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Salary Calculators, Salary Increase Calculators

Information about online salary calculator tools that you can use to research salary ranges, salaries for particular jobs, and salary increases. Use these salary calculators to stay abreast of job market pay, average salary increases, and current salaries.

About Salary.com Salary Comparison and Salary Calculator
Salary calculators allow you to determine the appropriate salary range for positions within your company. At Salary.com, projected salary comparisons are often high for positions, but you can also order a customized salary report that purports to take into consideration size of city, size of company, and more.

Economic Research Institute Salary Calculator
The ERI Salary Calculator will calculate lifetime salary earning potential as well as salary. With some jobs tracked since the 1970s, the purchased version looks like a solid tool for HR professionals to compare salary information geographically. The purchased tool also provides salary information for more than 400 executive positions.

Homefair.com Salary Calculator
The Homefair salary calculator figures out and compares salary between cities where you live ad where you want to move. From Realty.com.

Pay Raise Calculator
This pay raise calculator tells you what to expect from the salary increase or pay percentage increase for hourly, weekly, monthly, and annual pay raises.

SalaryExpert.com Salary Calculator
The SalaryExpert.com Salary Calculator calculates salary for jobs internationally as well as in the United States.

Fuzzy Math with Salary Calculators: How These Online Tools Work
Carl Bialik at CareerJournal.com analyzes the real helpfulness of free online salary calculators - not much is his answer. The data is all over the board from salary calculators and most salary calculator sponsors don't share their data collection methods.

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