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Top 10 Recommendations for the Welcoming Human Resource Office


You’ve heard the terms, "dress for success," applied to clothing and accessories people wear to work. Let’s apply the same concept to your Human Resources professional office. There are items and artifacts that are “musts” for a well-dressed, functional, welcoming environment for people. Think about the work you do; is your office really complete without these?

1. Posters and Prints

Motivational, inspirational posters and prints make the welcoming Human Resource office especially inviting. In the day-to-day ups and downs at work, employees look for words of encouragement, hope, and excitement. Decorate your walls with inspiration and beauty.
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2. Conference Table

The welcoming Human Resource office will offer formal and informal seating so employees have room to spread out their papers and notebooks. You’ll also want a place to work on projects that you don’t want to leave spread all over your desk. A conference table is a welcome addition that fulfills both needs. (Don’t forget comfortable chairs, too.)
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3. Leather Sofa or Love Seat

Neither too masculine nor too feminine, a leather sofa signals stability and permanence to employees who visit your welcoming office. You offer comfortable seating in an informal environment that encourages confidences. Your welcoming environment is a sure bet with an attractive, comfortable leather sofa.
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4. Book Cases for Your Book Library

You keep a basic library of books that staff can borrow to read, don’t you? Your book recommendations can help employees efficiently pick the best reading material for their work situation or problem. Your welcoming Human Resource office will have a basic library of books for you to recommend and loan.
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5. Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers are things of beauty that are welcoming to employees who visit your Human Resource office. Sure, I know watering them and keeping them looking alive is a bit of a pain, but they add a sense of growth and continuity to any room they grace. When working all day at the office, employees look forward to seeing green, living plants in their environment.
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6. Chocolate Invites Visits

Your welcoming Human Resource office will stock bowls of candy and other employee-magnets. The most visited Human Resource manager I know always has two things in her office: bowls of candy and small magnetic brain and hand teasers. They’re both addictive and bring her much company.
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7. Magnetic Toys Mesmerize

You’ve all seen them on a co-worker's desk: magnetic toys that draw the eye and keep the hands busy while you talk. They’re a welcoming item when employees have difficulty finding the right words and telling their stories. On the other hand, you might need a distraction to while away some time, too.
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8. Tea in Addition to Coffee and Water

Seems as if coffee is available in every office. Consider making special tea and bottled water available, too. Your non-coffee-drinking employees and people who are coffeed-out for the day, will thank you.
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9. Pictures, Certificates, and Photographs

Your welcoming Human Resource office tells employees something about you. Frame pictures of your family, pictures of employee gatherings and events, and certificates you earn for attending training sessions. Put a human face on your office and add to peoples' comfort in approaching you. You also telegraph your support for learning and continuous improvement.
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10. Information and Announcement Bulletin Board

Even with Intranets and other announcement tools, nothing beats an old-fashioned bulletin board covered with employee and company messages, flyers, announcements and events. Another employee magnet, use your bulletin board as an additional communication tool.
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