehler)

Chapters feature how you can help your best employees remain committed to your organization. The section on family-friendly conduct, for example, suggests uncovering needs by asking employees what would make their lives easier. You can meet these needs by allowing staff to occasionally bring children to the office, giving weekday comp time to people who travel on weekends, and more.
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