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Resources to Help Balance Work, Life and Family: Employee Assistance

Is balancing work, life, and family a priority for you? These resources will assist the HR professional to balance work, life, and family issues, needs, and concerns. They will help you help others in your organization and serve as referral resources.

Life and Family Challenges With Flexible Work Schedules?

Employers agree on the life and family advantages of flexible work schedules for employees. The flexibility allows employees latitude when children are sick, for doctor’s appointments, teacher conferences, and the myriad of life and family responsibilities with which work competes. Working out the details is moe challenging.

Negotiate a Flexible Schedule

The advantages of a flexible work schedule for employees are clear and well-documented. So, plan your negotiation for a flexible work schedule with your employer in mind. The negotiation is not about you. It’s not about what works best for you and your family. The negotiation is about the advantages to the employer for allowing you to work a flex schedule. With thoughtfulness and a little creativity, you can turn every advantage to you and your family into an advantage for your employer.

Lactation Accommodation Policy

To assist the transition of women from maternity leave back to work following the birth of a child, lactation accommodation is provided. Lactation accommodation allows a nursing mother to express milk periodically during the work day. The American Academy of Pediatrics, long time advocates of breast feeding, updated their research and findings about the beneficial impact of breast feeding on the health of both the mother and the child.

Top 6 Work-Life Balance Books: Your Family-Friendly Future

Spring is the season for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Family Support Month. Concurrently, work-life balance is a hot issue in the HR field. Organizations search for ideas and examples of innovative approaches to recruiting and retaining employees who are interested in more flexible, family-friendly employment. These books will help you...

How Real Women Get Ahead: The Woman’s Advantage at Work

Forget what you’ve heard about “being one of the boys,” “having it all,” and “going for the jugular.” Here is how real working women get ahead. Working women favor smarts and skills over sexy, communicate superbly, and earn and learn from line management positions. Learn more about how real working women get ahead: the woman’s advantage at work.

Understanding Stress and Workplace Stress

Stress is normal. Everyone feels stress related to work, family, decisions, your future, and more. Stress is both physical and mental. It is caused by major life events such as illness, the death of a loved one, a change in responsibilities or expectations at work, and job promotions, loss, or changes. Read on to understand the impact of stress and stress in the workplace.

Promote Your Personal Growth and Motivation

Are you feeling blah about your life? Does boredom make you unmotivated and unexcited? Are you having a mid-life crisis? You can promote your personal growth and motivation to overcome this inertia. Here are ideas and tools that will help you explore personal growth, set new goals, choose motivation and get your life and work back on a course that excites, motivates and fills your life with joy.

I Just Lost My Job: How Am I Going To Tell My Kids?

One of the responsibilities of a human resources professional is to let employees know that their job has been eliminated. Job loss and the following job search are painful and upsetting for most people. Additionally, parents must tell family members about the job loss and mitigate their fears about the family, the income and the job search. Here are ten tips.

The Time of Your Life

Take a look at these top ten time management and productivity enhancement tools. From my Palm and its keyboard to my favorite, current, stress-free productivity boosting book, you'll get ideas that will help you best use the time of your life, too.

The Alliance of Work/Life Professionals

The Alliance of Work/Life Professionals is the professional organization for those working in the field of life balance, whether academics or practitioners. The Alliance also offers a certification program for members, and periodic professional development opportunities.

4therapy.com Network

This site offers much useful information about work, life, and family issues and concerns including substance abuse, anxiety, stress, grief,loss, and sadness and depression. It also offers a therapist locator search tool. Very useful resource!

Work and Family Connection

The Work and Family Connection highlights issues of importance relating to work and families and the professionals who work with these issues. Visit the site for monthly columns and frequently updated news.

Create a Very, Merry Holiday Season: Tips

You can have a stress-free holiday season if you do four things right. Keep your expectations rational, take care of yourself, take control of your time and limit your commitments, and embrace your family and friends. Want to know more?
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