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Safety: Workplace Safety and Employee Safety

Most employees have the expectation that their workplace will offer a safe environment in which to do work. Some workplaces are safer than others just as some occupations offer more safety than others. Workplace safety ranks high on the list of goals for most workplaces. Employers care about employee safety. Lean more about how to create workplace safety and employee safety.

When Tragedy Strikes: Eleven Tips for Your Workplace Response

A national tragedy or a personal tragedy has a huge impact at work. And, workplaces can help people successfully weather the tragedy. They can ease the passage people experience during tragedy. They can help people deal with the helplessness and grief they experience during tragedy. They can provide a support system to help prop people up. Find our more about the workplace response to tragedy.

Workplace Violence: It Can Happen Here

A very real, clear and present danger lurks just beyond the consciousness of most people who work together eight to ten hours a day, five to seven days a week. It is the potential for violent actions to occur in your workplace. Here's workplace violence examined.

The Five Teams Every Organization Needs

Team work, effective work teams, and team building are popular topics in today’s organizations. Successful teams and team work fuel the accomplishment of your strategic goals. Effective work teams magnify the accomplishments of individuals and enable you to better serve customers. Here are the five teams that every organization needs. One is health and safety.

Background Checks

Background checks are a critical component in hiring. When it comes to your business, you cannot afford to make a poor hiring decision. In fact, for most businesses, one bad hire can make the difference between success and failure. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 30% of small business failure is caused by employee theft. Effective background checks mitigate your risk of hiring objectionable, or even dangerous, employees. Find out more about background checks.

OSHA Compliance Requirements for First Aid

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has certain requirements regarding first aid and CPR preparedness in the workplace. Some OSHA compliance standards require specific types of industry to provide first-aid and CPR training to employees. The specific industries identified by OSHA, and the workplace safety rules, are here.

Top 7 Cell Phone Safety Tips

Employers should take a strong role to ensure that mobile workers are using their cell phones safely and not putting their life or that of others at risk due to cell phone usage. Employers can create cell phone safety policies to outline situations and repercussions for those who fail to follow the policies.

Before You Save a Life: What You Need to Know

There are important considerations for would-be rescuers. Not every victim wants to be saved and not every life saved will be grateful. Know the issues before you render first aid. You need to have the victim's permission, called consent. Learn more.

How Much are You Protected by Good Samaritan Laws?

In today's litiguous society there can be a reluctance to help out in emergency situations. Fear of liability for any misstep can paralyze even the most helpful Good Samaritan. Find out what constitutes a Good Samaritan's protection.

Safety Tips for Traveling Employees: Safety in Hotels

Staying in a hotel is part of a mobile professinal's way of life. Having your mobile gear stolen while staying in a hotel, is not an event you'd like to have happen. Protect yourself and your mobile gear with these steps to ensure safety.

Ergonomics Policies for Employee Safety Now Voluntary

Workplace ergonomics policies have become voluntary, and while some parties are displeased, they also welcome good news: Reports of injuries are declining, and firms are recognizing the value of keeping employees healthy. You may still want to develop guidelines for employee safety for your most injury prone jobs.

Tips for Safe Lifting

These eight tips from the Physical Therapy site at About will help you lift heavy objects safely. Lifting training is recommended for employee safety in any manufacturing or physically challenging workplace.

Ergonomics 101

Ergonomic factors can add to employee safety even though they can also add additional steps and time to work processes. When you think of overall employee motivation, morale, health and safety though, ergonomically sound jobs are critical.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Learn workplace rules for employee health and safety from OSHA, a division of the U.S. Department of Labor. OSHA has guidelines for workplace first aid programs, required safegurards, and much more. Free safety consulting and other safety assistance for small business.

Emergency Action Plan From OSHA

This eTool from OSHA will help small, low-hazard service or retail businesses implement an emergency action plan, and comply with OSHA's emergency standards. Learn more about evacuation plans and procedures.
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