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Training Tips, Tools, and Icebreakers

Training tips, tools, and icebreakers will help your training classes hold interest, capture imagination, and help employees learn. These tips, tools, and icebreakers will make your training classes and workshops memorable.
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How to Develop an Ice Breaker
Tired of spending time searching for an ice breaker and then, spending the time necessary to redesign the ice breaker for your needs? You can develop an ice breaker that will warm up the conversation in your training class, reinforce the topic of the training session, and ensure that participants enjoy the training. Sure, you can find an ice...

How to Develop Group Norms: Step-by-Step
Do you want to ensure that your work teams interact effectively and meet their goals? Establish group norms to accomplish this. Here are the exact steps to follow.

Conduct a Simple Training Needs Assessment
You can identify the training needs of a group of people who all perform the same or a similar job with this simple approach to training needs assessment. It's highly effective in your arsenal of training and development tools.

Training and Development for Motivation and Retention: Training and...
Know what employees want from work? They want the chance to continue to develop their skills. Learn how you can give your employees many different training options.

Color Me Purple for Team Building
In a team building exercise I have used for years, participants are asked to name their favorite color. Then, they are asked to list words that describe their favorite color. The consistently most popular color selected has been blue, then red. Blue words have included sky, serene, and calming. Red words have included exciting, daring, and noticeable. What is your favorite color and why?

Spice Up Your Company Meeting: Ten Tips for Meeting Planning
Are you the planner of the monthly or periodic company or department meeting? They can be deadly dull if you're not careful. You know the drill. A bunch of talking heads line up to give people important company information. People are interested, but the most effective meetings woo their attention with thought-provoking questions and answers,...

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