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Sourcing Potential Employees

Sourcing employees occurs through networking, online social media, ads, referrals, and more. You want to develop a deep, qualified pool of candidates for your positions. Find out about sourcing employees to eventually develop your short list of candidates for interviews and job offers. Use sourcing techniques to find talented candidates before you need them.

Use the Web for Recruiting: Recruit Online
Are you tempted to recruit talent online? If you haven't started recruiting on the web already, you're behind the curve. You've heard that web recruiting will yield hundreds of untargeted resumes from around the world? Most job sites allow you to reject resumes with unwanted keywords and locations. Do you think executive recruiting is best done...

How to Post Jobs Online
Think online job posting can help you find the best candidates for your jobs? It can. Here are the 10 best ways to use online job postings to source potential employees and recruit top talent.

You Can Garner Great Employee Referrals
54% of the companies that participated in a recent Towers Watson survey reported problems attracting employees with critical skills, despite the high unemployment rate. Of the surveyed companies, 37% report having trouble hiring top-performing employees. You can overcome the shortage of top performing employees when you create a work culture...

3 Social Recruiting Trends
Want to know why social recruiting is the new norm for employers who seek potential employees? The best talent and the latest information about prospects is in social media. Employers need to be there, too.

Use Social Media for Recruiting, Screening, and Background Checks?
Think social media is the new best place for sourcing potential employees? It is. Learn about how to use social media for recruiting employees.

Working With Recruiters: What Is a Recruiter ... Really?
Curious about the role of the recruiter in your job search? Who pays the recruiter? What do you want to look for in a professional recruiting firm? What recruiting scam do you want to avoid? These questions and more are answered about recruiters.

Employee Referral Program
Want to tap into the power of an employee referral program? A referral program that emphasizes potential employee referrals from current employees is a method employers use to find superior employees. In this age of online social media and social networking, a referral program has even broader potential to locate qualified candidates. With or...

What Is Social Media?
You can use social media sites to source potential employees. The stronger your contacts within social media, the better the networking opportunities that yield employees. Use social media to advertise jobs, build your company's image and tap into candidates in your employees' social media networks. Learn more.

Recruitment of Employees - What's Your Best Strategy?
The recruitment of employees has become both easier and more challenging. The advent of the online world of job boards, recruitment websites, and social media increases your likelihood of finding world class candidates. The online world also gives you so many candidates to consider that weeding through applications is time consuming.

Ideas for Recruiting Employees - Develop Your Employee Recruiting
You can develop relationships with potential candidates long before you need them. These ideas will also help you in recruiting a large pool of candidates when you have a current position available. What works for you in recruiting great employees?

How to Reduce the Cost of Advertising: Ad Adventures
It’s expensive to advertise available positions in newspaper classifieds and online. You can significantly reduce the cost of online advertising and classified advertising with a bit of effort and rewriting. The cost savings is definitely worth your time. Want to know more? I'll share a recent experience.

Must HR Post Jobs Externally?
As an employer, do you need to post your open jobs externally before making a job offer to a candidate? The circumstances vary. Learn more.

Must HR Post Jobs Internally?
As an employer, do you need to post jobs internally before you decide to review external candidates? The circumstances vary in the private sector, public sector, and civil service. Learn more.

What Works in Employee Recruitment?
Need insight into how to spend your employee recruitment dollars and time? SilkRoad's second annual study gives you information about what yields results. Learn more about successful candidate sourcing.

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