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Sample Candidate Rejection Letters

Employers of choice send rejection letters to candidates who were not selected for the job. Rejection letters give the message that you cared enough to want to make a lasting positive impression on potential employees. Send rejection letters after you decide that the applicant did not make your short list of interviewees. Rejection letters are especially appropriate for candidates who invested time to interview with your team. Use these sample rejection letters to tell applicants: no thank you.

Rejection Letter Template
Interested in using a rejection letter to inform applicants that they were unsuccessful in their job application? Use this rejection letter template to notify potential employees in a respectful, timely manner.

See Sample Rejection Letters
Want to professionally, thoughtfully, and kindly reject job applicants? Use these sample rejection letters as a guide. Take a look for useful samples of appropriate rejection letters to send to candidates you reject.

How to Write a Rejection Letter
Want to know how to write a candidate rejection letter? Here's how and a sample, too.

Candidate Rejection Letter Sample - Qualified Candidate
Looking for a sample candidate rejection letter? Your candidates appreciate receiving official notification from organizations in which they invested the time to apply and interview. Use this sample candidate rejection letter as a base for developing your own candidate rejection letters for people who seemed like good cultural fits.

Job Rejection Letter Sample
Do you need a sample job rejection letter? This sample job rejection letter is for candidates who interviewed with your organization twice. It is painful to send a job rejection letter to a candidate who you found qualified enough to tap for a second interview. But, it happens. Use this sample job rejection letter to professionally and politely,...

Rejection Letter
Do you need a candidate rejection letter that you can use in your organization to let candidates know that they were not selected for the job? This rejection letter tells you candidate professionally and kindly that another candidate was selected. Use this rejection letter to mark your position as an employer of choice. See a sample rejection...

Rejection Letter - Unqualified Candidate
Looking for a sample candidate rejection letter? The following is a sample rejection letter for a candidate who did not appear to be a good fit for the open position or for your company.

Rejection Letter - Want to Hire
Do you need a sample rejection letter? Here is a sample rejection letter for the applicants who did not get the job. Use this sample rejection letter to develop your own letters to politely and kindly turn a candidate down.

Rejection Letter Following Interview
Are you looking for a way to reject job candidates who won't be invited back for a second interview following their first interview? This job rejection letter gives you a sample to use to reject candidates for your jobs.

Rejection Letter for Job
Following a job interview, all but one candidate must receive a job rejection letter. Sooner is better to send a job rejection letter to help your job applicants get on with their job search. Sending a rejection letter in a timely manner marks you as an employer of choice, too. Here is a sample job rejection letter that employers can send to...

Rejection Letter Sample
Need a simple, sample rejection letter to send to unsuccessful applicants for your jobs? Here is a standard rejection letter for applicants you choose not to interview that is appropriate for most rejections.

Rejection Letter Sample for Applicant
Do you need an applicant rejection letter for the candidates who don't qualify for a first interview or phone screen? Here's a sample professional rejection letter you can use to turn down applicants.

Rejection Letter to Job Applicants
Job applicants who are not selected for an interview deserve a rejection letter. This is an example of a straightforward, simple rejection letter to send to job applicants who you don't select for a job interview.

Rejection Letter Example
Looking for an example of a candidate rejection letter? Thie rejection letter example is for use when you decide that the candidate doesn't share your cultural values.

Interview Rejection Letter
Do you need a letter to send to a job applicant following a first interview in your organization? Here is a sample rejection letter following an interview.

Letter of Rejection
Are you looking for a standard letter of rejection to send to applicants who don't qualify for your job? This sample letter of rejection provides a guide for you as you notify applicants.

Job Applicant Rejection Letter
Do you need a job applicant rejection letter? This sample will kindly inform your applicants that they will not be considered further for the job. See more.

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