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You can use these tips and techniques to enhance your employee selection methods. They will help you narrow down the field to your most qualified applicants. Know that you've selected the most qualified employee when you make a job offer.
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How to Recruit and Hire the Best: A Checklist for Success
Want to recruit and hire a superior workforce? This checklist will help you systematize your hiring process. The checklist helps you keep track of your recruiting efforts. It communicates both the recruiting and the hiring process and progress in recruiting to the hiring manager. Take a look and provide feedback.

10 Tips for Hiring the Right Employee
Hiring the right employee is a challenging process. Hiring the wrong employee is expensive, costly to your work environment, and time consuming. Hiring the right employee, on the other hand, pays you back in employee productivity, a successful employment relationship, and a positive impact on your total work environment. Hiring the right...

How to Improve the Quality of Your Workforce
Want to know how to ensure that you are recruiting and hiring quality employees who will continue to develop and grow once hired? Here are ideas about how you can select and engage a superior workforce.

Plan Your Recruiting to Ensure Successful Candidate Selection
Do you select new employees based on an attractive resume and a successful interview or two? Are you often disappointed in your hires? Find out how to improve recruiting and selecting employees.

Nine Recruiting and Selection Tips to Ensure Successful Hiring
These nine tips will help you in recruiting and hiring a candidate who will become a successful, contributing superior employee. Learn how job analysis helps you in recruiting and hiring a superior staff.

Before You Make a Job Offer: 7 Critical Factors to Consider
What are the key factors that you must consider following candidate interviews and before you make a job offer? These seven critical factors will help you pick the right employee from your prospects.

In Sales and Marketing Hiring, You Can't Always Get What You Want
Hiring employees is becoming more challenging as employers are hiring employees from a shrinking pool of qualified candidates. Hiring employees is easier of you are willing to settle for 80% of your requirements and training the employee in the rest. You don't have to wait for the perfect sales and marketing candidate when you're hiring employees.

Believe What You See: How to Use Nonverbal Communication in Hiring
Have you ever made up your mind about a job candidate based on the way he sat in your lobby? Did you confirm that opinion when he walked across the room and shook your hand? Awareness of nonverbal communication and the messages job searchers send does influence your evaluation of job candidates – and it should. Aside from protected...

Ten Deadly Mistakes Job Searchers Make - And Why They Should Matter to Employers
Sometimes the simplest mistakes make all the difference in the potential joining together of an employer and a job searcher. These opportunities to fail occur before the first phone call is ever exchanged. If you’re an employer, these simple, yet serious, job searcher mistakes tell you volumes about the candidate. These deadly mistakes matter....

Internal Job Application for Career Opportunities
Looking for a format to use for your internal job application process? You do post job openings for your internal staff first, right? This form will give you a head start as you develop your internal job application and career opportunities process for current employees. Take a look and feel free to use or modify the form to meet your...

Job Candidate Evaluation Form
You want samples and examples, so, this featured tool is a Job Candidate Evaluation Form. Useful for comparing candidates, it also gives your interviewers information about the skills they need to assess in each candidate. Take a look and remember, you can print a printer-friendly version.

Applicant Tracking Software
Researching business technology can be a daunting task and finding a Human Resources Management System (HRMS), that meets the unique needs of your business and offers ease of acceptance by your employees, can present a challenge. To begin this process, I suggest exploring a Web-based HRMS solution, which avoids the pitfalls of a costly software...

Why Employers Hate Job Seekers
Recruiting an employee is arduous for an employer, at best. Current employees make a huge investment of time and energy to select the right employee. A well-prepared, qualified job seeker can increase their likelihood of landing the job by avoiding these job seeker behaviors employers hate. Employers magnify their chances of hiring a superior...

Reasons Why Employers Hate Job Searchers
Employers don't really hate job searchers but some of the things that job searchers do can drive an employer crazy. They also stand in the way of your employment.

Why "Blink" Matters: The Power of First Impressions
Does our knowledge of the fact that we are quick to jump to judgment about potential employees help us control the downside? There is a downside. Find out more.

Employee Involvement Is Key in a Successful Employee Selection Process
Your employee selection process is a critical component of your business success. If yours is a company that values people as your most important asset, the asset that sets you apart from your competitors, your selection process is vital. Your selection process must be legal, ethical, transparent, documented, and involve current employees...

Assess Job Fit When You Select Employees
Looking for information about job fit? It's a significant factor in employee selection and in predicting whether employees will thrive in their new jobs Without the right job fit, an employee will never experience as much happiness and success as he deserves at work. When job fit is a factor in employee selection, employers will likely be happy...

Testing for Employers
This personnel assessment guide for employers, developed by the Department of Labor, makes testing for such activities as hiring, promotion, and training, fair, legal, and helpful.

How to Provide Feedback to Unsuccessful Job Candidates
Do you want to provide feedback to the job candidates you are rejecting when they ask you why they didn't get the job? You're not obligated to, but it is gracious and kind if you will. Learn more.

An Employer's Guide to Interview Thank You Letters
What's an employer looking to find in an interview thank you letter? Here are tips about what you can learn about your candidates from their emails and letters that thank you for the interview.

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