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Job Offer Samples

Use These Sample Job Offer Letters to Confirm the Details of Your Job Offer


The job offer is the culmination of all of the work and employee time you have invested in your hiring process. You have selected the candidate you want to hire and the job offer formalizes the terms and conditions under which you will employ the individual.


Generally negotiated in advance of the final, formal job offer, verbally or in writing, the job offer is the equivalent of an employment contract. Use these sample job offer letters as guides for your own job offers.

General Job Offer Letter

Generic job offer.
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The job offer is provided to the candidate you have selected for the position. Most frequently, the candidate and the organization have verbally negotiated the conditions of hire and the job offer confirms the verbal agreements. This is a sample job offer that you can use generically for most entry level to mid-level positions.

Early Career or Entry Level: Sample Job Offer

Early career job offer.
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This sample job offer is customized for the early career professional. The beginning or early career employee usually accepts your standard job offer and the job offer letter is not complex.

These candidates are happy to have an offer, appreciative of any benefits provided, and unlikely to negotiate for different or additional conditions of employment. The most likely area of negotiation an entry level employee may pursue is additional salary above the job offer.

Mid-Career: Sample Job Offer

Mid-career job offer.
Pali Rao

This job offer, for potential employees who are mid-career, uses standard categories that cover most mid-career positions including manager, engineer, staff accountant, controller, network administrator, supervisor, and HR Generalist.

While the mid-career professional does make more of an effort to negotiate more benefits and working conditions than the early career professional, the negotiation bears little resemblance, generally, to that of an executive hire in their job offer.

Executive: Job Offer

Executive job offer.
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This executive job offer is customized for the high level director or executive. Executive contracts are often far more lengthy as the agreements reached can cover everything from compensation, moving expenses, and signing bonuses to millions of dollars in severance packages and stock options.

Sales Professional: Job Offer

Sales team makes a job offer.
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This job offer works for positions such as sales representative, telephone sales, business development, and outside sales. The sales professional will frequently try to negotiate more compensation and a higher commission rate. As a negotiator, he or she may also want to negotiate more of the benefits in the job offer.

Job Offer: Definition

The job offer is made to the candidate whose skills and experience best fit into your organization.
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The job offer is made to the candidate whose skills and experience best fit into your organization and culture. A job offer is a document that confirms the details of your offer of employment.
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