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What education and credentials will serve you best as you embark upon or enhance your Human Resources career? Learn about undergraduate and graduate programs in the field. Arm yourself with the advice and information needed to succeed in school. Find out about Human Resources and other career-oriented certifications such as the SPHR and the PHR. Propel your career success.
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How to Prepare for a Career in Human Resources
Liking people is not the only qualification for pursuing a career in Human Resources. It helps, but it is insufficient for success. In Human Resources, like any other career, some minimum requirements exist to enter the field. But, you have the opportunity to continue to develop these skills and experiences as you work in Human Resources and...

Why Human Resources Leaders Need Degrees
Educational credentials are becoming increasingly important for HR leaders. And, you want to be an HR leader? Right? Consider getting a degree.

Do I Need Certifications to Work in Human Resources?
What certifications are required for the Human Resources professional? A PHR or SPHR are commonplace but it depends on company size and location and the competitive marketplace.

Do I have to go to college and get a degree to work in Human Resources?
What degree requirements are expected from the Human Resources professional. A Bachelor’s degree, and often, a Masters degree are the norm from Human Resources employees. Learn more about education requirements for HR employees.

Careers in Human Resources
Thinking about your roles and the trends organizations are experiencing now in Human Resources? Start here for helpful Human Resources careers, jobs, education and certification information. If you are considering a career in Human Resources, this Human Resources Career Planning Center will help you plan and evaluate your options.

Reinventing HR from the Classroom to the Boardroom
We need to reinvent the field of HR in our HR educational programs and in our businesses. HR needs to be more strategic to gain a seat at the “proverbial” table, and we need to be more business-oriented. However, the whole HR community must invest to educate, certify, and mentor HR professionals, or we will never see the industry gain the...

Poll: Do HR Leaders Need Degrees?
Most of you think they do, but others disagree. How about you?

Should You Go To Graduate School?
Tara Kuther, the About Guide to Grad School Admissions, discusses the factors you need to consider before you commit to several more years of school in a grad program.

College Admissions Information
The About site for College Admissions has some terrific information about selecting a school, applying for admission, and all other aspects of preparing to earn a college degree.

CollegeQuest.com requires your free registration to search the undergrad college data base. Once registered, you can search on “Human Resources,” “Labor and Industrial Relations,” and other career fields for colleges offering these degrees.

The Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI)
The Human Resource Certification Institute, of the Society for Human Resource Management, maintains the nationally recognized set of standards for credentialing HR professionals. Learn about the SPHR and the PHR and how to earn them at this site.

Ph.D. Programs in Human Resources and More
This site is for you if you know you are interested in Human Resources and want to explore doctoral programs. The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) offers a list of graduate schools offering Ph.D.s in Human Resources and related fields.

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