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Sample Employee Thank You Letter

A Thank You Letter Is a Powerful Way to Recognize Employees


Thank You Letters Add Recognition to the Workplace

Thank You Letters Add Recognition to the Workplace

Helge Woell

A thank you letter at work from a manager, supervisor or coworker is a visible and highly regarded sign of appreciation. This sample thank you letter provides you with an example that you can adapt for your workplace needs. This sample thank you letter demonstrates that you value the recipient and his or her contribution. Use this sample thank you letter as a guide when you write your own thank you letters.

Remember that the key to effective employee recognition and thank you letters from supervisors, beyond your fundamental thankfulness, is to reinforce behavior that you'd like to see the employee continue.

You can hand write this thank you letter on a note card and a formal address is unnecessary.


Dear Katie,

Your team was rocking this quarter. You exceeded your own product development timeline by almost 30 days. This allows us to release the product almost a month early which gives us great traction before the spring buying season begins.

You'd be the first to tell me that it's the team's efforts that will allow us to early release. But, that team needed a leader to help keep them on track. You also do an excellent job of providing timely feedback and recognition to team members.

People on your team feel important and appreciated. As a result, they work hard, have high morale, and accomplish amazing things. I wish that I had more team leaders who were as effective as you at team leadership.

In recognition of your team's contribution and success, let me know when you'd like to take half of a day off to participate together in a team building / recognition event of your choice.

I want you to know that the executive team really appreciates your efforts on our behalf.


Andrea Samson for the Executive Team

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