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The areas of business planning, human resources planning, and strategic planning and performance measurement are outgrowths of the desire of managers, stakeholders and stockholders for direction and accountability. These strategic planning sites bring excellent resources to the strategic planning effort.
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Build a Strategic Framework: Mission, Vision Statement ...
Need information about how to do strategic planning? This basic article walks you through the steps in strategic planning. Organizations whose employees understand the mission and goals enjoy a 29% greater return from their business. Find out more about strategic planning.

How to Implement Strategic Planning: Vision Statement, Mission Statement,...
Organizations in which employees understand and support the mission and goals enjoy a 29% greater return than other firms according to recent studies. Find out how to enhance the success of the time you spent in strategic planning.

Leadership Vision
Leaders have vision. They think strategically and have a firm direction, They share a dream and direction that other people want to share and follow. The leadership vision goes beyond your written plan. Find out more.

Thinking Strategically First Makes Strategic Planning Work
Strategic planning for organizations is not fun. Strategic planning is often done under duress because it is required. Strategic planning is important yet many plans are found on bookcases, not on the desktops being used. Done well, strategic plans provide a useful focus that energizes and moves the organization toward its mission, plus it provides a document to recruit others to the mission.

Why Strategic Plans Fail to Inspire Employee Confidence
Employees claim that they don't understand their company's strategic direction and they have little confidence in their executives' leadership to obtain the strategic goals. Here's why employees feel this way and what you can do to change this.

Strategic Planning Pitfalls - to Avoid
You can learn the strategic planning pitfalls to avoid as you attempt to implement your plan. Avoid these key challenges so that you succeed.

Quick Start Learning Guide: Strategic Planning
Want to learn about strategic planning quickly and efficiently? Don't want to read all the site resources about strategic planning and strategic Human Resources just yet? These are the articles I'd like you to read in this order and why. This is the quick path to learning about strategic planning.

Mission Is What You Do
A mission is your expression of what it is that your organization does. Your mission tells a customer, employee, shareholder, vendor or interested job candidate exactly what you are in business to do. Learn more about what a mission is at it relates to corporate or organizational strategic planning.

Vision Is Your Desired Future
A vision is a picture of your organization's desired future expressed in a way that resonates with all members of the organization. The vision is shared with employees, customers, shareholders, vendors, and candidates for employment and creates shared meaning about what your organization wants to become. Learn more about what a vision is at it...

Core Values Are What You Believe
Do you know what core values are? They are your deeply held beliefs, your highest priorities, and the fundamental forces that drive your actions. You've taken a lifetime to develop the values you bring to work.

Build an Organization Based on Values
Organizational values are a critical component in building an organization's business strategy. Why not identify and nurture values that support your mission, vision, and goals?

How to Make Values Live in Your Organization
Your culture is the outward demonstration of the values that exist in your workplace. Are these values creating the workplace you want? Do these values promote a culture of extraordinary customer care by happy, motivated, productive people? Find out more.

Preventing Predictable Decision Making Errors
Predictable errors in decision making are preventable errors. And a few simple techniques can help you steer clear of the most common wrong turns in decision making. They can get you to your go point, that decisive moment when the essential information has been gathered, the pros and cons weighed, and the time has come to get off the fence and...

Planning and Analysis in Change Management
Change is possible; the need for change is increasing; change capability is necessary for organizations that will succeed in the future; effective change management strategies rule. Learn about planning and analysis in change management. Check out the results of my change management survey about the affect of effective planning and analysis in...

Create Your Personal Vision Statement
Need help with strategic planning and manaement? They start with your personal vision and values. Find out how to create a vision statement.

Poll: Why Is Creating a Personal Vision Statement Important?
Do you have a personal vision statement? If so, why? If not, why not?

How to Do Space Planning in Your Office
Need tips about space planning in your office? One part of strategic planning is to house your employees comfortably so that they can serve customers and achieve goals. Find out how.

Strategic Planning Special Resource
Want to learn how to plan and implement a strategic planning process. This special resource from About's John Reh will get your organization the information you need to implement a business planning, human resources planning, or strategic planning process.

Basic Guidelines for a Successful Planning Process
The fundamental steps in a successful strategic planning process are well defined in this series of articles. Answers questions such as what is a mission, who to involve, and how to evaluate both the plan and the planning process.

Strategic Planning Resources
Looking for more resources about strategic planning? The Free Management Library compiles a multitude of resources worth checking out.

Identify and Live Your Personal Values
The success and happiness strategy for your work and life starts with the identification of your personal values. What personal values must exist in your workplace for your success and happiness?

How to Make Values Live in Your Organization
Understanding and embracing the values that are important for your workplace to succeed means taking the time to identify them. Here's how to identify values which many organizations do as they start their strategic planning process.

HR as Product: Be the Brand of Choice
Are you interested in rethinking the strategic role of the Human Resources practitioner? Here are tips for building the HR department's image, reputation, and brand. You can contribute as a strategic business partner.

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