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Resignation Letters

When an employee resigns from your employment, ask the employee to write a resignation letter for his or her personnel file. This employee resignation letter supplies the employer with evidence that the employee resigned - and occasionally, why the employee resigned, for future review. Here are sample resignation letters so that the employer and employee have examples upon which to base their own employee resignation letters.

Resignation Letters Samples
Resignation letters samples give you ideas about how to professionally and gracefully resign from your job. These resignation letters samples cover the most common reasons why an employee might decide to resign his or her employment. Use these resignation letters to guide you when you decide to resign or are asked to write a resignation letter...

Resignation Letter Sample: Spouse Relocation
Here is a sample resignation letter to use when an employee must resign from his or her job to follow a spouse to a new location. Use this sample resignation letter when a spouse's new job requires employment resignation.

Sample Resignation Letter Stressing Future Plans
Need a sample resignation letter to use as you craft your own resignation? This letter informs your employer about your future plans and why you are leaving. It burns no bridges.

Resignation Letter Sample: Returning to School
See a sample employee resignation letter from an employee who is returning to school. This is a sample resignation letter for the human resources policy, checklist, procedure, and samples directory.

Resignation Letter: Personal Reasons
See a sample resignation letter from an employee who is leaving your employment for personal reasons. This sample resignation letter is for the human resources policy, checklist, procedure, and samples directory.

Resignation Letter Sample: New Job Opportunity
See a letter of resignation or a resignation letter from an employee with a new job opportunity. A resignation letter sample for the human resources policy, checklist, procedure, and samples directory.

Sample Resignation Letter: No Reason
Need a sample letter of recommendation? This sample resignation letter does not offer a reason for the resignation. It's simple and straightforward.

Resignation Letter Example: Better Use Skills
Are you interested in seeing a resignation letter example that you can customize and use to resign from your job? Your resignation letter needs to avoid burning bridges so that if a future opportunity is of interest, you'll be considered for the job.

Resignation Letter Template
Need to resign from your job? This template gives you the sample you need to write a professional resignation letter. Take a look and use it as a guide.

Resignation Letter: Happy to Resign
Sometimes your resignation brings you a sigh of relief. Perhaps your employer was awful and you are blessing your lucky stars to get out of there. Don't blow possible future opportunities, though, with a negative resignation. Keep your resignation positive and upbeat. Don't leave a negative impression with your resignation letter in your...

Employee Resigns to Become a Stay-at-Home Mom
Need a resignation letter sample? In this letter, an employee resigns to become a stay-at-home mom.

Sample Resignation Letter: Promotion Job Opportunity
Want to resign from your job? You've found a new job that is both a promotion and a new challenge. This resignation letter sample will alert your employer to your resignation and your reasons.

Sincerity Means Everything in a Resignation Letter
Have you ever wondered what to include in a resignation letter and why you might want to resign carefully and thoughtfully? Here are recommendations about what to include and why that were exchanged with a reader.

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